Preparing for Midsummer celebrations

Busy bees buzzing in my husband’s beautiful garden, the warming Sun and a blue sky, and engaged we are here, too.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations takes time; there is so much to do. So today, I focus solely on this blog post and my witchcraft rituals for next Tuesday.

Wednesday will be celebrating my husband’s 49th birthday, which we also highlight with a garden party on Saturday.

Then there is Monday, Thursday, and Friday left to get the house cleaned, the garden polished, and our minds set for good times with good people.

Tomorrow, I begin my new project of getting more fit for life’s many challenges. I have started at a local gym, and yes, oh yes, I feel it in every bone and nerve in my body, mind, and soul. I will attend the gym three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tomorrow, we will clean the house as well. And tomorrow, I will finish creating two beautiful rituals celebrating Litha or the Summer Solstice morning on Tuesday,

Thursday, I will need to relax after my husband’s birthday breakfast gathering on Wednesday. I also have time off from my social work, so there is time and resources to celebrate him properly.

Friday will be very busy, as we will gather nine people with us on Saturday to celebrate both my husband’s birthday and a ladies’ luncheon. Therefore, there must be prepared food and drinks, we need to borrow an extra table and chairs, and it is necessary to go to sleep early on Friday evening, as we will get up equally early on Saturday morning to fix everything before our guests arrive at noon.

Regarding my two witchcraft rituals celebrating the Summer Solstice, one of them will be for my counselor, as she has expressed a wish to experience a little bit of what goes on when my husband and I create magick together in my Witch’s Den.

I think I will show her some prayers, an easy and cozy spell, and a small Tarot reading with her picking the cards.

When this blog post has been written and posted, it is time to call my eighty-five-year-old father and talk about this busy week where I have learned the hard way what it means to begin working at the local gym after more than twenty-two years without exercise in the everyday.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations includes my silent thank you to the Sun for its life-giving warm rays that have been, if not abundant, more than fair this Summer.

Over a little more than a year, I have changed. A lot for the better, thank you, dear Universe. It was challenging and, at times, nearly heartbreaking, to release and say goodbye forever to a toxic relationship.

It was, however, revigorating, life-enriching, and forever so sweet a change to get the unforeseen opportunity to get to know a few good people.

For once, we won in life’s lottery of chance meetings.

We also celebrate such meetings next week. This is because we like each other’s company and keep finding good reasons to meet, eat some delicious food, toast our friendship, and laugh together. A lot, actually.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations takes its toll on me, however, so I have turned to a day filled with rest and relaxation. Sitting here in my living room with the little wise, old dog, turning twelve years old on July 3rd, I’m sharply dressed in old but comfortable clothes; a bathrobe, slippers, and my hair undone purposedly.

This week has been mentally hectic, physically challenging, and spiritually demanding. But I have enjoyed it all the way, especially in my early mornings with close encounters with Mother Earth on my morning walk-and-talks with my dear friend, a true storyteller by heart.

At the social house, I was praised and appreciated for my empathy and work with peer handicapped people. Mixing mental and physical handicaps is a great initiative, which both parties can use to keep on the excellent work creating a mindful life despite severe challenges in the everyday.

My plans include a late Summer pig roast party, creating string art with an almost blind woman, and challenging myself to become a better listener.

It feels good to try to achieve a positive difference for other people. Seeing them change from despair to hope and joy is heartwarming. But I also know that there will be tough days as well, where the only thing I can do to help is listen.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations, feeling happy and content, becoming the best possible version of me.

I’m proud to announce that my current news level is at the absolute minimum. I simply don’t have either time or mental room for negativity from the outside world. It is crazier than ever before in my life so far. And there is so little we can do to push it back into normal mode.

But here, we try to do whatever possible to remain sane and keep a positive outlook on life’s many twists and turns.

We have consciously chosen to live our lives as if today were the last day for us on Mother Earth. We don’t know tomorrow before we are lucky to wake up and experience it. And we should leave the past behind, as it can never be changed anyway.

Only in the present moment is it possible for us to live life and be happy.

Now, it is time to relax before an early dinner with my husband and the phone call to my father.

May your week be blessed with a happy Summer Solstice, lots of warming Sun energy in your lives, and deep inner peace, dear readers and followers.

May next week be as joyful as this one has been, preferably worldwide; thank you, dear Universe.

And may my mood swings be as mild as they have been throughout this week.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Working old school and living in the present moment

In the first part of this blog post, I write on a beautiful Summer Saturday. I’m worn down after a hectic morning working old school, helping a dear friend receive 12 cubic meters of firewood for heating.

We were seven people, and we worked hard for about two hours. Teamwork all the way, and we enjoy helping one another.

No matter how tired I am or how much my body aches after countless rounds with heavy wheelbarrows, I’m happy and content.

Because it happened with the good people in my life. And there is much more to come, as another friend and I will go on a day trip tomorrow.

We will visit a church and learn its long history, attend a Sunday mass, and eat lunch at a beautiful roadhouse.

Last but certainly not least, we will meet a local group in our little town, a group of people who, every year in Spring, host the day where the cows are allowed to come out after a long Winter.

I will write more about that in the second part of this blog post that will be written right after my trip.

For today, I save my thoughts about living in the present moment while working old school.

It just feels great knowing good people. We complement each other with a span of lived years from somewhere in the forties to the late sixties.

We know what we want and need in our lives and how to stand up for ourselves and say no, too. We like doing things together while, at the same time, respecting the basic unwritten rules of treating others the same way we want to be treated by others. And we genuinely like each other’s company.

The music in my ears today, well, let’s listen to some thundering drums, some crying bass guitars, and preferably old-school style.

At last, my life feels complete. The best possible living conditions, even on a stringent budget. A backing I have always wished for in my everyday. And freedom of speech to write about it in the hope of inspiring other people around the world.

Working old school with good people is challenging and takes its toll on the physical body. But it is also fun, life-enriching, and memorable. And from the day we met, everything has changed for the better.

For that, I’m grateful, and thank you, dear Universe, for the gift of opportunity and sheer luck.

Let me conclude this part of the post by welcoming new followers and readers. Thank you for being here, staying put, and reading me.

It is often because I do not have a Gravatar profile if I don’t follow you. Therefore, please send me a link to where you write; I would like to read you, too.

May your Saturday be merry and filled with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness. I will return tomorrow evening, the theme being my day trip.

Welcome back to this early Sunday evening. Returning home after a long and exciting day with the local church group feels good. First, we went to a modern church where we witnessed the Christening of the two beautiful little girls, Marie and Luna.

Second, we had a delicious lunch at a fine roadhouse with a long history. And last but definitely not least, we meet with a local cattle farmer in our hometown. There was coffee, biscuits, and cake, too. During our short stay, he told us about the guild of cattle lovers, which is open for membership for less than 8 US dollars a year.

They have their annual general meeting in a few days. I will apply for membership for my husband and myself tomorrow because it will be fun and good for us to get to know these people.

They are fiery souls like us. And I simply adore the Galloway cows, with their mixed colors and wild temper.

Now, I’m pretty tired after a long and exciting weekend. So, the remains of the evening, I dedicate equally to relaxation and working the second round with my new Tarot cards.

Next week, Wednesday, to be specific, I begin my next challenge of attending a gym to try to be a little more fit and to make my weight loss last this time.

And I will try to work at the social house for a few more hours, for I’m happy to experience what it really means to make a difference that matters to somebody else.

Other than that, I expect another busy week with many positive encounters with the good people in my life. One of my many creative plans includes sewing a curtain of beautifully laced handkerchiefs for my bathroom window.

There is a kitchen to clean thoroughly, laundry to attend to, and countless other things that must be taken care of. In addition, we have a garden birthday party to plan this month; my birthday comes next month, and the big Summer party in the garden also takes a lot of planning and preparations.

So, you see, there are always busy times here. I must also find the time to work with my upcoming Litha Sabbath celebrations next week.

But, for now, I need a more extended break, just listening to old-school music. I’m happy and content with my life; I’m living in the present moment as if today was my last on Mother Earth. And everything feels good, except for my aching body after the hard work yesterday. Therefore, it is time to relax.

May your week be full of joy, happiness, and memorable moments, dear readers and followers. May people of this world learn to behave better than they do now, especially our politicians, who think they can act like spoiled brats at the expense of everybody else. And may my life stay busy now that my mood has stabilized for the better again.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The Good People in my life

Their kind is rare. They have fought every inch of the way to stay true to their nature. And they make a world of difference to me.

This blog post I at this moment dedicate to them, including you, dear readers and followers.

The Good People in my life; make me want to become the best possible version of myself every morning throughout the day.

Today, I will address what life with Good People feels like.

For that, I´m grateful.

This week, we went to the central city of the county to withdraw cash and shop for necessities and a birthday gift for a dear friend. That trip included visiting a local second-hand shop, where I found a little sweet witch doll for my collection in the ceiling in my Witch´s Den.

And on Friday, we went to the local market, where you can buy practically everything, also the stuff that you absolutely don´t need.

My husband got his beloved flowers, and he got me a new purse.

And then there has been my daily early morning walks with my friend. In addition, we are invited to a birthday brunch party in August, celebrating two of our dear friends and their 65th birthdays.

Later this month, it is our turn to host the monthly ladies´ luncheon and, at the same time, celebrate my husband´s 49th birthday.

And, once a week, I work as a volunteer at a social house, where people with physical and mental handicaps meet and help each other cope with life and its challenges.

So, we are pretty busy at the moment, socially, mentally, and physically.

I have lost almost 2.5 kg/5 lb since I began my morning walks just before the world became very different.

The Good People in my life are the main contributing factors to that. My goal is 10-15 kg/22-33 lb within a year.

It helps me cope with osteoarthritis, and it is here to stay for the rest of my life. And mentally, I feel enriched on an almost indescribable level.

We can talk with these people about everything, including the tough stuff that hurts deeply.

We can share a work project without arguing or quitting. And we can enjoy each other´s company, whether it is for a morning talk-and-walk including a couple of cups of coffee right after, or a social gathering sharing a delicious meal and listening to old school storytellers.

Whenever I feel a bad vibe in my mental stamina, I tell my loved ones about it, especially the Good People. But now, after a little more than a year of knowing each other more and more closely, they know just by reading the look on my face when we meet.

I´m extremely careful about meeting new people. I have been hurt before, a lot. And the Good People in my life today know exactly what it means to be lied to, used, and taken for granted.

Because they have been there, done that.

But we share our life´s stories, often around a bonfire in the gardens, inside on bad weather days, and always when we want to. Nobody should feel obliged to visit or host visitors.

We like to help and be around each other in the everyday, particularly when it makes a significant difference in our lives, and only when both parties feel fit for it.

And we care deeply for one another, to the degree that I have never actually experienced it so genuine in practice before.

It is all about hanging on and staying there for as long as possible this time.

And so we do, my sweet husband and I, and sharing my life with you, dear readers and followers, is a true privilege in my current life.

I, therefore, send you the best possible wishes for a happy Whitsunday/Pentecost, wherever you may be in the present moment.

You are also Good People. And I try to read you as much as I can; I like what I see and read, thank you.

The Good People in my life; make me happy, keep me busy, and help me cope with four anxiety diagnoses, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and a couple of physical ailments.

It is not hard to write positively about such people when you have first met them and lived your lives together.

I feel lucky, I am content and pleased with my current living conditions, and I know it doesn´t come without a price.

That being the bad days where I can only watch TV or sleep on the couch.

But I don´t count them anymore.

I know also that the trees don´t grow into the sky for a reason.

I use the bad days to reflect on my life; I do my most personal shadow work here.

But with Good People in my life, the bad days seem to fade out more and more, replaced by laughter, happy and thoughtful moments, and exciting times.

It is rare, fun, and the feeling of being rich with everything that life´s about. There is a major gap between leaving a toxic relationship and being received the way we have been by Good people. And it is worth so much more than winning any lottery to me.

Right after posting this, I will be talking to my eighty-four-year-old father. It is Father´s Day today, so I have written him an email. Then there is something to enjoy when the conversation is over.

And tonight, it is right back to my new Tarot deck, which by now, I love dearly.

May your week be joyful, sunny, and beautiful, dear readers and followers. May the wounds of the world heal soon. And may my coming transformation into the lower mood this time be just a little easier to handle.

So, let´s meet online in a joint prayer for world peace, together with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness to all beings on Mother Earth.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

My homemade wind chime for my husband´s garden shed.

Summertime is near now

Next Wednesday, it is Summer again, according to the human-made calendar. But the weather gods seem to have a mind of their own, and for long now, the weather has been more than fair. So, with the occasional showers, everything grows and shows beauty in my husband’s beloved garden.

But he has to take extra good care of himself today due to an old occupational injury in his shoulder. Therefore, he is in the living room, enjoying a binge-worthy series and trying to cope with chronic pain.

So, I have migrated to my creative desk next room (we have three living rooms en suite, one for television, one for creative pursuits, and one for ladies´ luncheons and dinners with family and friends).

Here, I currently keep my laptop and notes for my digital version of a Book of Shadows. I enjoy my birthday present in the evenings, which I received a little earlier than expected. Before my birthday, I plan to get to know my new Tarot deck (The Herbcrafter’s Tarot). Then, on July 14, 2022, I want to consecrate and use the deck for the very first time.

It is only my second deck of Tarot cards. The first is a traditional Rider-Waite deck that I bought in an esoteric store many years ago in my youth. It has been through Hell and back and needs restoration and only occasional use.

So I wished for a new deck; thank you, dear Universe, for granting me the opportunity to hopelessly fall in deep love with the Herbcrafter’s Tarot. It is beautifully designed. It requires some contemplation, as it is considerably different from the traditional deck I have used for so long. And it immediately caught my attention when I first spotted it at my favorite Danish online esoteric store.

When I have learned it thoroughly, I will write an entire blog post about it, spiced with my own experiences. And, just for the record, I receive nothing in return to speak positively about it.

As this blog has developed, I no longer plan to make money here. It is way too precious for me to write here at all to risk losing you, dear readers and followers, for the sake of money.

I’m annoyed at bloggers who always seek the money line at the expense of something actually worth reading. But, of course, it is their right to do so; I just don’t find myself in that category of bloggers.

Where this blog is next year at this time, I genuinely don’t know. For the moment, I feel content simply writing here about my life and my three beloved hobbies: writing, witchcraft, and creative pursuits.

Summertime is near now; soon, we will enjoy the few long summer evenings only with a slight breeze to cool off a day’s warmth from the life-giving Sun.

It will be time to celebrate Litha, or the Summer Solstice, in only twenty-three days. From then on, the long journey to the land of King Winter begins.

But, for now, let’s celebrate life in all its aspects and meet in a silent prayer for humankind and Mother Earth.

It is so badly needed, although it feels completely incomprehensible why humans always seem to seek out trouble and warfare as the sole means to justify their actions.

Instead, we should keep the peace between us; we should care for Mother Earth and all her creations, and we should behave like grown-ups rather than spoiled brats.

That we try to do here at this beautiful spot on the planet. Brutal honesty, common decency, and genuine interest in sharing the beauty of life and helping one another.

There may not be room for people who lie, cheat, and show disrespect. But, in return, there is love, friendship, and kindness in our little group of good people.

Soon, there will be lots of things to do. We need to go shopping, celebrate birthdays, and enjoy ladies´ luncheons. At the same time, I have my new social house to attend to. It is a source of indescribable joy when you lift somebody’s mood just by listening to them and great concern when their life turns 360 degrees around itself.

But I turned a suggestion down this weekend. I’m not yet ready to face everything independently, without support and transportation options. They can use my knowledge and experience when I feel I can give what is needed among the people who come to the house.

And today is not such a day, as I don’t know who would show up today. So I need a more extended and slower introduction to use my energy wisely and have enough, both for that and for my private life here.

Summertime is near now; I can feel it in every cell of my body, mind, and spirit. I have chosen not to include any pictures this time, as my words are enough today. But next time, I will catch the best of motives from my husband’s beautiful garden.

The music behind the writing today is a tossed salad of different styles and times. My mood switches between high and low this afternoon. But I’m used to that by now, and I write nevertheless, as I believe that keeping my mind busy helps keep the wandering thoughts at bay.

It is time to wrap this up and wish you a beautiful, sunny Sunday. My endeavors for the day’s remains are to shift between working on my digital Book of Shadows and getting to know my new Tarot deck.

Summertime is near now; the week is almost gone, and I feel even more content than usual. Life is beautiful and rich.

May your week be filled with moments of joy and happiness, dear readers and followers. May world peace be the new cool. And may my current strong mental stamina stay faithfully with me throughout Summer well into Fall.

As we will it together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The best week so far in 2022

A better expression about this week is impossible.

My energy levels are growing, my morning walks pay off big time, and my new community work is heartwarming, mindful, and worth every second.

Monday, I passed 11,000 steps a day. Tuesday, my meeting with my counselor went faster than ever before, and Wednesday simply created an appreciable difference for both a handicapped fellow citizen and me.

Thursday, I was tired deep down in my bones, and I spent a fun happy hour in my creative den building a wind chime from scrap wood, bamboo sticks, wire, and a fierce stapler.

That continued throughout Friday, too, but I was nowhere near the finishing touch. To finish, I need my husband’s hands and mind. He is the handyman and gardener of my life, and everything he touches becomes magickal.

Yesterday, we should have been at our dear friends’ s place to watch the local speedway group on TV. Still, my husband was tired after a long and industrious week. I fought my osteoarthritis and mental clutter in my mind.

So, we stayed at home, he binge-watched a binge-worthy series, and I wrote in my digital Book of Shadows.

Today, we went to the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe, to experience the Festival of Tulips with marching bands, a funfair, and a parade.

It was almost overwhelming when people gathered in downtown Ribe out of nowhere. I need to go back to the week before the first lockdown in Denmark in March 2020 to remember being in the middle of a crowd of people.

The best week so far in 2022, we now relax in our living room together with the little wise, old dog and the three philosophical cats.

Their den got a thorough Spring cleaning yesterday, and our almost twelve-year-old dog got his walks and sniffs in beautiful May weather.

Contemplating my current life conditions, I count my blessings and bow my head humbly. For my family, my friends, and my familiar companions, I am more than grateful. And thank you, dear Universe, for every challenge, every mistake that later became a life experience, and every split second of my time on Mother Earth.

We may live on a small but strong budget. We may carry along ailments and mental disorders. And we may seem so apart from whatever is regarded as “normal,” whatever that may or may not be.

But we are happy. We are blessed with deep inner peace. We continue to stay reasonably healthy. And we practice kindness and have learned the art of giving without expecting to receive in return.

All things considered, my current life feels good.

The best week so far in 2022; perhaps I should top that with a cup of chai tea, combining the art of writing with witchcraft and my creative projects.

How to do that quickly and with only little effort?

I will end this week working with my digital Book of Shadows creatively. Tonight, I will work with the graphic expression that needs to be amongst thousands and more thousands of words.

I need some online time searching for beautiful ideas for illustrating a Book of Shadows. Typically, I will begin at a place like Pinterest, continue creating my own designs, and then grab drawing paper and pencils.

It is calming, relaxing, and liberating to get inspired and create one’s own material. And it will be an appropriate way to leave this week as happy as it began on Monday.

Today’s blog picture is of my husband’s new garden bed for me. The plan is to buy medicinal plants next Spring to use both in the kitchen and in my witchcraft rituals. There are non-perennial plants, so there is already something beautiful to look at.

I have been consistent and steadfast and have only watched the essential news. This world is way too crazy for me these odd years, and I try to shield myself as much as possible.

Next week begins as busy as the previous ones this year. And on Wednesday, I will visit the social center twice; the first time being creative with a fellow citizen, and the second time eating dinner with some of the people who attend the place.

I feel deep in my body, mind, and soul that community work holds great rewards. Not to toot my own horn, but to create meaning in an often meaningless world.

Actually, it is pretty difficult to describe the feelings I come home with after a visit there. It simply just makes meaning to me.

It is a rich mixture of emotional happiness, mental clarity, and deep inner peace. I have always wanted to try it. So now I grab the chance and see what happens along the path.

The best week so far in 2022; getting closer to beginning wrapping up this blog post. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to live in a free county being able to write freely and without censorship.

I feel happy and free whenever I write something. I feel calmed and assured when I practice the art of witchcraft. And I feel deeply content when I’m in a creative mood.

For that and for my creative talents, I feel grateful.

Sharing my life with you, dear readers and followers, reading your stuff, and from time to time commenting on some of it, too, thank you for taking part in this beautiful journey of a lifetime.

With twenty-five words left to sum up, well, the best week so far in 2022, I have seldom felt so good, so content, so happy.

May your week be blessed with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May the leaders of this world come to their senses and remember that they are here to serve the people, not vice versa.

And may my current life stay on track for as long as possible.

Thanking you in advance, dear Universe.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Deep inner peace and community work

This week is one of a kind concerning positive human behavior. Wednesday, I had the fantastic privilege and honor of meeting one of the fiery souls. They help handicapped people cope in the everyday.

I also met a woman with less than ten percent of her eyesight left due to complications with diabetes. We agreed to meet again next Wednesday, each with some of their creative projects.

The idea is that I will become her eyes while her hands will work together with mine. And we will create something beautiful.

I have asked to get acquainted with the expectations of a peer-to-peer social worker.

And the plan is to travel the county and meet with people where they actually are physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When I returned from my first session, two hours had passed without the feeling of time whatsoever. A sad and troubled fellow citizen shape-shifted into a happy, smiling, and waving new person.

That feeling that hit me is almost indescribable as I’m still contemplating the utter sense of happiness and true meaning.

The fiery soul happens to be the new leader of all the drop-in centers of the county.

The feeling of deep inner peace has stuck with me throughout the week after a beautiful and educative life lesson in treating people the way I want to be treated myself.

I have been extremely tired, too. That I ascribe to all the new impressions and subtle moments this week has brought me.

Deep inner peace and community work is worth every second of the experience. I have always wanted to try something like this, and I’m happy and proud that others think I can do it well.

Now, my life experiences and everything I have learned genuinely come into their own.

This week brought a wonderful gathering of friends, too. Yesterday, we shared a BBQ dinner with good friends in their new home.

It felt like had Summer asked Spring to hurry, for it was sunny and cozy in their greenhouse with an old vine climbing all over the place.

It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes each way to get to our friends. But I love to walk, and I already walk at least half an hour in the early morning, just to clear my mind and try to get a little more fit for my general health.

My emergency box for Ukrainians is growing day by day. Now, I’m halfway through and the next goal is to gather bandages, diapers, canned food, and hygiene products. The plan so far is to ship it for free with the Danish postal service in the middle of June.

They offer to bring packets of a maximum of  25 kg for free to their Ukrainian counterpart, who will then pass it to those in dire need of help.

I know that my work is only a tiny drop in the ocean, but this way, I feel that I at least have tried doing something to make this hideous war just a little less wrong.

Tuesday, my husband and I shared a witchcraft ritual, slightly behind schedule, the Sabbath of Beltane.

Today’s picture shows my altar set up. It was shorter than usual; however still beautiful, soothing, and mindful.

Deep inner peace and community work, well, who can wish for more? I may have some physical and mental challenges to overcome. Still, I feel in the depth of my heart and deep within my body, mind, and soul that I better late than never have reached the best part of my life so far.

At my interview last week, I was asked why I wanted to live this dream out. I answered directly, honestly, and promptly: to make other people happy.

To reach somebody where they actually are in the present moment, to help change tears into smiles, and to learn to love me as well as other people; these goals I have already reached, so what comes hereafter is my reward for being me, not to toot my own horn, but to assist others in acknowledging their very own strengths despite severe challenges in their everyday.

Today’s tasks are to write in my digital version of a Book of Shadows, bask in the sun with my husband and the little wise, old dog, and call my eighty-four-year-old father tonight.

Today’s writing music is the good old stuff, the protest songs, old school rock’n’roll, and, all things considered, anything where you can’t help yourself toe-tapping the rhythm.  

And today’s feelings are happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

Soon, it’s time to go out in my husband’s beautiful, blooming Spring garden with the little wise, old dog. He loves to lie on the sunbed and sniffle happily in the air.

But first, I need to meditate on life’s twists and turns. This recent year has been strange, yet so enlivening, so full of joy, and so life-affirming. We left a toxic relationship for something so much better.

We have found the rarest kind of friends you want to keep in your life forever. We like to help each other, we want to meet often, and we quickly pick up on yesterday’s conversation.

This week, I also had the great pleasure of talking with my bonus little sister, the daughter of the eldest friends of my parents. We spoke for more than an hour and a half, and her plan is to visit us this Summer with her husband and two daughters.

This tells me that something wonderful and great is coming, a Summer party in the garden with dear friends.

May your week be filled with inner peace and positive experiences, dear readers and followers. May many more people learn to work together instead of fighting for no reason whatsoever. And may my current mood remain strong throughout Summer well into Fall.

If we care enough to pray for this, it might happen to us all.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Moving on

Yesterday, we helped two of our dear friends moving on to a new and cheaper house. It will be different visiting them there, but the place is excellent. The garden is well-established and inviting to be in.

I´m moving on, too. Thursday, I met with my counselor´s boss, who works with recovery and the peer-to-peer program. We agreed that I should begin with some voluntary work for me and them to decide whether I can manage the task of giving back some of the much I have received during my own recovery process.

This week, everything has been busy and hectic, and today, I discovered that a whole week has passed without me noticing it.

Time seems to slip right out of my hands in these oh-so-odd years. Yet, I try to grasp the current moment, live as every day was the very last in a lifetime, and make the most of every situation.

Next week, everything will be hectic and busy, too. Tomorrow, we are going to the biggest town in the county; we need to check our bank accounts and do extensive monthly shopping for necessary groceries and other necessities.

I will finish my newest witchcraft ritual and call my eighty-four-year-old father in the afternoon.

Tuesday is a ritual morning time and time for my counselor´s weekly visit. Wednesday, well, everybody needs a break occasionally. So here I plan to be creative with the next steps in my project about creating homemade wind chimes.

Thursday, my counselor arrives again, this time with my social worker, whom we will ask to renew my grant so that my counselor and I can work even better with my recovery.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, well, my guess is that there will be full speed ahead too.

Moving on can indicate many things, depending on where you find yourself in the present moment. But, first, it can be a physical move, like the one we helped our dear friends with yesterday.

Second, it can be a mental transition period where you fight inner demons on the path to recovery. And third, it can be a necessary shift of mindset because, for example, a toxic relationship had gone beyond bad.

I´m always careful about moving on from serious issues because sometimes it simply takes more time to actually move on than people, in general, is willing to try to understand and support.

When I lost my beautiful classic car back in 2016, not even I was prepared for the emotional roller coaster the loss threw me in. But then, I was told by an acquaintance to move on only a week after the incident when my car was stolen and burnt to ashes for no reason at all but a joyride that went utterly wrong.

Of course, I wasn´t ready for that after only a few days. Who would be?

Today, I have long moved on from that. But it took some serious mental setbacks and a total meltdown the year after the incident.

Moving on made me realize that I had lived a life full of strife and unnecessary conflicts about how to adapt to make friends. True friends will never ask you to play a particular role. Instead, they will support your efforts to become the best possible version of yourself.

Today, I know the value of such friends. They are scarce, will walk with you in the early mornings around sunrise, and show up at your call if you only pay them the same respect.

We have a happy and prosperous life here in our big little house with the two gardens, the long history of other lives lived, and the most beautiful atmosphere of freedom and joy of life.

My husband´s tulips are the motive behind this week´s blog picture. He is a true magician in his beloved garden, and I love to enjoy my fresh coffee with him and our friends.

In the Summer, we will throw a party to celebrate that we have been together long enough to have been married for twelve and a half years, the so-called copper wedding in the Danish tradition.

It was a small celebration in January, but we need to celebrate in Summer too. Then, we will gather our close friends, my father, and an old neighbor. People we love and care deeply for. And who love and care the same way about us.

Our list of friends may seem short to some, but I prefer that rather than having many flatterers who never are to be found anywhere in times of trouble.

I don´t want to waste even a split second on somebody not worth the bother.

I don´t want to waste my life on something not of lasting value to me.

And I don´t want to waste a precious lifetime on meaningless matters.

I live life to its fullest, trying to make the most of every situation, preferring a positive outlook to any kind of negativity.

As I´m writing this, I´m listening to old-school rock music, back from my earliest childhood memories of my parents listening and partying to the kind of music that is not made anymore.

Music plays a significant role in my life. It helps me cope on the bad days, aids my writing flow, and makes me more happy than sad. The latter is extremely important to me, as I definitely prefer manic episodes to the depressive.

At the present moment, my mental disorders leave me at peace. However, my osteoarthritis is painfully active due to the unfamiliar movements yesterday with the move for our friends.

May your week be happy, with good experiences and lots of fun, dear readers and followers. May

the world relax and cool its temper significantly because we all really need that. And may the coming week bring me clarity of mind, good health in my body, and renewed curiosity in my spirit.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Busy Spring weeks

As promised last Sunday, this week’s picture is the newest creation from my sweet husband’s hands; a brand new raised bed in the garden for me.

The plan is to place medicinal plants in it to use both in the kitchen and in my witchcraft endeavors. But, unfortunately, it is too late this year to get them, so I’ll have to wait about a year from now.

Instead, he has planted beautiful flowers for me to enjoy in the new garden bed.

This week went even faster than the previous ones this year so far. My friend and I walked every day from six a.m. to almost seven a.m., and for a couple of days in a row, I managed to walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

I have to lose weight, as my prescription medicine creates a different appetite. I have to do something serious before it endangers my general health. So, walking has become my kind of daily exercise.

My friend and I plan to do a walkabout around our town in Summer. To do that, I need to be considerably more fit than I am at the present moment. We began with fifteen minutes of daily walking; now, we are getting closer to one hour after a few months.

Busy Spring weeks also equal working together with our close friends. This week, a garden project about re-arranging sheds for garden tools and firewood was almost finished. We need to meet a couple of times more to wrap it up, and then our friend has promised us that she will host a little party to show her gratitude for the help.

She is severely affected by osteoarthritis, especially in her feet and hands, so she can’t do the work by herself anymore.

Next weekend will be no different concerning work load, as two other friends are moving to a new house, and, of course, we have agreed to come and help them.

But the leading and most exciting event next week will be my meeting with my counselor’s boss, who wants to meet me to find out if he finds me suitable for the position of peer-to-peer worker in psychiatry teams in southern Denmark.

I need to update and print my CV, as I’m early retired for almost twelve years now. However, I’m happy and excited that my life story and my life experience may be helpful to others with the same mental challenges as me.

So, until Thursday around noon, I will be slightly nervous and try to think of anything but this meeting. But, the day before, I will need to prepare myself for the event. What better way to do that than by enjoying a ladies’ luncheon and discussing the issue there amongst close and dear friends with whom I feel safe and happy.

Busy Spring weeks mean lesser time in front of the new TV that my husband brought home today after two earlier attempts with little success with the previous new TV.

And I need to work a lot more on my novel project anyway. This week, I have managed the description of two of my fictive characters’ looks and ways of behavior.

But there is a long way yet before I can even begin to think of presenting a full manuscript about a year from now.

There is only one way to get there: to sit down and actually do what it takes to write a novel. And the weather forecast for next week is in my favor when it comes to writing. First, however, I know that visiting my husband’s beautiful garden is an absolute must, at least once a day.

In the midst of busy Spring weeks, I will also try to make time to create yet another beautiful and relevant witchcraft ritual. My main concern at this moment in my life is that time seems to slip right out of my hands every time I try to work in-depth with what I love to do.

Writing, witchcraft, and sharing great moments with close friends.

I think that I’ll probably need to add the last one to the content of this blog, as our new friends have become so important to us that practically everything has turned in our favor during the latest strange years.

Finally, we have succeeded in meeting true friends. Mutual respect, common decency, and genuine bonds for life; are so wonderful to meet and experience, yet so rare and difficult to find in people.

This time, it is different. Perhaps it is because each of us shares traits from a past life where we have had to fight our way through life, both in the fast lane and by the concept of trial by error.

We are always there for each other, no matter how light or how heavy the issue is. And it feels like had we know each other all the long way throughout life.

Tomorrow, at precisely 05.30 a.m., my new week begins with a morning walk. Then, followed by morning coffee, a conversation of the most positive kind, and doing the daily chores, I plan to work a couple of hours with my novel project, a new witchcraft ritual, and a creative project about homemade wind chimes.

I had a minor mental meltdown for two days this week. However, I overcame it with an iron will, a positive outlook on living each day as were it my very last, and loving these busy spring weeks.

May your week be blessed with loving friendships, positive Karma, and happiness, dear readers and followers.

May the world find peace with itself, meaningless war crimes come to an immediate halt, and people make love rather than fight.

And may my current best moods stay strong and remain with me until well into Fall 2022, when my Winter depression typically kicks in.

Let us all meet in silent online prayer for world peace.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Yet another busy, fun, and memorable week with good people. The rarest kind you can imagine, those who stand by you no matter what.

Yes, such people are a rare experience, even more so in times of crisis.

Today, some of us met to share a delicious meal, a couple of glasses of wine, and upcoming plans about a relocation.

We look forward to this event as our friends’ new house is much better and more economical. We also have an ongoing garden project with another friend that will be concluded next weekend.

And later comes a couple of parties to enjoy with the best of moods.

Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts, especially in the kind of times we live in, as in right here and right now.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived my life as were every day the last. That principle is worth its weight in gold now that we really live in troubled times.

I don’t want to waste even a second of the rest of my life on something not worth the effort, including an acquaintance that once was a true friend.

My firm conviction is that if somebody changes behavior and becomes more egoistical than friendly, then it is their obligation to shape up and come to their senses, definitely not mine.

But I’m still polite, I’m still willing to share a cup of coffee every once in a while, and I’m still behaving my best when meeting with somebody, I once took for a true friend.

I banish negativity, however, as I’m way too happy and content to waste precious time at the most perfect moment of my life.

My husband has created a raised bed for me in the yard. Over the next two years, the idea is to buy six medicinal plants every Spring. I plan to use some of them actively in my witchcraft rituals, but only those safe to use.

There is no picture today. After our lunch, I needed to take a more extended rest, so I have not been in the garden to document the latest developments. But I will include a couple of pictures next Sunday to see for yourself, dear readers and followers, just how much my husband is capable of in a garden.

My upcoming witchcraft ritual has been postponed because I ran out of time. There were simply too many other things to attend to this week. Fortunately, to me, witchcraft does not come with strict rules but with love, trust, and responsibility.

As you know, I don’t work any kind of magick if I, for some reason, don’t feel fit for it. But with a whole and fresh new week right in front of me, next week might be so much better.

I have been terrific this week, too, as I have cut back on the amount of news to watch and listen to. However, I do follow some of it because I believe that we all have to.

And it is really, really hard these months. So why, oh why, turn to war, and for what, if I may ask.

It is meaningless, mean, and deeply troubling what happens in these so odd years for humanity.

I shield myself as much as possible, for I can’t bear to watch atrocities and war crimes for much more than a few minutes at a time.

And I will address my counselor with it so that she can help me develop positive thoughts and yet be able to put words to what I feel about the current world situation.

Speaking of positive things, my most recent creative project is to make a wind chime with rainbow-colored butterflies around it. It makes me childishly happy to create rainbows in much of my creative work. And yes, there will be pictures of that, too, as soon as possible.

But today, I believe that my words are strong enough to stand alone.

Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts. My life may, at times, be seemingly chaotic, but nevertheless, I have found my melody in lif, I am happy and content, and for that, I’m grateful.

So, thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses and gods for every challenge, every delay, and every life experience so far.

Even the weather gods over the southern part of Denmark behave themselves. Spring is here, and the beech tree is becoming greener by the hour.

A couple of days ago, I pulled myself together and worked about forty-five minutes with my novel project that has been sadly neglected for long enough now.

Tomorrow is again a writing day, as I need to create a daily writing schedule. In the beginning, well, one hour may not seem as much time, but with effort and diligence, it is possible to write about 1,000 words.

This is my choice of length of a blog post written by me. Just enough to create interest and preferably suspense from time to time. Today, however, it will be one hour and app. ten minutes, as my arthritis annoys my hands tonight.

With only ninety words left tonight, let me count my blessings and allow myself to enjoy this precious life as long as it lasts.

For my life, I’m more than grateful.

From deep inside my body, mind, and soul, I know that this crazy year is a working year.

No time for meaninglessness, no need to look back into a constant past or forward to an more than unsure future. And definitely, no other place to be than in the present moment.

Precious life; enjoy the ride while it lasts.

May your week be sunny, life-affirming, and beautiful, dear readers and followers. May every war stop, every weapon be destroyed, every precious life be preserved. And may my current-controlled manic mood stay for as long as possible.

As we all will it together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The week before Easter 2022

Yet another busy, funny, and fast week´s many experiences later…

This week, everything has worked out for the better, except for yesterday, when I really felt what it means to live with a bipolar disorder, mixed episodes.

My mood switched dramatically from a manic to a depressive state overnight. Yesterday, I slept through most of the day but did manage to write a few notes for my digital Book of Shadows.

Monday, we successfully overcame the trouble with the new identification documentation for online banking. It worked this annoying new system that we Danes have to get used to accessing our bank accounts and authority websites. And I finally worked myself through the Spring cleaning of my witch´s den.

Tuesday, everything seemed to happen like pearls on a string, and Wednesday, in particular, was a wonderful day and evening. Two friends and I went to a talk with one of our greatest female actresses in my lifetime, Lisbeth Dahl.

She says that we must remember to ask questions while being bold and curious. And to live life in the present moment and see what happens rather than making future plans that only seldom come into reality.

Thursday went even faster than the previous three days, and a cup of coffee at a friend´s house was surprisingly pleasant. This time, she didn´t try to behave dominating toward me, and I felt free and happy while I was there.

Friday became the beginning of a project between old school friends, whom I couldn´t face yesterday as planned.

My mood changed due to the atrocities in Ukraine this week. I now have to shield myself even more carefully than usual. I simply can´t bear to watch and listen to more than necessary.

In return, I´m working on creating a box with necessities for people in Ukraine. The Danish postal service has offered private people the option to send a pack of 25 kg with them free of charge to the Ukrainian postal service, distributing it to people in need.

My friend from the morning walks will create it with me, and then I can better feel that I have tried to do something.

The worst part of this meaningless war is the feeling of inadequateness, inability to help more, and powerlessness.

It is not that this war is more brutal than any other war. It is not that this war is just as meaningless. It is the way people treat people with hatred and grim violence.

This time, it makes me cry and ask the Universe the reason why.

Until now, there has been no answer.

But the obvious one is that this is the result of crazy men doing crazy things only to satisfy their own crazy minds.

In deep and silent prayer for world peace, dear readers and followers, let us all meet.

However, this morning was different from the rest of the weeks, as it led to a good and warm conversation with a close friend. About something that mattered greatly to her, which I could assure her would also pass one day.

But it doesn´t feel that way while you are in-between for better or worse in life.

My counselor told me this week that her boss wants to meet with me about the possibility of me becoming a peer-to-peer counselor in the local district psychiatry.

So, please send me all the positive vibes you can on April 26th.

I believe that I can give something back to someone close to where I am in my current state of mind. And I think that I can gain something, too, by listening to what other people with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety do in the inevitable ups and downs of life.

As with everything I do, be it doing the daily chores, writing, or being creative, it is a labor of love.

But I have asked for a small economic reward. I will have to prepare for either a talk or a social gathering, e.g., in a café or in a psychiatric ward. Likewise, they will have to drive for me, as I can´t drive a car myself anymore. And, of course, a bite to eat is always welcome with me.

I try to keep my feet to the ground, and I will not sign anything before discussing this carefully with my husband and close friends. But yes, I´m thrilled to the bone and excited that people believe in my abilities with words and ideas for a positive life with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety.

I don´t mention ADHD so much because it has changed. I would instead call it a silent ADD, as I´m not nearly as hypers as in my younger years.

My anxiety is present but unusually quiet, which makes me wonder when it will strike me hard again. I´m prepared, though, but it is never a pleasant experience suffering from panic attacks.

Therefore, I prefer my present mood, the mania, as I find my creative drive and everything positive in life here.

The depression, however, is never far away, as I have been extremely good at attracting the extreme version of bipolar disorder, the one with the mixed episodes attached.

And for whatever reason, it hit me fairly hard yesterday. So I tore the day out of the calendar and arranged myself and the little, wise, old dog on the couch with the best blanket in the house, pillows, and enough time to recharge my mental batteries.

The week before Easter 2022 is just as busy as this year seems to become. Next week, I will prepare and celebrate my new witchcraft ritual, my alternative to the traditional Christian Easter. I will, so it is.

May your week be life-affirming, heartwarming, and filled with joyful bliss, dear readers and followers. May world peace be forever to keep. And may my mixed episodes shut up and leave me alone.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The view to the yard from our kitchen window.

Mixed moods, Spring cleaning, and recovery.

Mixed moods throughout the week are annoying, tiresome, and feel uphill. However, Spring cleaning brings a refreshed perspective on whatever challenges life throws at me. And several days of recovery seem to be the expected result of direct contact with the daily troubles stemming from the outside world.

Nevertheless, it has been yet another great week here in the southern parts of Denmark.

This week brought the news that my new counselor will be a permanent one, as the other has to tend to a work schedule with fewer hours for direct citizen contact. Therefore, she will only be available whenever my new counselor has vacation weeks, is ill, or is otherwise hindered.

It is good news, though, as I have already become deeply connected with the new counselor after only two meetings so far, who is one of those fiery souls with whom everything feels easy and natural.

My moods have changed a lot this week. I don´t know why it happens, except for my latest experience with the Danish authorities and our new identification documentation for online banking and the use of governmental websites.

It was hot as hell in the building however icy cold outside. The office lady was definitely not neither polite nor pleasant to deal with. Still, the darn thing had to be done, so I put on my positive mask and refrained from telling her to behave like a grown-up instead of looking so personally offended as were she doing me a personal favor.

After this rather unpleasant experience, I have spent more than two full days recovering from everyday trouble.

I haven´t done much, as things like this always make me feel tired and slack down to every bone and muscle in my body. My mind and soul simply can´t comprehend the apparent necessity of forcing us to use a system even more unsafe and impractical than their latest fancy idea.

But, I have worked a little bit with my digital version of a Book of Shadows. Without the slightest touch of shame, I postponed my Spring cleaning for tomorrow in a totally different week without the pressing need to seek help from the authorities.

However, this week, I finished the cleaning process in all other dens than my witchy one. So that will be for tomorrow to make just as perfect.

And then, I believe it is about due time to plan a beautiful, relevant, and memorable witchcraft ritual for one of the upcoming Easter days. It will, of course, include a significant release ritual, as I find that the outside world has worked its toll on us lately.

I had to cancel a morning walk on Tuesday due to massive hip pain. It comes and goes, but that day, I hurt. A lot. So much that I only could work with my 5D diamond painting of the twelve signs of the Western Zodiac.

And, on Thursday, I overslept so that the morning walk had to be shorter.

But, apart from this, the week has been every bit as educational, entertaining, and cozy as this year has progressed so far.

We have never been this busy socially before. We are not used to being treated with respect and care by anybody but ourselves. And we for sure never have encountered better friends than those we know so well now.

My friend from the morning walks explains that it feels like she has known us forever.

This morning, we were asked to join her and her husband for a cup of coffee, and we shared a good hour with lots of laughter and happy moments.

After that, it was time for a nice walk with the little wise, old dog, but as we walked through the local park, the weather gods decided on a mixture between sunshine and icy cold winds with more and more raindrops hidden around the corners of the street.

So, now my husband, the little wise, old dog, and the three philosophical cats are all tucked in for a good afternoon sleep. At the same time, I sit in my living room writing for you, dear readers and followers.

I will go to my creative den to take a picture of my finished 5D diamond painting in a few moments.

Looking at the center top, you will find Aries and follow clockwise Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Even though we decided to stop heating from Friday this week, the central heating is on. It is simply too foot cold without it. But soon, it will be effectuated, and we will need to wear more clothes. We don´t want to pay more than the absolute minimum for Mr. Putin´s gas.

I have been genuinely competent and have only watched the most essential news. I can´t bear to be so touched and affected more than I feel that I have to. This war is no different from other wars concerning cruelty, evilness, and bad news.

But it should never have begun, and it is forced upon us all by lunatics who really ought to know so much better.

I have long lived my life as was every day my last. This completely meaningless war only confirms this outlook on life in general.

And nothing´s gonna change my beliefs in freedom and happiness for all beings on Mother Earth. But unfortunately, my trust in the human race has not bettered much lately.

We humans should be better at creating useful and beautiful things rather than fighting for whatever somebody else got all the time.

It is about high time to stop believing we own the world alone.

May your week be creative and merry, dear readers and followers. May all wars end, and all weapons forever be destroyed. And may my moods stabilize next week so that the necessary daily chores won´t be so overwhelming and recovery-demanding.

As we all will it, so shall it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day

In these crazy years, stage one was set by Corona. Stage two now seems to be about total meaningless war and a lot of bullshit in its wake, pardon my French.

But my suggestion to settings in a hopefully better future is to do everything possible to live life to its fullest each second I get here on Mother Earth.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, the famous words from the Roman poet Horace (“Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” – seize the now and only trust the future as much as you have to) seems fit to describe my life philosophy.

What is important to me is what is happening right here as I write this blog post for you, dear readers and followers.

My husband watches TV, the little wise, old dog lies right next to me, and the three philosophical cats are all over the place, doing what philosophical cats do when not eating, namely sleeping with a quarter of an eye open.

As I go through our week in my thoughts, I instinctively smile and feel complete contentment and inner peace.

Our friends from the school of life, well, everything has changed for the so much better since we first met about a year ago.

We have many more visits of more than welcome guests. We go for many more visits ourselves. And we experience true friendship, sincere responsibility, and heartwarming hours.

We are always together with our friends who live so close by that we only need to take a short walk to meet with them.

But we are also ourselves from time to time, as my husband and I firmly believe and live by the fact that to be good friends, we need to recharge our mental and physical batteries every once in a while.

Next week will be busy as well. Monday is a cleaning-the-house day. Tuesday, my old counselor will arrive at me telling her that she will cancel appointments by text, email, or phone call in the future. I will not tolerate not hearing from her when I expect a meeting or a phone call.

I simply don’t have time for meaningless waiting for nothing.

Wednesday, a friend comes for a day of working with pouring acrylic paint on canvasses, preferably outside in the garden, if the weather gods will grant us fair Spring weather. And for us to keep on working us close to a special bond of friendship, making the time count for something is essential.

Thursday is payment day, shopping groceries day, and trying to overcome the usual trouble with new ways to do online banking. But, oh dear, we need to go to the county office and renew our identification documentation. NEM ID is the online login system used in Denmark for all government websites and banks.

It is plain and downright junk, an unsafe system required by the government and the banks, but we will get that done as well as everything else.

Friday, and throughout the week, I will clear and clean all my creative dens, including my witch’s den. They all need a good old-fashioned Spring cleaning. And what would be better or more appropriate, then, but creating a beautiful and mesmerizing witchcraft ritual Saturday?

Sunday is blog post writing day, and after such an intense week, a good, long afternoon sleep.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, to me, it indicates to grasp every second of my life and transform it into something worthwhile, something beautiful to remember forever, and something for others than myself only to enjoy.

I get up early in the morning now. At 05.30 a.m Monday to Friday. Then, I walk for at least half an hour with a special friend. And so we share the morning coffee and converse about life’s ways of changing one’s perspective on important matters.

After my second morning coffee with my husband, it is time to do the chores that have to be taken care of, no matter my mood.

The reward is always writing, witchcraft, or creative pursuits.

But, first, there is often an intermezzo of the positive kind with our dear friends, who are older and younger than my husband and I.

While in my current state of mood, mania, I need to take extra good care of myself, as I don’t notice how tired I am (which is entirely the opposite when depressed). Therefore, I try to lay down and relax for an hour or two.

Suppose that is not possible due to my inner drive. In that case, I concentrate and focus on, e.g., working with 5D Diamond pictures or other mentally relaxing activities like meditation, Tarot card readings, and writing.

Around 09.00 p.m., I’m winding down the day. As I’m doing right now, with yet another life-affirming week passed.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, when everything comes full circle; that’s how we live our lives here at this beautiful, positive, and different spot of paradise on Mother Earth.

We want to make the most of everything that life throws at us, whether that is all about the everyday or the incredible moments when life falls into place.

Of course, there are bad days, too. But I have stopped counting them. What counts, however, is to love life no matter the challenges.

And I love life too much to fall into despair about the current world situation. I’m watchful and alert, though. I follow the news that we all have to follow. But only in appropriate sessions.

Now, it is time to let go of this week and prepare for bedtime soon. After all, tomorrow morning will come early.

May your week be blessed with happy hours and sunshine, dear readers and followers. May all wars end and all weapons forever be destroyed. And may happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness be granted to my loved ones and me.

As we all will it together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Morning walks and happy hours

First of all, please accept my apology for writing this blog post a day later than usual. Unfortunately, our TV signal and Internet connection were cut off yesterday due to a fire in some of our provider´s installations, so the southern part of Denmark had to be creative.

For my part, I embarked on my new 5D diamond painting project, a large painting of the Western Zodiac. My husband found a couple of DVD movies, so everything was just fine in the end.

Morning walks and happy hours are basically my life at the current moment in time. My dear friend is 64 years old, but she is of old school and goes to fitness five days a week. So we walk and talk about what truly matters in life. And we plan to walk around our little town when Summer arrives. Of course, we will bring both a blanket and the indispensable coffee to enjoy halfway.

Happy hours, because every time we meet with her and her family and friends, it feels like we have known each other since the beginning of time.

Last week, her husband´s son offered us a free couch. We have spent many meaningful hours with conversations about everything and nothing simultaneously. It was her turn to host our monthly ladies´ luncheon, and we are four very different women, all in our prime.

I´m now back in my preferred manic mood, however controlled by prescription medicine, therapy, and my hard work to stay in this mood for as long as possible. After all, it is from here that I draw my inspiration; here lies my creative drive.

I have truckloads of plans, but I have become so much better at only engaging in those of them where I have a fair chance to accomplish them in reality.

Therefore, today, I will go to my creative den and do a thorough clean-up. I only use the room when I don´t need to turn the heating on. With the soaring energy prices, we need to be even more careful than usual to save money as much as possible.

Now, the weather gods are more than fair, and the room needs a good Spring cleaning. Besides, I decided not to do my Ostara/Spring Equinox ritual this year because I needed to rest instead. So, in return, I will create a beautiful Easter ritual where I will mix it with the best stuff from the Ostara Sabbath.

With a bit of luck, our friend will turn up for a quick cup of coffee, preferably in the garden, if the clouds only would disappear so that the Sun´s rays may warm us.

Morning walks and happy hours, well, I don´t need anything else. We have a wonderful fairytale-like life, my husband and I.

Of course, there are bad days, but I don´t count them at all. My first and foremost priority is to get out of bed happy every early morning at 05.30 a.m. Second, come my beloved family and friends, and thirdly, the everyday chores must be done nevertheless.

Only after that comes any concern toward the world outside.

Today, Monday, a whole new week has begun. I´ll bet it will be just as busy as the previous ones that this strange year has shown up with. But it is fun, mindful, and precisely as it should be.

I look forward to tomorrow morning when my new counselor arrives again. She and I found something already at our first meeting two weeks ago. With every fiber in my body, mind, and soul, I feel that it will become one of those experiences that will leave a lasting impression on us both.

I also have a meeting of the kind that you would rather avoid, but only since a former friend has unacceptably changed behavior. But this time, it will be on my terms, as I won´t accept that her jealousy ruins even a second of my life.

She wants me to herself, but I don´t play that game. I´m a grown-up woman, and I decide fully with whom I choose to engage my time, resources, and heart.

So, the result is that I set the limit to drinking a few cups of coffee together. After that, my life will continue the way I want it to, whatever she might think or say about that.

Listening to my favorite playlist on Youtube, writing this on a Monday morning feels just right. When I write something, music in my ears is a must. I try to follow the rhythm, and from time to time, I have been told that others can feel that there is music in my writing.

My newest Spring project is to bring a small basket to the garden yard with a notebook and pen, my cell phone, something to be creative with, and something from my witch´s den to bring the magick needed for writing a novel trilogy.

And, of course, it is Spring cleaning time. We have finished it upstairs, and now it is time to work miracles on the first floor.

So, life is never dull here; there is always something to do, and these so odd years are, at the same magickal time, the best in my life so far.

Morning walks and happy hours, with only a fair amount of effort, I can live a good life with bipolar disorder and anxiety. I´m more than grateful, so thank you, dear Universe, also for the many challenges that life inevitably brings.

And now, it is time to get in the mood for some serious Spring cleaning in my creative den. See you on Sunday.

May your week be joyful and blessed with freedom, happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May world peace find everybody on Mother Earth. And may my current state of mood continue well through Summer into Fall.

As we want it to become, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Sorry, my internet connection and my TV signal is down due to problems at my provider.

And I only have a small amount of money for my cell phone bill, as the data is pretty expensive to use.

Therefore, my blog post will arrive here tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience, dear readers and followers. Have a blissful Sunday.

Stay positive

We really live in dangerous times, and the latest weeks have shown us that we as humans need to be way better at treating each other with respect, love, and kindness.

To stay positive right now, with the world spinning even crazier than usual, is a challenging task. Still, it is nonetheless the only way for me to remain sane while all this saddening news happens right before us on prime-time TV.

Here, in the southern part of Denmark, the prices are soaring. Yet, the Danes have gathered to collect money and necessary stuff for the Ukrainian refugees. Last night we had a TV-concert with some of our best musicians, and 30 million dollars was the satisfactory result of the fund-raising.

A few minutes ago, the first family to come to my little town was announced on local social media. And a dear friend of ours is working hard right now to organize everything from clothes to toys for the children.

My heart bleeds for the Ukrainian people, and I pray daily to the Universe and hope that this unjust nightmare will end sooner rather than later.

Why in Heaven’s name, Mr. Putin and comrades, when nothing that you do can be justified whatsoever???

You really need to resign as soon as possible; this is definitely not something that will earn you an Oscar at all, on the contrary, you will forever be remembered as a rotten war criminal.

My husband needs to shield himself from the devastating news, as he can’t bear to watch and learn more than the most necessary stuff. Therefore, I do not overwhelm him with everything I see and hear.

But to be brutally honest, I don’t like it one second. On the contrary, this is the worst crisis in the world since WW2.

But stay positive, as much as possible, and stand up for what you believe in. The time is right here and right now to fight back every inch of the way by working for the greater good of us all.

We donated money, as we don’t have the resources to take a refugee family in.

We had an impromptu lunch with our dear friends on Thursday on the positive and memorable side. We enjoyed also the more than fair Spring weather outside in the yard.

I try to find even the slightest glimpse of hope for a better future than this present hell on Mother Earth in everything I say and do now.

I need to find a better meaning in life than war, meaningless destruction, and unjust genocide. So, therefore, tomorrow begins with an early morning walk and a cup of coffee with a close friend, a cleaning project upstairs in this big fairy tale house, and buying necessary groceries and prescription medicine.

Stay positive; no matter what happens, that is my answer.

And positive experiences are abundant in our life right now, as we seem to draw even closer together with our friends, who, like us,  come from the school of life rather than some fancy university.

Next week will be busy, as I have an appointment for a manicure on Tuesday, where I usually meet with my counselor. However, I have asked her to call me instead this week, so I don’t have to hurry my friend with the manicure and the cozy conversations we are beginning to try out.

I also plan to buy a 5d diamond picture of the Western Zodiac. It will help me focus primarily on positive matters for a couple of weeks.

And my new sewing machine needs to be set up for a curtain project for the living room. We need to save money and use as little energy as possible due to the worst inflation in many years. I need to go back to my early youth and even long before that to find something to compare this horrible situation with.

All things considered, I need to live my life to its fullest, even more than usual. So my upcoming Ostara ritual will be a welcome opportunity to create something beautiful, mindful, and thoughtful as a direct contrast to the atrocities in world history that we all are involuntary witnesses to.

Again, the year is clearly a working year and a social year. We have been busy from January 1 onward and have been more social than ever before in our lives.

Tonight, my thoughts go to a shattered world and the people of Mother Earth. We really need to do better this time, there is way to much at stake now.

On the positive side, however, I’m now back in the saddle again concerning my bipolar disorder. The shift to the fast lane was long-awaited, and it returned to me the other morning after a good morning walk and talking with a close friend.

It is also pleasing to feel relatively free from anxiety attacks. At least, they are small and last only a few minutes. Again, I ascribe it to my level of control and my innate iron will to make the most of every situation.

Yesterday evening soothed my body, mind, and soul. First, I watched some funny home videos of animals. Then, the concert released a bucket of tears. Of course, it helped to do both.

Everything will be just fine here, even though it is close enough what is happening in my part of the world these horrific yet life-affirming Spring weeks of the year 2022.

Stay positive, Self, you are strong, and you will overcome this.

Please stay safe and try to see the light in the darkness, wherever you are, dear readers and followers.

Help often and whenever you can; these people are in dire need.

May your week be blessed with freedom, safety, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May all wars end ASAP. And may my newfound manic creative energy remain controlled and positive.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.