Everyday Magick

As a witch, as a Crone, and as a high priestess in my own right, I prefer the everyday magick to highly stylized and often difficult long rituals. Because it simply is too much to remember to do and especially say.

Because it is in the everyday that we humans may experience true magick, if only we let go of meaningless demands of being oh so perfect that nothing will be enough anyway, no matter what we do or not.

And therefore, I may not prepare neither many nor too elaborate rituals. But I see true magick in my life, and I need to say that my firm belief is that it is in the everyday that life truly happens.

I demand, however, that my rituals are concise, beautiful, and worth working with and participating in. To do that I have my very own witch´s den with accessories, gear, and all the fun stuff too.

But the year 2020 put everything, including magick, in an extreme clear perspective. We humans are vulnerable, too careless, and by no means the top animal that keeps everybody and anything else in check.

Watching wild animals literally fight every inch for their survival tell me that we humans have long forgotten that we in reality are animals without understanding of neither our own our others´ true nature.

We have succeeded in conquering the world, but we risk to fail so markedly when it comes to sensible behavior and reaction to Mother Nature. She really doesn´t care about the human desire for playing master of the Universe.

Life is fragile, so to me it is all about living life to its absolutely fullest, every day, and in the present moment. And whatever we like it or not, the everyday is where we find most of our days on Planet Earth.

Being here at all is a gift that we should take more into consideration than chasing our own tails or the ritual dancing around the golden calf. The newest gadget can easily wait until the worst crazy scenery is way over.

The lifestyle of a so-called modern society, well, look at the number of prescriptions for anti-depressive medicine. It is really worth being sick for? Is money really that important? Is life not richer than that?

Yes it is, And yes, we can change our lifestyles. It happens only when we take the first steps ourselves, but I believe it is possible, even with a tight economy on a strict budget.

So, everyday magick is the theme for today´s post. I´m warming up my fingers so that I can continue my studies of the settings for my novels. On Thursday next week, everything will be different, though.

That day, April 1st 2021, I embark on the next stage of my journey as a writer. Then, I will have cleaned all my dens, there will be lit candles and white sage incense for good luck and setting of a pleasant atmosphere.

And my new everyday magick ritual will be to sit there between four to six hours daily for the next year forward. There will be a couple of months with concurrent studies, because I know that I can´t meet my deadline regarding research.

One of my favorite everyday rituals is to make sure that everything´s ready for me, no matter which den I might prefer any given day. And tomorrow will be no change from that course.

I will spend a few hours cleaning my witch´s den and my creative room. As for my daily writing desk, my husband has already helped me create a both beautiful and practical room for my writing adventures, as you can see below.

Today, it´s time to celebrate a little girl turning five years old. When we first met her, she was a tiny toddler, now she is becoming a big girl, so soon, so fast, and so hastily, as were magick on the loose.

Everyday magick to me is both life unfolding for better or for worse and the little extras that make up the beautiful, thoughtful, and life-enriching experiences with which the everyday becomes easier to handle.

And, of course, the magick from my witchcraft practice with visible trailts all around in my home, on tables and walls, at every corner, and in every room. Magick is everywhere with me in the everyday, and it always will be so.

It can be as simple as a lit candle and a silent prayer of gratitude. But from time to time, I will use whatever I have to create a magick atmosphere around me, which brings forth happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

After 2020, I have realized that I don´t need spend my time working my way through a show-off display, but that magick instead comes from the little things that make a positive difference in the everyday, of which most days occur.

May you embrace life with open hearts, dear readers and followers. May your life dreams come to reality, and may you experience happiness and joy in whatever adventure you are embarking on.

So it is.

Picture of S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 


Welcome, Spring Equinox

The day before a ritual is my preferred day of planning it. Tomorrow, my husband and I celebrate the Ostara Sabbath in The Wheel of the Year. Turning Spring, the weather behaves, however icy, piercing cold it feels.

The Sun shows its power to become the strongest force of Nature by bathing us in pure joy and warmth. But the harsh, so cool wind reminds us that Spring is a balance between cold and warm aspects of life and death.

It is about letting go of what no longer serves us and about caring for the new, now sprouting seeds and bulbs in the gardens of our hands and minds. It is a time to renew, to refresh, and to revitalize our lives. And it is to be a simple, yet beautiful ritual.

I´m warming up in here today, for my hands ache from the arthritis, I needed a longer creative break from the preparation efforts for my novels, and my mind is too thoughtful to work with magick just yet.

Therefore, without further notice, welcome, Spring Equinox.

It is with equal parts of pure happiness and humbleness that I present you, dear readers and followers, for the best possible version of me. I have succeeded in conquering myself once again. My bipolar friend bow its head in silent respct.

The price, for oh yes, it has it hard fought price, and it is an almost overwhelming feeling of being so, so tired, to the bone and back. But it is worth the trouble, for my mood has changed for the faster, the more creative, and the feel-good lane.

Today, I don´t worry about being bipolar at all. I know my limitations very well indeed, my medication and my therapy run smoothly, and I have a great counselor who also keeps me up to date with how to become my own creative director.

But I also know by now that I´m more than capable to keep myself under strict control, to stop up and breathe deeply from time to time, and to let go and relax as often as necessary.

And I´m so happy, so proud, and so content that my creative muse has returned from a severe winter mandatory stay in Limboland. I have waited long for the new project to take off.

In just 12 days from now, I embark on an unknown journey, the journey of my lifetime. April 1, 2021, will be the first day I will write my novels, this time for real and for good.

I have lots of work yet to conquer alongside the writing of my first novel. I need material for a trilogy, and I can only focus on one novel at a time, although I know that I can´t help but work on all three at once.

My main focus right now is to finish my notes for the first novel, so that I won´t have to lock up any new research but can concentrate one hundred percent on the task of writing a first draft worth dealing with later as well.

And the Spring Equinox comes as a bliss today. I believe that I need a longer break from my preparations, especially on a thoughtful day, with racing thoughts and a the mix of being physically tired but mentally refreshed.

And then life just happened…

I had to take pain killers before I could finish this post. My lower back hurt like going through hell and back. So I apologize for being somewhat late tonight, actually it is Ostara day now.

I slept for a couple of hours, got up, finished my ritual planning. And now I sit here once again, ready to fight back every inch of the way. So, welcome Spring Equinox. In a few hours from now, our ritual will take place in my witch´s den.

I´m much better now, thank you dear Universe. Here, at my favorite hour of the night, everything is quiet around me, both the little wise, old dog and two of the philosophical cats are sound asleep. My husband and cat number three sleep upstairs.

It is a time for reflection, for some serious hard work again, and for recovery from pain killers that I only use out of pure necessity. At least, I´m able to sit fairly comfortable now, which definitely was not an opportunity a couple of hours ago.

Allow me to count my blessings tonight and to wish for the world to come to its senses and cooperate for once. Yesterday, my father told me he will get his first shot of vaccine on Monday. Not the AstraZeneca, it is still on hold in Denmark due to recent problems.

I know now that the mood has changed for the better. It is a tough ride to deal with a bipolar the way I do. And to do it, it is necessary to be in good balance with a combination of correct individual medication, therapy, and counseling.

But I just know that everything will be fine for a longer period of time again. I had to do something about my depressive side. My novel needs me to be mentally fit for writing between four to six hours a day for a whole year in just 11 days from now.

My creative writing den has been redecorated this week. A good and thorough clean-up, fresh paint on the walls, Spring tulips in a vase, then I´m getting ready for take-off soon. And a long awaited ritual about to begin in a few hours.

Today´s picture is symbolic of my constant inner battle with my bipolar disorder. This time I won the round, however rough the ride may be. The price is being tired for about a week in a row.

But to regain my feeling of personal freedom, no fight is too tough to deal with. I prefer being tired for a couple of days to being depressed and in the low mood. So, welcome Spring Equinox, welcome to the Goddess of Spring, Ostara.

May your weekend be filled with bliss, dear readers and followers. Blessed be.

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New opportunities

Good evening, dear readers and followers. It has been a hectic week, strange, yet oh so familiar. I´m split between my range of moods from the deepest well in the world to the soaring high flight beneath the Sun.

It´s a slippery lane, the fast one, when the other part of me tries to tear the world apart in a frenzy of apathy, desperation, and sadness. It´s tough, but a necessary transformation that will happen, whatever attitude I may have.

But everything´s just fine, for I know that I´m able to conquer myself again and again and again. I know that also this moment of standstill will pass. I know that with great care it is possible to maintain a life full of quality rather than quantity.

Yesterday, I got some great and inspiring news from my counselor. She has nominated me for an open position in the county. It is not a full-time job, for that is no longer a realistic way for me.

It is called peer-worker, a kind of social work where I will go to e.g. a ward in the psychiatric hospital, a drop-in center with social activities for people with bipolar disorder and other mental disorders, or to give talks to peers.

The offer is being trimmed to suit my needs, as I will need a driver and somebody to follow me along on the way. I will also receive real money, and as an early retired, I may earn a small sum concurrently with my pension.

She told me that she find me easy to talk with, that I know my way with words, and that it also could benefit me personally to work a little bit with something that I´m already used to have to deal with in the everyday.

I said that I was interested but that it may not interfere with my pension and that it must be flexible enough for me to have a bad day from time to time, as I can´t help but take one day at a time.

I think it is an interesting, inspiring, and fun challenge to try out. So now I wait for more details, and of course I will tell you about it too. It raised my spirits, it helped me cross over to the other side of being born with the bipolar disorder.

I´m physically exhausted, for I tend to strain my muscles and joints whenever I feel low and depressed. It´s when I fight to get back to the high-spirited mood. I need to; it is here where my creative energy flow is best.

So there will probably be another couple of days to recover and to think about new possibilities. It has to fit in with my writer´s aspirations as well as practically everything else.

This weekend, I really need to look into my love for witchcraft. It has been a while since I have had both the time and the appropriate energy to work with it. As you know, I never work with magick when I´m out of touch with myself.

I will create two rituals; one for the Sabbath of Ostara/The Spring Equinox; and another with the theme of self-care and self-love. Both are important to me, for I want to attune myself to the rhythms of Nature and to be good to me.

That I will enjoy preparing on Sunday. Tomorrow, it is the continued preparations for my novel-writing process soon to begin. And tonight, it is good times with family and a close friend.

Yesterday was terrible due to the inevitable fact that I spend most of the day and evening dancing the jitterbug inside and hopping and dancing on the outside at the same time. So the whole house jumped with me.

But today, everything, except an enormous feeling of being over-tired, is excellent. My mood is slowly but surely shifting to the best possible version of me. And I need that for my writing process and my life in general.

My sweet husband is busy painting the house inside. After almost 5 years, things need to change slightly, and freshly painted walls are always positive to begin the Spring season.

He is already busy in the garden, but the weather has changed back to a winterly chill, icy cold rain mixed with the occasional sleet and even hail. So, you Weather Gods and Goddesses, come on now, bring fair weather, please.

With these words, I send you my warmest thoughts and online hugs, dear readers and followers. May this weekend be inspiring, creative, and reflecting, may the world pull itself together, and may kindness prevail.

So Mote It Be. Blessed Be.

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Changing lanes

I have been a fighter for as long as I can remember. I´m capable of fighting for my well-being and for the sake of my loved ones. So, I have spent about 2 weeks now fighting myself back into a better mood.

I´m trying to trigger my mind into changing lanes so that I can draw on my creative energies, which lie in the higher end on the scale between flying oh so liberating high and diving oh so depressingly low.

Despite attempts from my anxiety and my bipolar disorder to draw me back down into the too well-known feeling of inadequacy, despair, and loneliness. I don´t have time for any kind of negativity whatsoever right now.

26 days from now, I begin on the journey from wannabe writer to a full-time job writing my own material between four and six hours daily. And I pray that my mood will change soon enough to make it a reality rather than a dream.

It helps a lot that Spring is here. I just observed a pair of pigeons fluttering their wings around a nearby tree. A friend of mine has told me that it is a sign of the coming of Spring.

The weather is fair but icy cold, as the temperature has dropped over the last couple of hours from a pleasant 10 degree Celsius to chilly 1 degree Celsius. So, staying inside is the preferable solution for me today.

Everything´s just fine by me, though. My mood is slowly but surely changing lanes, and I can feel it won´t be long before my creative mood sets the agenda again. With great care, it is possible to trigger my mind at a much faster pace than now.

But I know already by now that I´ll need to work with my notes for quite some time before they are ready for use. It doesn´t stop me from embarking on the next step of my writing journey.

My sweet husband has been busy preparing the garden for Spring, and the first Spring flowers have already shown their beauty. The birds are chirping loud when we are on the daily walk with the little wise, old dog.

And I feel truly at home here at my little paradise where even a pandemic era can´t change our way of living. It has to do with the world outside which we avoid as much as possible.

I have everything I need right beside me; if not, I can walk a few feet to my creative room or my witch´s den for inspiration and necessary props and gear. I plan to sit and write a lot in my witch´s den that needs a little preparation first.

But that is for the time after the next Sabbath in the Wheel of the Year, Ostara, which will be both beautiful and strong. It is time to bless the seeds and the plants in the garden. And it is time to create a ritual of wellness, too.

The planning begins next week. I need to clean and clean my witch´s den first, for it has been left a bit to itself recently due to my amount of notes for my writing project. It has taken me a long time to do my research.

Changing lanes is never an easy task. I´m drained at the moment, but I still prefer to work from late afternoon until very late at night. I´m a night owl, and so it is. The worst part right now is the feeling of inner turmoil and constant restlessness.

There is nothing to do but keep on fighting to become the better me. Therefore, I push hard to keep myself sitting in the chair behind the keyboard. And it works. I may not achieve as much as I want to. I may have to get more breaks than usual.

And I may sleep more after a writing session. But I get in the chair every day. I work my way through tons of material for my novels. And little by little, I´m getting closer to realizing my life´s dream of becoming a writer.

I can see that the number of followers grows. So, welcome to new readers, I hope that you´ll feel at home here. And do feel free to comment. How is life right now where you are? How are you doing in a pandemic era? And what´s on your mind?

With these words, I send you positive karma, a lot of thoughts, and online hugs, dear readers and followers. May the Sun shine strong, may happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness be the new must. And may changing lanes feel less wobbly.

So mote it be.

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