Sunday highs and lows

Let´s grab hold of the positive news this week.

To begin with, this week has been and keeps returning to busy on the mood meter. It has been 32 years since I last put my feet on a sailboat and spent a whole day at sea. Monday, I faced the experience again. However, we sailed using the motor only, which was great joy with beautiful Fall weather.

Tuesday, we played a few darts at the social house and talked a lot about everything and nothing at the same time. Gradually, I get to know more and more special people there, and I simply love spending time and effort there with them.

On Wednesday, it became stressfully busy, but I adapted myself to swiftly changing situations and moods of the people who showed up at the social house during the afternoon and early evening. Perhaps my busiest time in years, but this time everything went just as expected with a positive outcome for us all, co-workers and fellow citizens.

Thursday, well, a stressless morning was released by a cozy, warm, and beautiful Fall afternoon and early evening with two close friends and a couple of glasses of wine.

Friday, my husband went all-in, buying some building materials so that he can finish his latest project, putting up drywalls in our home to hopefully save us money on the heating bill this Winter. This he successfully did together with a good friend this early Sunday morning.

Yesterday was party time. We celebrated two friends who are now both 65 years old. First, eating brunch together at a beautiful local restaurant. Second, spending a couple of fun and life-affirming hours with them and some of their guests in their home.

Today´s low was to undergo a Covid 19-test. But fortunately, it proved negative. However, as I work with handicapped people, I will wait for my boss´s answer tomorrow before I go to work next week.

For Sunday highs, I can mention the following schedule for me today:

  • Writing this blog post for you, dear readers and followers.
  • Planning next week´s endeavors and creative pursuits.
  • Sharing a delicious late afternoon dinner with my husband (whenever electricity is low cost).
  • Beginning my new 5D Diamond image, which portrays a beautiful sunset beach scene with two hearts written on the sand.

Yet Sunday lows are small yet inevitable life challenges that I have to face living with bipolar disorder, mixed episodes.

Today, I know by heart, mind, and soul that it is definitely not the time for listening to or watching the world news.

There are way too many influences on my mixed mood today, so I shield myself instead and try to bury myself in the work I love to do, which happens to be writing, planning, and having fun with tiny beads.

Right now, my moods are fighting each other pretty strongly. But I keep fighting back every inch of the way by working turns with my digital version of a Book of Shadows and this post, respectively.

Sunday highs and lows; as the title indicates, today is a time of change and transformation. The weather forecast speaks of a proper comeback to Fall when it feels the worst throughout next week, or at least until Friday.

Simultaneously, I´m looking forward to the phone conversation with my eighty-four-year-old father later today. We live far away; however, we speak on the phone three times a week. We began when the Corona-virus arrived on the scene. And we keep doing it to get to know each other on a different plane than the physical meeting.

This Christmas, we will meet here in my home, and it will be great to have him here. This year, we make our own traditions, as the world has changed a lot since my mother died eight years ago on September 28.

If anything, our politicians laugh at us right, no matter the party. The newest addition to that is the so-called inflation package they had the nerve to present to us this week. Seldom are so many deceived and misguided by so few.

Soon, there will be an election for our parliament, the Folketing. I don´t know yet if I´m going to vote or not, as I mistrust those who are elected at this moment. I wouldn´t buy a used car from any of them.

They will have to show empathy toward the weakest among us; otherwise, I stay home when election day comes.

I will not borrow money from the state of Denmark to pay my energy bills. Do they think I´m downright stupid, especially in times of crisis?

But I´m more than willing to change my behavior and habits to save money and energy. We switch off everything electrical every night before bedtime, except for the fridge and the freezer. We eat whenever electricity is cheapest, or my husband uses his outdoor kitchen and grill to cook.

And we share this incredible life journey with a positive outlook every day we are lucky to awaken to.

Last, my husband and I shared a beautiful Mabon ritual Friday. First, we cleansed ourselves with sage incense. Next, I did a full-house incense cleansing. Then we celebrated this year´s harvest of material prosperity and positive mental energies from the time spent with old-school friends.

Sunday highs and lows will be the remaining issue of the day, but I´m more than content with and grateful for my current path through the maze of life.

I deliberately choose no image for today, as I´m not in the mood for technical maneuvers on the laptop. Besides, my words are strong enough for publishing text only.

May your week be blessed with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May the world come to its senses and people behave themselves. And may manic rays of life-giving energy soon shine through the tunnel of depression.

As I will it, so let it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


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