About an hour

Beginning this blog post a 07.11 p.m., I need about an hour to write about something silly, however ordinary. It made me laugh most of the day, and I enjoyed the luxury of laughing at myself.

I have a serious issue with what I call Troublesome Everyday. It´s about everything formal, paper work, and those must do things like paying bills and checking accounts.

It takes me shorter time to write in hand than working with modern digital communication. All those codes, all those repeated work that once used to be done by, ironicallly enough, a machine.

So I try not to spend more time with it than I absolutely have to. Today, I needed to send an email to my counselor with my anxiety tree. That should be the shortest part of the story.

I have three printers. Two of them can only scan, because it is cheaper to buy the printer than the cartridges. One of those lack a USB-cable.

So my choice is either to unpack the new printer or go to my writing desk and look for number two with the cable. What I didn´t take into consideration was the fact that there here is a lot of stuff on top of the printer.

It took me forever to take away most of the stuff. Then I saw that I also had to get the printer out and remove the cable on its back. It would have been faster to unpack the new printer.

But I could not manage the trouble for my fingers, had I chosen the last solution. Adding the fun part to the story, it took three tryouts before the damn thing, sorry, would deliver the anxiety tree on my laptop.

So all in all, it took about an hour to write an email, where the writing consisted of five minutes of text. I simply acted silly and without warning, I began laughing at myself for having danced with technology like that.

What a waste of time it can be. However useful in so many ways that it is inevitable in modern times. And in this Corona-Era it is a necessary tool to have a window to the world.

I´m okay with technology. As long as it works when I need to use it, and the waiting time isn´t too long. Yes, we feel that many people are at home. But unfortunately too many are out this week and way too close.

But this week, the news are less prioritized. It is far more important that I take good care of my husband and our life together. I also chose to be a while out in the Sun´s warm rays.

But I grabbed my Writer´s Notebook and want to work with it tonight. Tomorrow, after a long, hot bath and a call from my counselor, I will close my door to my creative den.

And begin writing a completely new chapter that keeps coming into my mind. A different place and time in the novel, but with the idea of today. It is not literally writing, but it is the process leading to it that I focus on today.

In return for not physically writing on my novel, I had about an hour with a clever and talented seven-year-old girl. With homework and a little creative project as a welcome reward.

About an hour has passed now, as I have been writing this. It is time to dig in to some serious work with that novel. So, I will let me inspire by my Writer´s Notebook and go to bed early for once.

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