The element of Air

This is my interpretation of this intangible element. Its powers are mighty, it can either refresh your thoughts on a cloudy day or tear your world apart as you knew it when a storm is hurling around all corners of it.

The following keywords is my way of working with elemental magick and the best possible tool is a compass. Because Air like the other elements is associated with the cardinal directions, and if you learn to use a compass (diy on e.g. Pinterest) you can always find your corners when casting your magickal circle, if you do use the circle in your workings) :

  • East, smoke, to know
  • Intellect and wisdom, communication and inspiration
  • Needs, not wants
  • Thinking, concentration and imagination
  • Intuition, knowledge and memory
  • New beginnings, clarity, hearing and clairaudience
  • Messages from the Universe, sky, Sun and Moon, fairies
  • Animal spirits : the eagle, the raven and the butterfly
  • Western Zodiac : Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
  • Divination : Tarot suit of Swords
  • Throat Chakra
  • Upper left on pentagram
  • Dawn, morning, sunrise, outside activities
  • Athame, incense, bell, broom, feather

As I´m writing, the weather has not changed for the better. So I´ll put on an extra shirt and some socks, and then I´ll serve a pot of fresh coffee to my husband and offer my little wise dog a treat, because it is his 9th birthday today. Happy birthday, little dog.

Tomorrow I´ll continue working with the elements, this time Fire, where there is a split second between fury and rebirth, Water, which has both awesome powers and soothing qualities, and Earth, where the distance between disruption and the feeling of being grounded is very short. And last, but not least, I´ll bind the elements together with the fifth element, Akasha or Spirit.

Feathers symbolize the element of Air