Happy Yule and Merry Christmas

Finding and experience inner peace is bliss. This week, we celebrated both Yule and Christmas. And found bliss.

It is very different this year. My 82-year-old father is not visiting, and less is definitely more.

My Yule altar with the wooden Yule log in my witches den and a small decoration in the living room is the only visible signs of celebration.

But the Sun shows its beauty and warmth this week, and we enjoy the walk with the little wise, old dog even more than usual.

The next time that I write something here, it will be on the first day of 2021. So, today is for my thoughts of this crazy, strange, and scary year.

I have seen and heard pretty much everything in my life, but this year is so unbelievable that I often have had to pinch myself to believe my eyes and ears.

What shocked me the most besides this damned virus called Covid 19 was the way people in general behaved throughout the year.

Why, oh why, won’t people listen and do what it takes to fight this serious disease and all the bullshit in its wake?

Why is the old life suddenly more important than being healthy and alive?

And why is it necessary to party away while the world fights for life and is in big trouble?

Egotripping is not a moderen invention, however, so bad and stupid human behavior is more the rule than the exception.

But I believe it is well about time to change our ways of living. Mother Earth won’t say please the day she gets fed up with our constant exploitation of scarce resources.

Here, we continue our simple, yet complicated life, where social status, possessions, and snobbish behavior have absolutely no influence whatsoever.

These days, we await the next press conference in the week to come with serenity.

Because we can do nothing more than we already do. Because we can’t spend our lives worrying about things out of our control. And because waiting and waiting with patience and serenity seems to be the new agenda.

While we are waiting, we keep ourselves busy with something we love to do. And try not to think too often on the serious stuff that happens around us, the only difference being a window to the world it takes place in.

And it helps me to write about all this. It enables me to activate my strategies to control my mental disorders, it makes me free in body, mind, and soul, and it makes me happy to write.

My window to the world is this blog and one day, hopefully, my novel trilogy.

We have been lucky so far this year. No Corona virus has invaded our lives yet. And with the new vaccines coming from tomorrow, there is a little glimpse of hope in the future.

So, Happy Yule and Merry Christmas, dear readers and followers, wherever you are.

Let us pray a silent prayer to the Universe. Let us say thanks for both the positive and the negative. And let us focus on becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

So mote it be.


View from a lockdown

Recovering from the latest press conference, awaiting the one next week that will decide people’s behavior on New Year’s Eve.

I’m happy to live a life somewhat secluded from the world outside right now, just a few days before Christmas.

My everyday doesn’t chance markedly due to more and more restrictions.

But mentally, I’m just as Corona-tired as everybody else.

Therefore, my aim with this blog post is to deliver an atmosphere of magick and positive thoughts.

This weekend, I need to prepare the last Sabbath this strange year, the celebration of Yule or the Winter Solstice on Monday, December 21,2020.

It will be a celebration of the returning and life-affirming sun.

Denmark has not been so dark in the month of December in sixty years. So it is very much welcome to celebrate the return of the light as soon as possible.

It has been and is a strange and unfamiliar year. The worst parts being the virus and the stupid behavior of stupid people.

A view from a lockdown is positive despite the serious problems everywhere.

For I try to divert my mind from all the negativity, bad news, and bullshit due to the behavior of stupid people.

We don’t ask for much here, for we have everything we need and a lot more to that.

We had changed our lifestyle several years before this scary, relentless, and tiring year.

And when I choose the path of witchcraft, I found a physical, mental, and spiritual refuge and a well of knowledge and inner peace.

My ritual on Monday will be dedicated to light and a positive outlook on life in general.

For life is a precious gift that should be handled with loving care.

Until now, we have been lucky in my country. But with rising numbers and more and more people hospitalized, we now may expect restrictions as those we see and hear about all the time.

Therefore, I plan to attend both my writing adventures, my witchcraft practice, and my many other creative pursuits much more focused.

I try to cut down on the amount of daily news, yet I need to follow some of it to be updated.

My home is my castle. From here I use my window to the world to put words on my thoughts about all this.

But my main objective is always to look for the positive aspects in everything, no matter what happens in my life.

May you be safe, dear readers and followers. May the new vaccines make a positive difference for the world. And may inner peace be for us all to appreciate. So mote it be.

Corona blues

Rising, worrying numbers, local lockdowns across the country, and the next county could be mine. The need for diversion has grown this week, and my anxiety hisses at me from its corner.

Yes, I have Corona blues tonight. I´m tired of bad news, tired of stupid people doing reckless bullshit, and I´m tired of the gray tones of the weather these days.

So, I´m a bit late with this blog post. My little, wise, old dog has stomach problems and needed to see the vet today. And I have been busy transferring all my writing notes to an online haven.

My laptop annoys me at times, and I don´t want to experience one day that all my hard work is wasted. So I create backup whenever I hav e the possibility to do so.

But despite bad news, despite mental disorders and physical ailments, and despite this eerie Corona blues, I´m happy and content with my life. My bipolar “friend” in my head behaves, and the anxiety is on a strict leash.

I look forward to creating the ritual for the Winter Solstice, Yule. That day , the light returns. That day, the wheel of the year turns, and that day, I will enjoy a quiet and beautiful witchcraft ritual.

And I work with my novels again. I´m researching the settings, gathering my material around me, and preparing myself for the task of being able to sit in a chair between four to six hours a day.

To write a trilogy, a psychological thriller about how people are capable of treating others badly. To write so my readers feel they are in the middle of a movie. To write because I love to do it and want to try it out.

And after a couple of days, I begin to adjust my body, my mind, and my soul to the enormous task of being a writer. My deepest respect goes to those before me.

Because it is difficult to write. But I know I will regret it, if I don´t take a chance and try to do what so many have told me to do. To write my heart out, to write with music in every word, and to write for the love of it.

The Corona blues is inevitable. But I´ll fight it every inch of the way, and I have all my strategies up and ready to use, no matter what. We are also extremely careful when we go out now.

I think we will see a major lockdown soon due to the rising, rising, rising numbers. It is only a matter of time. But we can still manage well here at our sacred spot.

I speak with my 82-year-old father three times a week now. And this Christmas, we will celebrate on the cell phone with as many calls as he wants. It would be too dangerous for him to travel here by train.

Because of my work with my novel, I´m able to divert my thoughts and my anxiety from the world outside. Because of my witchcraft practice, I´m able to relax in my mind. And because of my loved ones, I thrive.

So, from the positive perspective, everything is okay here, thank you. Tonight, my thoughts go the people of the world. May this evening bring happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

I have begun brainstorming the plot for my trilogy. I need to research a little more, to re-write a few more notes, and to practice daily word counts to follow my development as a writer.

So, I´m pretty busy these weeks. I also need to handle the laundry, to help a little extra every day, and to work hard with my anxiety. But it feels much better to be busy than to sit and think doing nothing.

I have discovered an inner craving for working with my trilogy. It is my reward when I finish my chores, when I win over yet another anxiety attack, and when my mood swings annoy me.

And tonight, I fight the Corona blues with loud rock music with roaring guitars, thundering drums, and that sound of pure bass in my ears. It feels like dancing with my keyboard.

I hope that you are all well and okay, dear readers and followers. Depending on the development in things in my country, Denmark, I will probably write more on this blog in the near future.

I have many things on my mind that I need to transform into written words. It helps me personally, and perhaps, with good luck and goodwill, can it help and inspire others too.

May your weekend be blessed with positive vibes, may life be fair for you, and may trouble stay away, dear readers and followers. As we will it, so mote it be.

Picture of David Mark from Pixabay 

A week of research and Danish hygge

This week began with a beautiful Full Moon ritual on Monday. I walked my circle on the floor in my witch´s den three times, reciting a relevant poem and throw salt as general protection during the ritual.

Our house jar protects our home, and I put it on the windowsill all day and night at Full Moon. And I created a protection spell bottle for my husband and me.

Since Tuesday, I have been busy researching for my novel. I had some leftover notes to write in my OneNote notebook, there is app. 150 articles to read and use in my writing, and then there is the setting.

My novel takes place in both a big city and in the countryside, so nature will play an important role in my research in the next seven weeks from now.

Today, however, this blog post is about our little paradise, where we share our lives together, no matter what happens. The theme is about genuine human warmth and caring in a cold era.

Not only is the weather bad, with parts of snow and parts of rain that leaves traces of a piercing cold wind, but the numbers are rising a lot these days.

Therefore, we did our shopping early in the morning, so we would not meet many people. Of course, my glasses drizzled in the local shop, so I practically could see absolutely nothing for quite some time.

Now, we don´t need to go shopping before Tuesday/Wednesday next week. My husband needs time to recover from the winter depression that always catches him at this time of year.

So the Danish tradition about hygge is highly recommended here at our spot on Mother Earth. Hygge can be anything from a couple of lit candles to a long-lasting conversation with coffee and something sweet.

It is impossible to translate into American English, so when I write the word hygge, I think of cozy and comfortable surroundings, a good time spent in the company of good people, and a feel-good atmosphere.

I spent a little time in my creative den earlier today. I´m trying to learn water-coloring techniques, and it mocks me and does everything that it is not supposed to do.

But I keep on working with it because practice makes perfect. I also needed a longer break from the desk and the keyboard. Today, I have physical side-effects of my bipolar disorder.

I´m restless and have trouble sitting still for a longer period of time. But tonight, I´m going to sit down anyway and do what it takes to behave like a writer rather than a whining Crone.

My feet rock along with the music in my ears. As I write myself into a sort of trance, where I forget everything about the world around me and focus solely on the finger dance across the keyboard before me.

Next week, I want to work with witchcraft again. However, this time it is not a ritual, but some research could be useful in this area of my life too. So I plan to go through my Book of Shadows (BoS) once again.

I always find something new that makes me too curious not to examine further. And in a split second, my thoughts are already on where to search for issues worth researching.

From today, I will carry a notebook and a pen because I seem to catch ideas without them, and then I forget to write it down. I will copy the handwritten notes into my laptop notebook.

During our daily conversation, I got so many ideas that it overwhelmed my husband and me. But I can only remember a few of them now, so I clearly need to work with a notebook and a pen as a routine.

Therefore, I will begin right after this blog post to write down my ideas. And I continue until my novel has been written. That way, I won´t miss the brainstorming effect.

My husband and my dear friend are clever and tough sparring partners who are hard to negotiate with. They know what they like as an audience, and they tell me clearly when it sucks.

So far, so good. No mentioning of the harsh times we all deal with across the globe. Please allow yourself the space for some life-affirming hygge tonight, dear readers and followers.

And may 2020 be a year to remember, a life lesson to adapt peacefully to, and a warning to us humans. We have to treat Mother Earth with respect and loving care.

So Mote It Be.

Picture of Pexels from Pixabay