A family loss

This morning, my husband´s mother and my mother-in-law passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She had Alzheimer´s and was only 66 years old.

Instead of flowers, we donate a little sum to the science behind the disease.

We are not able to attend the funeral, so we mourn her and remember all the good memories with her.

As I´m writing this and cleaning my witch´s den at the same time, I think of my mother-in-law. She was a proud woman, with strong opinions, a big heart, and a heartwarming spirit.

A family loss is always tough to deal with. It hurts like hell, but we also know it was peaceful for her. So we take the day out of the calendar and take good care of each other.

Today, I write with a gentle sadness in my heart. I know the feeling, almost six years ago my mother passed too.

There is no recipe, no written student book, or any ways to tell how to react to grief. It is a constant factor, it changes only its strength and grip on you when it is time for that.

I don´t have the magick words to mend a wound like that. But tomorrow we will enjoy a beautiful healing ritual where we also will remember our loved ones that have passed the Rainbow Bridge during out lifetime.

Tonight, I prepare the ritual with love and compassion. Tonight, I take a walk down Memory Lane. And tonight, I´m there for my husband, right here, right now.

May she rest in peace. So Mote It Be.

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