75 years ago in Denmark

75 years ago in Denmark, it was liberation day. We were free again after the 5 years of WW2. Today, we celebrate it apart from each other due to a pandemic.

Both my grand fathers were active freedom fighters. Both remained true to their beliefs throughout life and especially my grand father on my mother´s side taught me the importance of the ability to read and write.

And to be grateful to live in an time where freedom of speech is still a possibility for at least some of us to make good use of. It should be a privilege for all people worldwide.

Tonight, at exactly 08.36 p.m. CET, we will light candles in the windows to celebrate our freedom. Peace for 75 years is big also in a modern world. I´m grateful to have been born free.

Freedom is not to be taken for granted at any time. It is something to cherish, to maintain, and to appreciate. It was appreciated then, and it should be today, too.

Today, I also celebrated the Sabbath of Beltane, the festival for the May Queen and the Green Man. I made a toast for my ancestors and a libation (milk and honey) for the May Queen and the fairies.

My husband planted seeds which I read a blessing for, and the Tarot cards spoke of expecting positive experiences after hard and serious work with Self and the emotions.

So it is an emotional day, and we will sing along tonight and feel proud and thankful that we live in Denmark in freedom with almost perfect conditions in our lives.

75 years ago in Denmark, a war was over, a frightful and shocking time had ended. Now we are fighting another kind of war, this time a disease is threatening humankind.

This time, our enemy is invisible and silent. Therefore, there is even more cause to fight back every inch of the way. Which we do by adapting to the new regulations and precautions.

Whatever other people might or might not do, we stick to that. And by reducing the news to an absolute minimum we also cope with anxiety and stress.

There has been a little allusion toward a minor anxiety attack, but it was only the run-reaction that was testing me today. Over the weekend, it has been more like restlessness and inner turmoil.

Didn´t get my call as expected this afternoon, so I turn to my writing strategy and loud music in my ears. It helps me, strangely enough, that my bipolar disorder is turning rapidly now toward the more creative side.

Then I have an outlet for my extra mental energy that comes along with the turn to the lighter mood. It suits me well that my depression period now almost is over.

Tonight, I will raise my cup in yet another toast for my ancestors. And for the peace their sacrifices secured for many generations to come, if we only dare to learn the lessons from them.

75 years ago in Denmark, it became a night to remember, when we were told that we were free as a nation and as people again. When I hear that announcement, it makes me shiver down the spine in awe.

Picture of loulou Nash from Pixabay 

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