The silence before a storm

Today the weather changed. Colder, rainy, less sunny. I´m feeling as if we are experiencing the silence before a storm. It´s day seven after a family loss, and we are coping by gut instinct.

I´m at my creative den with loud and fast music on my laptop. There is chai tea in my cup, my table is covered in notebooks and writing gear, and I´m doing research for my novel.

Something about setting, atmosphere, and physical background in a novel. I´m also working with my character journals and thinking about my next move with a new chapter or two.

I call it the silence before a storm because we are living in uncertain times, and I just feel that we have only seen and heard the top of the iceberg.

I have a low tolerance for the negative news stream, so I take it in sparse doses. Now they have expanded the number of places where people risk exclusion orders and big fines, if they don´t listen to the authorities.

The worst part is that some people actually say on rolling camera that they don´t understand being fined. When they have been trespassing police striping and thereby broken the law.

How stupid is that, move on and learn to listen the next time. And try to consider the reason behind the strictness in society. Again, it is egoistical and stupid behavior that makes trouble for us all in the end.

But the harsh reality is also that nobody knows what´s going to happen in the next two or three weeks. And the numbers are expected to rise, I think we´re in for a shock.

It´s only sad that these things apparently have to happen, before people wake up and sense that we have to change direction in life. There are so many things that need change for the better.

And appropriately, we may begin with our own behavior. I don´t mind using rubbing alcohol and gloves when I´m shopping. I don´t mind social distancing in public. And I don´t mind listening to the authorities.

Especially because there are many lives at stake here. I don´t quite understand the need to return to what was. Haven´t we seen about enough and heard even more that Mother Earth is aching?

A few months, and the modern world is at a standstill. Perhaps it truly is time to rethink quite a few lifestyles, and nobody can convince me about the deeper meaning by living life in the fast lane all the time.

It is not at all healthy to race between this and that in a constant hunt for whatever egoistical drive that only generates stress on both people and this planet.

This is not something that is going to disappear by itself, and the old world is forever gone. People need to listen and to learn now. And we need to focus on people who can handle all this positively.

Today, my concern was to be polite and kind toward the hard-working people in our local shop. An easy task because they know us for being just that every time we meet.

Also an easy task to work with my novel for a whole day without actually writing on the novel itself. Working behind the scenes is a much a part of the novel as is the writing part.

Another issue of the day has been the celebration of the Sabbath of Beltane on May 1st. It is going to be postponed due to my wish of being able to use a whole weekend on writing only.

My plan is to begin writing a couple of chapters during the coming weekend. Simply by closing the door to my creative den from Friday to Sunday and just write whatever comes into mind.

So I´ll plan the ritual Thursday and perform the magick on Monday. Thus uniting the mundane with the magick, I´ll create a ritual filled with love, healing, and inner peace.

Something tells me that I´m going to need just that. Feeling the silence before the storm is always eerie and sinister. Exactly the mood that I need for my novel.

I just wish that this feeling did not apply to the current world situation with a pandemic on the loose. I just wish people were clever. I just wish for the storm to calm quickly again.

I think I will tie the storm with knots in a piece of rope during my ritual. An old tradition for the seafarers since ancient times. And today we are all in the same boat anyway.

May the week be blessed with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness for us all.

Picture of PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

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