Tonight´s ritual

The candles are snuffed. The room is darkening, and my cats are now playing and sitting in the windowsill. Listening to whatever cats may listen to, but looking so philosophical as only cats can do.

The ritual is long gone, but my last reflections for the day will contain a quote that I read some time ago (author unknown to me at present moment). which ever since has been and is a daily inspiration to me, my family and my friends. So here we go, enjoy :

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool”.

Beautiful words in a world of stress and everyday its own trouble. To me happiness is to live in the present moment, since the past is already gone, and we can´t promise each other a tomorrow. Inner peace is a state of calm and a relaxed breath. Health is wealth, because without it we would soon acknowledge how precious life is. And kindness is a necessary tool in order to be able to live with other people and everything else on Earth.

I have these feelings right now. After a ritual I feel as reborn. I´m completely relaxed, and I feel an inner peace that is difficult to express in words alone.

I hope that you have enjoyed this guided tour around a New Moon ritual. And in order to share some of the experience, I have this picture for you. See you for more tomorrow. For today, I´m grateful. For this life I´m grateful. Let tomorrow begin, where this night ends. So Mote It Be.

My cat Milo