The human factor

I´m tired, I´m sad, I´m angry. People are getting so careless that it is visible and audible all the time now. I´m tired of the human factor, I´m sad people are so stupid, and I´m angry because it is not at all okay.

It is always the few that creates trouble for the rest of us. What is so important other than the ego factor, when people are acting so out of order that our police has to use resources to issue fines?

The human factor is always my worst nightmare. I don´t trust easily, and now I almost don´t trust at all. But the communication from above should also be more concrete, more precise, and more firm.

Things are sliding out of control, if our authorities do not act upon this tendency to gather more than ten people at recreational areas in not only the major cities, but more or less everywhere.

It is necessary to shop very early in the morning to avoid too many people not caring to use either gloves or rubbing alcohol. I don´t understand why they so stubbornly believe that they are invincible.

The virus doesn´t care about people other than in the ability to spread it even further than it already has been. And it´s not only in a time of crisis that the human factor shows its worst side.

We have brought up several generations now that are constantly told they are the eight wonder of the world. We are used to the helping hand from society when life turns out different than planned.

We have been so eager to outlive our egoistical dreams without caring for anybody but me, me, and me for decades now. At some point, things need to be adjusted to reality, and that reality might s well be now.

Because if we don´t adhere to the new world order in a pandemic era, we end up sick, dead or even worse, infect others that are more at risk than us. Wow, what a fantastic result from being egoistical and so careless that it stands out as deeply shameful and lousy behavior.

As much as I love my country and am happy to live in one of the world´s richest countries, I´m also deeply ashamed of being a Dane, when I see how careless and reckless my countrymen apparently can be.

We should know so much better, and the worst part, we have every opportunity to cope well, if we only cooperate and stand together in this terrible time.

But people seem more concerned about not being able to gather as we are used to. It has been pinpointed so often that this excitement industry was the only way forward in economical terms.

That people get personally offended, just because they are asked to stay at home for a period of time. It is not a big sacrifice in my opinion. It is a necessary and correct thing to do when a pandemic is ruling the world.

And I believe that we better start getting used to the new,, stricter terms of living, for it will hit us right up front, if we think that we know better than a virus that until now has shown absolutely no mercy at big gatherings.

The police is considering issuing exclusion orders, and the experts are warning us. What´s wrong with people, since it is so difficult to understand that personal priorities must yield for the sake of the lives of others?

I get so frustrated over this that I have decided to turn off the news stream of today, and probably tomorrow too. It pisses me off that although we do our best to follow the guidelines, others are so indifferent and seemingly out of educational reach.

The human factor is not fun at all, when things like this happen. It creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety and worries for us all. And it is not a healthy sign in society that so many are acting so egoistical and indifferently.

So I turn to counting day three without any signs of an anxiety attack instead. I need to write my heart out tonight, and I just know where to begin. With my novel that has been asleep long enough now.

I need to spend time with the fictional world rather than the tough reality of the human factor when it shows its ugliest side. I need to divert myself from stupidity and horrible news with being creative instead.

And I need to dream again. Dream about people helping each other, standing together, and working together for a better world after this pandemic era.

So tonight I will sing along with thousands of others that can handle the crisis with so much more dignity than the few that spoil everything for us all with their shameful behavior.

And I hereby wish you a beautiful weekend, dear readers and followers.

May the world wake up wiser and more caring tomorrow.

Picture of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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