Preparing New Moon ritual

As promised yesterday, I´ll take you by the hand for a closer look on how I prepare myself and my altars, when I´m having a ritual. Tonight it is New Moon in Cancer, and with both my Sun sign and my Moon sign in Cancer, Rising in Leo, I believe it´s going to be a magickal experience.

On the pictures today, you can see my work station and my altars being prepared for the ritual. I will also show you my personal notes that I´ll be using during the ritual in the next post that will be written just before the ritual begins.

I´ve carved the following inscription on the candles for my ritual altar : Blog Success and Prosperity, Health and Love. These are my intentions for this New Moon. As well as are my written intentions of letting go of the past. They will will be burned while I read a prayer of release.

I´ll do a Tarot reading as well, and I will ask the Universe to aid me in my intentions of making this a pagan blog with the sole purpose of sharing my knowledge and hopefully learning even more in time.

As you can see, I use crystals and essential oils for my ritual as well as sage and orange flower incense in order to attract a pleasant atmosphere and prosperity for my blog and my profile on Pinterest (The Northern Witch).

As I´ve been writing this, I´m mentally preparing myself for tonight´s ritual. I always use at least half an hour to clear my thoughts and think of my intentions for my magickal workings. Then I take a ritual bath where I use bath salt (dried sage leaves, lemon or eucalyptus oil and Himalaya salt mixed together with mortar and pestle) to get me in the right mood for having a ritual.

But this is it for now, the mundane world also needs to be taken care of, and I need to prepare my notes for the ritual and think of the content of the next post. I will be back in a few hours.