Only positive vibes shall remain

This week brought fantastic and incredible moments of joy in life and some annoying trouble with a bad neighbor as well.

My mood, however, is not as good as it could have been had it not been for my annoying neighbor, who deliberately cut down some of our plants in the garden from their side of the fence. So now, we will change the wall so that such vandalism won´t happen again.

And the police told us to call again if anything more should happen.

But I choose deliberately to focus solely on the many positive experiences I have had throughout the week, culminating yesterday with a visit to the place where a close friend of mine paid her late mother the final respect by releasing her ashes into the sea a couple of years ago.

Thursday was a memorable and beautiful day with a party for the people we help at the local social houses. Seeing physically and mentally handicapped people cut loose and sing and dance throughout the evening deeply touched my heart, mind, and soul.

Today, I´m more mentally tired than usual. Still, I decided to write this blog post nonetheless, as writing always helps me get back on my feet whenever life turns 180 degrees around itself and challenges my positive outlook on things.

Listening to beautiful music, at times a little louder than usual, as I need to release deepfelt anger and a lot of frustration.

That I´ll do quietly, without speaking or thinking anything but positive vibes.

Only positive vibes shall remain as this week comes full circle.

I have written to my counselor and asked for an extra phone call to discuss how to maintain my mental health when involved in an involuntary conflict. That way, it is easier for me to regain my strength and keep a good spirit.

My plans for next week include two visits to social houses and as much free time as possible. I need to relax and search for positive moments to grab a firm hold on my ongoing depressive state. It is here, but it won´t be as bad as usual because I have decided to fight back every inch of the way.

This week´s ladies´ luncheon was fun and thought-provoking at the same time. We are now so close with our dear friends that we share practically everything, including both the hearty laughter and the difficult moments in our lives.

And it was exciting and heartwarming to meet sweet new people connected to the social houses where I now work twice a week.

Right now, I´m waiting for my husband to serve us a delicious Sunday meal, for this week to end more peacefully than it began, and for my low mood to rise again.

It helps so much writing for you, dear readers and followers. And, believe me, my husband´s tenderloin pot with rice is good stuff. Being full and content with my life is a great privilege. I enjoy sharing it with you, as there already is too much bad news in today´s world.

This place has become an extended diary where I still prefer to write about my life as a writing witch rather than creating big plans for this blog that don´t agree with my time to manifest them in reality.

We are so lucky to be included in a rare and life-affirming social circle where we make a virtue of helping and taking good care of each other, no matter the challenge to conquer.

As of today, one of our dear friends called to let us know that she cares a lot about us, and it both warms our hearts and helps us focus solely on the positive aspects of life.

Only positive vibes shall remain, and from here on, I´m more than prepared to pick up where I left off before this weekend.

Tomorrow morning, I will get up at 05.10 o´clock to be ready for my early morning walk with my friend and my fitness class between seven and eight a.m.

The same thing will happen on Wednesday and Friday. I have lost about six pounds, and I´m ready to step it up a notch.

Tomorrow, I will also enjoy a meaningful conversation with my counselor.

Tuesday and Wedneday; well, it is time for my social work, which I love more than I have the words to describe after only a few months.

Thursday, it is a day off, filled with creativity and fun. Friday will be a day of hard work, as we plan to put up our new fence there. And Saturday and Sunday, again a time of relaxation and working with what I love most to do when at home.

Writing and witchcraft.

Oh yes, I´m a gray witch, knowing when to turn to witchcraft and when not. Today is not a good day for me to create magick, but I still defend myself and my loved ones.

Besides, I´m still standing and will remain standing long after my enemies have given themselves away and shown their true faces.

The central part of the week has been a major success for me, as it is the first time in an extended time that I have met many new people and visited unknown places.

I know from the bottom of my heart, the unseen depths of my soul, and every fiber in my body that this difficult passage in my life will pass.

And now, it is time to listen to great music again.

Only positive vibes shall remain; this spell is done.

May your week be joyful, full of life-changing moments of joy, love, and strong friendship. May the world come to its senses and begin to change for the better for us all. And may my depression only stay a little while so that my best mood can return and give me renewed stamina.

As I will it, so mote it be.

So it is.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Old School Rules Here

This week’s passing has been fast, awe-inspiring, and mentally enriching to the degree that I almost don’t have the words to describe.

Indeed, Old School rules here.

No matter time and place, the issue or challenge, or the situation, I am surrounded by good people. As of today alone, I met with a newfound friend who, besides making delicious pickled beets for us, has taken a tiny kitten, left screaming by its wild mother, into her loving care.

Yesterday, my husband and I met with other good friends whose house we cleaned Thursday, because these people always care more for others than themselves.

And throughout the week, there has been plenty of times of various length where we have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of true friendship.

All are ruled by simple yet inquestionable rules of behavior that are much needed in today’s crazy world.

You get what you see and what you hear. You are brutally honest. And you know by heart how to behave in the company of rare good people.

Old School; a word is a word, mutual respect and helpfulness are a must, and time to ourselves is necessary from time to time, too.

I am happy and content with my life in the present moment. Yesterday is only a memory now, and tomorrow is not granted in advance.

Living after Old School rules isn’t always a joyride in modern society. I got my new bank card the other day, and I expect nothing but trouble, as it the did last year. It is an unsolvable riddle to me why it is necessary to get a new one and go through the same dull procedure every year.

So, I wait a little longer to activate the darn thing, it is still Summer, and I intend to enjoy every split second of it, new bank card or not.

But working voluntarily with people with physical and mental handicaps like myself is a major mood-lifting experience.

Here, Old School rules bring you further than theoretical ideas from a snobby desk far, far away from people’s reality in the everyday.

It is like two worlds meet, and for once, at least for a while, the best of them wins the game of treating people like you want to be treated.

I have known for many years that I prefer one world to the other. This is because, in my kind of world, people are capable of thinking for themselves, behaving themselves, and working together.

Sadly, the other world seems to be allowed to dominate, especially in these odd years that change everything we believe we know.

Today, my ever-changing mood is set for the lower points, however much I fight back every inch of the way.

Somehow, I can control at least some overwhelming feelings of sadness, depression, and wanting to cry about anything and nothing simultaneously.

So, it ain’t so bad being me today; however much energy my bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders drain out of me.

Old School rules here, and throughout my life, this means that whatever happens, you’ll have to get up early in the morning and do what it takes to get through the day.

Now, I appreciate early mornings, preferring them rather than late morning and afternoon, when my internal and perpetual restlessness feels worst for the time being.

In the evenings, however, I can still not manage to get to bed earlier than relatively late. I have been a night owl for too many years to forget the joys of working through the night.

Today has been no exception to that.

Therefore, I need a late afternoon nap, preferably about an hour, to obtain my optimal amount of sleep.

But I, on the other hand, have the right setting for such a way of life.

And my voluntary work won’t change that. I can no longer work full time, and my ambition rests at ten hours weekly.

A critical Old School rule was once to be wise and maintain healthy boundaries toward other people. It has always been a difficult task for me, and it has only become a healthy habit in recent years, where I have grown as a human being, writer, and witch.

Now, it is not a problem saying no to someone or something. We all need time alone to reload our batteries.

Next week is pretty busy already before it has begun.

Tomorrow, I need to fold the laundry and order my prescription medicine before it is time for yet another ladies’ luncheon.

I meet with my counselor on Tuesday and will be introduced at another social house. Wednesday, it is my weekly voluntary work day. And Thursday, it will be time to participate in a major party with hog roast and many, many people.

Friday is my day off from everything and everybody in the outside world. I will probably sleep a lot, but I also plan to be at least a little creative with the much that I have.

Saturday, we are invited on a car trip to a particular place, where the late mother’s ashes of one of our dear friends were released a couple of years ago.

Leftover is then Sunday, my writing day.

So, you see, from my point of view, there is more than plenty to do here.

Being busy with something always is a must when living with bipolar disorder. The brain is always at work, but sometimes it is best to let go of all the thought streams that are impossible to control anyway.

That I will do right after the writing for today is over. And the best way for me to do that is right on the couch.

May your week be blessed with meetings with good people, may the world of good peacefully conquer the world of eternal strife, and may my weeks keep up the Old School rules forever.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Starling boxes in the garden and unrelenting heat waves.

Today´s picture is from my husband´s beautiful garden. This week, good friends gave us a six-apartment starling box. Our newest friend suffers a lot from both ADHD and PTSD. Some nights he can´t sleep, and on such a night, he built this piece of art for us.

This Summer is different due to the many unrelenting heat waves. Pretty sure this is a direct result of human wrongdoing on poor Mother Earth; I felt terrible yesterday evening. I just couldn´t handle the heat.

But today, it´s somewhat more relaxed, which is why I am writing this while it is still morning. Listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive, it is easy to express my deepfelt gratitude toward both life´s days in the Sun and its many challenges.

Here, from my point of view, in the southern part of Denmark, Friday became essential for us all out of nowhere. Freedom in speech and writing is worth fighting for. My sincere wishes for a fast recovery go to Mr. Salman Rushdie.

With starling boxes in the garden during yet another unrelenting heat wave, it is impossible not to feel happy and content with life here at this paradisic spot on Mother Earth.

I will attend an important meeting with my counselor and my boss on Wednesday next week at the social house where I have been working voluntarily for about two months.

I have asked for more hours, as I find this kind of work so enlightening, so well-suited for my ever-changing moods, and so mentally refreshing that I would like to work more hours to practice the art of working part-time despite being early retired.

In my country, it is possible to work a little bit even though you can no longer work full-time and support yourself.

During more than twelve years of recovery from both physical and mental disabilities, I have received a lot of professional help. Now, I feel I have the capacity necessary to give something back to others who need empathy, respect, and recognition, too.

And if not now, then when (author still unknown, anyone?)?

This week, I have used fitness in the local gym as a tool for equal parts of a much-needed vent of frustration over humanity in general and a highly-needed weight loss campaign. For eight weeks, that is.

I feel that now, the present moment is the best time of my life so far.

Although my moods swing again-again to the lower point, I have somehow managed to short-circuit myself by engaging in as much work as possible.

Knowing that my bipolar mind always does precisely that, work is meditation to me. So this week, I did a lot of little, sometimes unseen and unheard, daily chores.

Being busy with the little things in life, we humans should be spending the majority of time given by the Universe.

Rather than fighting and over-spending, as seems to be the current tendency, even though some, including yours truly, long ago changed their ways.

Today, fourteen years ago, my husband and I met. At a bar. And feel in love instantly.

Many I love you´s and equally many quarrels later, we are still in love, care for each other, and have been married for thirteen years.

It is a unique joyride, something that only happens once in a lifetime, and a complete game-changer to me. He makes me want to become the best possible version of myself, no matter the challenge or circumstance.

And today, we will be celebrating with an entrecote, salad, and home-grown potatoes. Topped with some ice cream, it will be a relaxed day, as the temperature from early morning on has cried “Hot!”

And now, as the morning has changed into early afternoon, my husband, the three philosophical cats, and the little wise, old dog enjoy their recuperation time.

I sit with a fan on, trying to let go of the feeling of yet another of the hot flashes that menopause and living like a Crone bring along.

In my living room, with old-school music in my ears, having the time of my life as everything feels fine right here and right now.

It began as a fun and not-so-busy week. And now, a new one is right before me, as if a time machine has just passed without anybody noticing.

Fourteen years, where have they gone???

Now, we are here, and our sole goal is to make the most of everything, using every split second to work for the common good of ourselves and others.

It will be with an even stricter budget, beginning as soon as possible. In the news, they reported a new rise in the heating costs that will probably affect us. Therefore, I will save some extra money on my budget account just in case we have to pay more than we already do.

But although we live in troubled times, staying positive helps remaining sane in the chaos that the world seems to be caught up with these years.

So, here we get up every morning, intending only to do our best no matter what and to never give up, but instead learn and grow time and time again.

It is my only answer to the ongoing change of moods in my mind, my osteoarthritis, and every challenge that life throws at me.

Because I know it works and that hard work pays off eventually.

Life´s too short for whining and complaining; besides, being reprimanded by a calm person is much worse than being constantly cried at by anger.

These were the words for today; now, let us online pray together for world peace.

May your week be blessed with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May the peoples of Mother Earth reconcile and cooperate about freedom and working for the common good. And may my moods stay stable and reliable for a long time.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Afterparty reflections on a rainy Sunday afternoon

Yesterday, many weeks of careful preparations culminated in a beautiful, fun, and heartwarming garden party.

Present were my eighty-four-year-old father, our old neighbor who drove him here and back home, and four friends for life.

BBQ under the open sky, twisted by the typical Danish Summer weather, changing between sunny and warm to windy and wet, lots of laughter yet also those special moments of peaceful happiness, and all the way through the afternoon to early evening happened here.

And time went on relentlessly, although we inside wished for it to never stop.

In my husband’s beautiful, wild, and welcoming garden, we created magick together in those happy hours, where a mix of well-being and emotional joy of life was the only agenda.

Now, my husband and one of the philosophical cats powernap, and the little wise, old dog lies under a blanket, refreshed by his morning routines in the garden, and enjoys the peaceful and quiet atmosphere here.

Afterparty reflections on a rainy Sunday afternoon include my current state of ever-changing moods. Today is a well-known yet uncanny sensation of the first frosty mental touches from depression, the backstage to my preferred manic episodes.

During the course of a year, I have tried to track my changing mood to get to know each one properly.

My tendency is long periods of controlled mania and short states of equally controlled depression.

This garden party was the ultimate test of my mental capacities and level of inner balance and outer stability. It was a significant success.

And this morning, I walked 5 km/app. 3.1 miles, with my dear friend who wanted to show me a route around our little town.

Topping that with what???

A slight weight loss helps bring balance and extra mental energy.

So, it has been a great week with lots of work but plenty of time to enjoy it with good people, the rarest kind.

Next week doesn’t look busy at all, except for next Sunday. My husband and I will have known each other for fourteen years. When we met so many years ago, we didn’t dare to dream about life in its current version.

What we will do to celebrate, we don’t yet know, as we at the same time need to rest and reload our mental batteries. Perhaps go out for dinner, or even better, prepare something delicious together and set a beautiful table for two at home.

Afterparty reflections on a rainy Sunday do, however, not include any words about how crazy people behave on Mother Earth, as my words will only point out the obvious conclusion that we all really need to shape up and do what life’s all about in my point of view:

To live it fully every second we are so lucky to get.

In a peaceful and tolerant approach to other people, with a positive outlook on both sweet and sour moments on our paths, and out of respect for Mother Nature.

I try to become the best possible example of that every day. I’m so certainly not perfect at all, but I try to only use what I really need. Rather than craving what I want, or I’ll feel wronged and act as a spoiled rotten brat.

We live in both dangerous and forever-changing eras. There are many, many people out there who do need, as in MUST, to change behavior and stop consuming without a second thought about tomorrow.

We have changed our ways and found a much better path to travel through life together.

A long time ago, it sometimes seems.

Yet, on the other hand, fourteen years can change life for the better.

It has been a joyride on a rollercoaster on the loose, but most of all, it is the ultimate ride for me. I have found the love of my life, my knight in shining armor.

The white horse and the princess’s dreams may not look the same as when I listened to fairy tales as a child.

But he is here in my life, and it happens right now in every present moment we are lucky enough to be gifted with.

Afterparty reflections on a rainy Sunday contain, however, my deepest gratitude, all my love, and best thoughts of a better future for the peoples of Mother Earth.

Make love not war.

Do good things, educate people to become good people.

Don’t brag, don’t whine, and don’t pretend.

We can accomplish such things here because we have decided to do it. But, yes, it takes patience, hard work for the rest of our lives, and the iron will to live well even on a strict budget.

It is a sacrifice, and I’m willing to surrender to the Universe. But it is worth it every inch of the way.

The gifts that may follow our alternate lifestyle are unpretentious, they are the real deal, and they are moments of pure joy to be forever cherished.

It took us more than eight years to accept the harsh fact that neither my husband nor I had any abilities left to work and support ourselves. And it took me over five years to recover to my current state of mind.

Life’ has been a rough player at times.

But it taught me early on to fight for what I believe in, those I love, and even the most minor place in the Sun.

And today, after a successful garden party, my mind feels like a ten-tracked expressway, going in all directions at a speed out of my control.

But I’m happy and content. Twenty-five words left to wish you a beautiful day with equal parts of comfortable rest and exciting adventures.

May your week be equally joyful, dear readers and followers. May we all meet in silent online prayer for world peace. And may my transition to my low mood continue so peacefully as now.

So let it be, thank you, dear Universe, goddesses and gods.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.