Living in a rainbow family

Is Paradise to me. We look after each other on all kinds of days, evenings, and nights. There is always someone to talk with, there is always room to be truly yourself, and there is always tolerance, deep trust, and love.

Living in rainbow family means a world of difference to my husband and me. Nature has chosen that we have no children ourselves. But instead we got three wonderful bonus grand children next door.

And their sweet, caring, and unique parents too. We have a special relationship. We are both family and best friends at the same time. And it has become the most natural thing in the world for us all.

It doesn´t mean, however, that we don´t keep to ourselves now and then. It is necessary for many reasons. In particular, due to my mental ailments, I need to be able to withdraw, if .e.g. I´m hit by an anxiety attack.

I had a minor one today in our local shop, but it only lasted a couple of minutes, and then I was ready to face the world again. I don´t like to stand in line too long because I feel that I can´t escape.

What I appreciate the most about our extended family is that it includes both family members and friends. And it is becoming more and more worldwide.

It makes me happy, shapes my creative energy, and helps me cope with the many challenges from a long and rich life filled with equal parts of good and bad experiences.

I feel at home here, I feel that I can be the me that I want to be without having to seek approval, and I feel that I´m appreciated too. And it is the best medicine for a former lost soul.

I´´m not lost anymore. I have found my direction, my path, in life, and I thrive and grow mentally for each day. Because I get the mental challenges that I personally need.

I have a high set of ethical standards. I don´t like to be lied to, I don´t like to get my stuff stolen, and I don´t like to be fooled in any way. Other than that, I show my respect when it is earned, not beforehand.

I´m usually an easy-going person. It takes a lot of work to make me angry, because I spare my anger for the serious stuff only. And I don´t have the time to be involved in more arguments than necessary.

Therefore, I don´t gossip, I don´t put on any social mask, and I don´t follow other paths than my own. I have at times a strong and sharp pen, when I feel something is too much to remain quiet like the big majority.

Yet my way of life is as simple and inexpensive as possible. I have nothing to hide, and I don´t have a need to brag about anything at all. But I´m proud of my achievements with the anxiety and the bipolar disorder.

It´s because it is difficult to work with. It is in-depth shadow work, also when I´m absolutely not in the mood to have anything to do with negativity of any kind.

This is day eight in a row with the least amount of anxiety in almost three months. It is at the same time the mentally longest Spring of my life. But it has helped a lot to turn off the news and concentrate on anything else.

I also got a lifeline to my counselor, if I should need it. We have agreed that I write to him, when I feel that the situation is getting out of control. He will then return my text with a call as soon as possible.

Until now I have managed without that lifeline. But it is reassuring that there is help to get. My thoughts today go to those who cannot get their necessary help.

I contribute by withholding myself from texting SOS, unless my attack is severe and last longer than I´m used to during this strange, pandemic era.

Living in a rainbow family is a fantastic and truly special experience. We got each other´s back should something occur that we need help to in the form of typically a friendly talk and lots of coffee.

We also guts the guts and the mental strength to openly disagree, although it seldom occurs here. Perhaps it are our differences that keep us so tight together.

May your weekend be blessed with positive experiences and freedom from worries and anxiety, dear readers and followers. As we will it, so mote it be.

Picture of Maciej Szewczyk from Pixabay

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