I turned off the news

I turned off the news. I simply can´t read anymore about people without understanding of the seriousness of this pandemic. And even in my little town, people are more careless and noisy.

It doesn´t help that we don´t hear a thing from our Prime Minister these days, where more and more people openly are acting against all guidance about necessary precautions.

My weekly call from my counselor was about my anxiety tree. My sixth day of being anxiety free has been replaced with inner turmoil and restlessness that only a mandala and a writing session can handle.

With loud music on, of course, to divert myself from all angles. It feels as if some kind of change is waiting for people to do even more stupid things than some already do by not listening to the authorities.

And, in this case, I prefer not to be proven right. But my eyes and ears don´t lack precision. The number of cars in the street has risen during the latest week, and people now shop with their kids again.

The worst part is that we won´t see the result before three to four weeks from now. And I´m just not ready or the slightest interested in any rising numbers, as things are nowadays.

So I protect myself by only checking the news occasionally when I´m e.g. zapping between TV channels for something to look at in the evening. Typically, I read the news in silence and then sigh deeply.

I have decided not to care when it is something that I personally can´t control. As long as we are taking the correct precautions here, people can do whatever they want. As long it is not near me and my loved ones.

So, I turned off the news. Instead, I resort to little creative projects like cutting a paper eagle to the window in my witch´s den or coloring a mandala drawing.

This morning, I promised my Self that this should be a good day. Filled with equal amounts of laughter and tears, a fair amount of dedicated work with my novel, and plenty of creative pursuits.

It is cloudy, allusive with rain, and chilly outside. My husband and the little wise, old dog rest, and here in my creative den it is cozy and comfortable. I have a window to our yard and can follow the seasons close up.

At the moment, I´m researching the setting and the overall atmosphere in my novel. I´m studying magnificent Nature on my laptop and the wild birds outside my creative den.

There have been many visits from the European magpie couple, the house sparrows, and the wagtails. We also got starlings, swallows, and an owl nearby.

After I turned off the news, I feel completely relieved. It´s almost as good as had I just finished a witchcraft ritual. Speaking of which, it´s my goal for tomorrow to plan a beautiful Beltane Ritual for next Monday.

The magick of today showed itself in my little home school. A little girl, only seven years old, used half an hour to create a beautiful picture of a sunset with seagulls and an atmosphere of untamed life and beauty.

As the evening draws near, I have changed locations, so that I´m in my living room right now. Nothing on TV, therefore a working night. I´m working with my character journals behind my novel.

It is fun because here I really get to think more than twice about using the five senses in my work. And the worse situation, the better writing. There need to be high stakes that rise when you least expect it.

Combine a wild nature with the dark sides of the human mind. Then there is tension in more than one way. So I´ll put my characters in jeopardy right from the beginning.

It is demanding for it takes more time to create a strong and plausible character for a novel than I expected. But I prefer to work thoroughly with my background material, before I use it creatively in my novel.

Two whole days now, I turned off the news. I feel so much better, and my tendency to shiver and feel inner turmoil has finally shut up. It is a major relief and a major victory.

I´m also much more creative and feel my freedom grow. So that´s my new strategy, as few news as possible whenever I feel fit for it. General orientation, yes, long talks about for and against the re-opening of society, no thank you.

Thanks to our choice of lifestyle, the pagan way, we have conquered our lives back during the last four years. And we will never regret it. I don´t miss what was before the pandemic at all.

I can get most of my needs covered with local and online shopping, so why should I miss the malls, the big crowds, the constant stress from racing from one activity to the next without pausing to think about the difference between wants and needs?

I miss the big panorama from a trip into Nature, like going to the sea and gather stones and seashells. But I prefer to wait until it´s safer to be around other people.

My wants are covered by common sense and by saving the necessary money before buying anything other than the daily necessities, like food, medicine, and household items.

It´s been one of the truly good days without too many side effects from my physical and mental ailments. I have been productive, I have been creative, and I have diverted my Self from the outside world.

So, turning off the news is definitely something I´m going to do a lot in the near future. I have other things to do that are much more important than to watch and listen to yet another haughty debate on TV about the pros and cons with the re-opening of society.

Instead, I will work in depth with my novel and my little creative projects. As I will it, so mote it be.

A beautiful sunset by Sascha Due Madsen

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