Carpe Diem – Seize the day

In these crazy years, stage one was set by Corona. Stage two now seems to be about total meaningless war and a lot of bullshit in its wake, pardon my French.

But my suggestion to settings in a hopefully better future is to do everything possible to live life to its fullest each second I get here on Mother Earth.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, the famous words from the Roman poet Horace (“Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” – seize the now and only trust the future as much as you have to) seems fit to describe my life philosophy.

What is important to me is what is happening right here as I write this blog post for you, dear readers and followers.

My husband watches TV, the little wise, old dog lies right next to me, and the three philosophical cats are all over the place, doing what philosophical cats do when not eating, namely sleeping with a quarter of an eye open.

As I go through our week in my thoughts, I instinctively smile and feel complete contentment and inner peace.

Our friends from the school of life, well, everything has changed for the so much better since we first met about a year ago.

We have many more visits of more than welcome guests. We go for many more visits ourselves. And we experience true friendship, sincere responsibility, and heartwarming hours.

We are always together with our friends who live so close by that we only need to take a short walk to meet with them.

But we are also ourselves from time to time, as my husband and I firmly believe and live by the fact that to be good friends, we need to recharge our mental and physical batteries every once in a while.

Next week will be busy as well. Monday is a cleaning-the-house day. Tuesday, my old counselor will arrive at me telling her that she will cancel appointments by text, email, or phone call in the future. I will not tolerate not hearing from her when I expect a meeting or a phone call.

I simply don’t have time for meaningless waiting for nothing.

Wednesday, a friend comes for a day of working with pouring acrylic paint on canvasses, preferably outside in the garden, if the weather gods will grant us fair Spring weather. And for us to keep on working us close to a special bond of friendship, making the time count for something is essential.

Thursday is payment day, shopping groceries day, and trying to overcome the usual trouble with new ways to do online banking. But, oh dear, we need to go to the county office and renew our identification documentation. NEM ID is the online login system used in Denmark for all government websites and banks.

It is plain and downright junk, an unsafe system required by the government and the banks, but we will get that done as well as everything else.

Friday, and throughout the week, I will clear and clean all my creative dens, including my witch’s den. They all need a good old-fashioned Spring cleaning. And what would be better or more appropriate, then, but creating a beautiful and mesmerizing witchcraft ritual Saturday?

Sunday is blog post writing day, and after such an intense week, a good, long afternoon sleep.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, to me, it indicates to grasp every second of my life and transform it into something worthwhile, something beautiful to remember forever, and something for others than myself only to enjoy.

I get up early in the morning now. At 05.30 a.m Monday to Friday. Then, I walk for at least half an hour with a special friend. And so we share the morning coffee and converse about life’s ways of changing one’s perspective on important matters.

After my second morning coffee with my husband, it is time to do the chores that have to be taken care of, no matter my mood.

The reward is always writing, witchcraft, or creative pursuits.

But, first, there is often an intermezzo of the positive kind with our dear friends, who are older and younger than my husband and I.

While in my current state of mood, mania, I need to take extra good care of myself, as I don’t notice how tired I am (which is entirely the opposite when depressed). Therefore, I try to lay down and relax for an hour or two.

Suppose that is not possible due to my inner drive. In that case, I concentrate and focus on, e.g., working with 5D Diamond pictures or other mentally relaxing activities like meditation, Tarot card readings, and writing.

Around 09.00 p.m., I’m winding down the day. As I’m doing right now, with yet another life-affirming week passed.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day, when everything comes full circle; that’s how we live our lives here at this beautiful, positive, and different spot of paradise on Mother Earth.

We want to make the most of everything that life throws at us, whether that is all about the everyday or the incredible moments when life falls into place.

Of course, there are bad days, too. But I have stopped counting them. What counts, however, is to love life no matter the challenges.

And I love life too much to fall into despair about the current world situation. I’m watchful and alert, though. I follow the news that we all have to follow. But only in appropriate sessions.

Now, it is time to let go of this week and prepare for bedtime soon. After all, tomorrow morning will come early.

May your week be blessed with happy hours and sunshine, dear readers and followers. May all wars end and all weapons forever be destroyed. And may happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness be granted to my loved ones and me.

As we all will it together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Morning walks and happy hours

First of all, please accept my apology for writing this blog post a day later than usual. Unfortunately, our TV signal and Internet connection were cut off yesterday due to a fire in some of our provider´s installations, so the southern part of Denmark had to be creative.

For my part, I embarked on my new 5D diamond painting project, a large painting of the Western Zodiac. My husband found a couple of DVD movies, so everything was just fine in the end.

Morning walks and happy hours are basically my life at the current moment in time. My dear friend is 64 years old, but she is of old school and goes to fitness five days a week. So we walk and talk about what truly matters in life. And we plan to walk around our little town when Summer arrives. Of course, we will bring both a blanket and the indispensable coffee to enjoy halfway.

Happy hours, because every time we meet with her and her family and friends, it feels like we have known each other since the beginning of time.

Last week, her husband´s son offered us a free couch. We have spent many meaningful hours with conversations about everything and nothing simultaneously. It was her turn to host our monthly ladies´ luncheon, and we are four very different women, all in our prime.

I´m now back in my preferred manic mood, however controlled by prescription medicine, therapy, and my hard work to stay in this mood for as long as possible. After all, it is from here that I draw my inspiration; here lies my creative drive.

I have truckloads of plans, but I have become so much better at only engaging in those of them where I have a fair chance to accomplish them in reality.

Therefore, today, I will go to my creative den and do a thorough clean-up. I only use the room when I don´t need to turn the heating on. With the soaring energy prices, we need to be even more careful than usual to save money as much as possible.

Now, the weather gods are more than fair, and the room needs a good Spring cleaning. Besides, I decided not to do my Ostara/Spring Equinox ritual this year because I needed to rest instead. So, in return, I will create a beautiful Easter ritual where I will mix it with the best stuff from the Ostara Sabbath.

With a bit of luck, our friend will turn up for a quick cup of coffee, preferably in the garden, if the clouds only would disappear so that the Sun´s rays may warm us.

Morning walks and happy hours, well, I don´t need anything else. We have a wonderful fairytale-like life, my husband and I.

Of course, there are bad days, but I don´t count them at all. My first and foremost priority is to get out of bed happy every early morning at 05.30 a.m. Second, come my beloved family and friends, and thirdly, the everyday chores must be done nevertheless.

Only after that comes any concern toward the world outside.

Today, Monday, a whole new week has begun. I´ll bet it will be just as busy as the previous ones that this strange year has shown up with. But it is fun, mindful, and precisely as it should be.

I look forward to tomorrow morning when my new counselor arrives again. She and I found something already at our first meeting two weeks ago. With every fiber in my body, mind, and soul, I feel that it will become one of those experiences that will leave a lasting impression on us both.

I also have a meeting of the kind that you would rather avoid, but only since a former friend has unacceptably changed behavior. But this time, it will be on my terms, as I won´t accept that her jealousy ruins even a second of my life.

She wants me to herself, but I don´t play that game. I´m a grown-up woman, and I decide fully with whom I choose to engage my time, resources, and heart.

So, the result is that I set the limit to drinking a few cups of coffee together. After that, my life will continue the way I want it to, whatever she might think or say about that.

Listening to my favorite playlist on Youtube, writing this on a Monday morning feels just right. When I write something, music in my ears is a must. I try to follow the rhythm, and from time to time, I have been told that others can feel that there is music in my writing.

My newest Spring project is to bring a small basket to the garden yard with a notebook and pen, my cell phone, something to be creative with, and something from my witch´s den to bring the magick needed for writing a novel trilogy.

And, of course, it is Spring cleaning time. We have finished it upstairs, and now it is time to work miracles on the first floor.

So, life is never dull here; there is always something to do, and these so odd years are, at the same magickal time, the best in my life so far.

Morning walks and happy hours, with only a fair amount of effort, I can live a good life with bipolar disorder and anxiety. I´m more than grateful, so thank you, dear Universe, also for the many challenges that life inevitably brings.

And now, it is time to get in the mood for some serious Spring cleaning in my creative den. See you on Sunday.

May your week be joyful and blessed with freedom, happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May world peace find everybody on Mother Earth. And may my current state of mood continue well through Summer into Fall.

As we want it to become, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Sorry, my internet connection and my TV signal is down due to problems at my provider.

And I only have a small amount of money for my cell phone bill, as the data is pretty expensive to use.

Therefore, my blog post will arrive here tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience, dear readers and followers. Have a blissful Sunday.

Stay positive

We really live in dangerous times, and the latest weeks have shown us that we as humans need to be way better at treating each other with respect, love, and kindness.

To stay positive right now, with the world spinning even crazier than usual, is a challenging task. Still, it is nonetheless the only way for me to remain sane while all this saddening news happens right before us on prime-time TV.

Here, in the southern part of Denmark, the prices are soaring. Yet, the Danes have gathered to collect money and necessary stuff for the Ukrainian refugees. Last night we had a TV-concert with some of our best musicians, and 30 million dollars was the satisfactory result of the fund-raising.

A few minutes ago, the first family to come to my little town was announced on local social media. And a dear friend of ours is working hard right now to organize everything from clothes to toys for the children.

My heart bleeds for the Ukrainian people, and I pray daily to the Universe and hope that this unjust nightmare will end sooner rather than later.

Why in Heaven’s name, Mr. Putin and comrades, when nothing that you do can be justified whatsoever???

You really need to resign as soon as possible; this is definitely not something that will earn you an Oscar at all, on the contrary, you will forever be remembered as a rotten war criminal.

My husband needs to shield himself from the devastating news, as he can’t bear to watch and learn more than the most necessary stuff. Therefore, I do not overwhelm him with everything I see and hear.

But to be brutally honest, I don’t like it one second. On the contrary, this is the worst crisis in the world since WW2.

But stay positive, as much as possible, and stand up for what you believe in. The time is right here and right now to fight back every inch of the way by working for the greater good of us all.

We donated money, as we don’t have the resources to take a refugee family in.

We had an impromptu lunch with our dear friends on Thursday on the positive and memorable side. We enjoyed also the more than fair Spring weather outside in the yard.

I try to find even the slightest glimpse of hope for a better future than this present hell on Mother Earth in everything I say and do now.

I need to find a better meaning in life than war, meaningless destruction, and unjust genocide. So, therefore, tomorrow begins with an early morning walk and a cup of coffee with a close friend, a cleaning project upstairs in this big fairy tale house, and buying necessary groceries and prescription medicine.

Stay positive; no matter what happens, that is my answer.

And positive experiences are abundant in our life right now, as we seem to draw even closer together with our friends, who, like us,  come from the school of life rather than some fancy university.

Next week will be busy, as I have an appointment for a manicure on Tuesday, where I usually meet with my counselor. However, I have asked her to call me instead this week, so I don’t have to hurry my friend with the manicure and the cozy conversations we are beginning to try out.

I also plan to buy a 5d diamond picture of the Western Zodiac. It will help me focus primarily on positive matters for a couple of weeks.

And my new sewing machine needs to be set up for a curtain project for the living room. We need to save money and use as little energy as possible due to the worst inflation in many years. I need to go back to my early youth and even long before that to find something to compare this horrible situation with.

All things considered, I need to live my life to its fullest, even more than usual. So my upcoming Ostara ritual will be a welcome opportunity to create something beautiful, mindful, and thoughtful as a direct contrast to the atrocities in world history that we all are involuntary witnesses to.

Again, the year is clearly a working year and a social year. We have been busy from January 1 onward and have been more social than ever before in our lives.

Tonight, my thoughts go to a shattered world and the people of Mother Earth. We really need to do better this time, there is way to much at stake now.

On the positive side, however, I’m now back in the saddle again concerning my bipolar disorder. The shift to the fast lane was long-awaited, and it returned to me the other morning after a good morning walk and talking with a close friend.

It is also pleasing to feel relatively free from anxiety attacks. At least, they are small and last only a few minutes. Again, I ascribe it to my level of control and my innate iron will to make the most of every situation.

Yesterday evening soothed my body, mind, and soul. First, I watched some funny home videos of animals. Then, the concert released a bucket of tears. Of course, it helped to do both.

Everything will be just fine here, even though it is close enough what is happening in my part of the world these horrific yet life-affirming Spring weeks of the year 2022.

Stay positive, Self, you are strong, and you will overcome this.

Please stay safe and try to see the light in the darkness, wherever you are, dear readers and followers.

Help often and whenever you can; these people are in dire need.

May your week be blessed with freedom, safety, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May all wars end ASAP. And may my newfound manic creative energy remain controlled and positive.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


My kind of resistance. My attitude today is sassy yet down-to-earth. And my mood is bettering more and more.

Yesterday, however, was another story.

The cacophony of racing thoughts overpowered me completely, so the only wise idea was to lay down and sleep through the worst parts of it.

With that in mind, I write to you, dear readers and followers, to show my gratitude for my freedom and my rights at this moment in world history.

Well, to be brutally honest, this week has been a strange mix between close to perfect and the harsh reality of human behavior at its worst.

Here, at my little big spot of paradise on Mother Earth, I have begun walking with a friend in the early morning. I need to lose weight, and I need to share stories with her as much as possible. Because she is from the old school, she is one of a kind, and she is someone to hold onto and never let go of.

My husband thrives with his creative work in the garden, which, as today’s picture hopefully shows, is beautiful and good for the body, mind, and soul to be attuned to.

So, to release yesterday’s troubles and to allow the little wise, old dog a garden treat, he and I joined my husband outside. He sniffed in the fresh air, he almost fell asleep on the deckchair, and he looked happy and free.


Next time I go outdoors to my yard, I will carry a basket filled with good stuff to work with while enjoying the more than fair weather.

There will be writing gear, my cell phone for voice recording, pen and paper. In addition, I will add a small creative project like the knitting of a new pair of woolen gloves for my hands. And some witchcraft stuff needs to go in the basket as well.

That is my morning reward after the chores.

And at the same time, it is my resistance toward troubled times.

I will get up every morning with the honest intention of creating happiness around me, my loved ones, and everybody else on my path in life.

I will make the most of every second that I’m alive. And the time is NOW.

I genuinely believe that by diverting at least some of my many thoughts about what is going on in today’s world, it will be possible to overcome the unbearable.

So that life here can continue, however now on a considerably stricter budget than usual due to the ongoing craziness in the world.

My diversion will be in the yard every day with this beautiful Spring weather.

I have decided to include a significant healing ritual in my upcoming Ostara ritual a few weeks. And I light a healing blue candle, followed by a small prayer for world peace every day.

My husband lights a blue and yellow tealight every evening. He has created a flowerbed of blue and yellow pansies.


What an incredible season were it not for a ferocious and absolutely meaningless war. In direct opposition to that, I choose to straighten my mental back and fight back every inch of the way with everything I have got.

And that is the sassy decision to keep living my life to the fullest, doing my best to make life cheerful and happy for me and everybody I meet in my life.

Including you, dear readers and followers.

Let us meet in an online prayer for the Ukrainian people. The form is not so important as the intention of world peace.

Let the free world leaders listen to their people, let cooperation and humanitarianism be the new tomorrow, and destroy all wars by destroying all weapons forever.

And let us agree upon this: keep living our lives and standing up against profound and unforgivable injustice is essential.

I do that by speaking my mind and enjoying life in the garden tomorrow morning.

Besides a troubled world and my timeout yesterday, my general mood is improving, but at a slower pace than usual. However, I have accepted it, and I feel calm and confident inside.

Next week means hello to my new counselor. I get two now, who will visit me alternately. But I’m nonetheless grateful that I have access to that kind of help.

I will need to create a working list to keep track of necessary indoor chores. And my husband and I must finish some of them together because two hands are not always enough.


Every day in my husband’s garden, there comes more and more life. Flowers, birds, bees. And the little wise, old dog simply loves to sniff in the air and close his eyes for the strong Sun.

The fresh air in the morning begins to move my hours from evening and night to morning and afternoon. And especially between seven and eight a.m. is a creative hotspot for my writing adventures. That feeling will I try to convert to my novel project.

I begin by writing snippets outside in the garden. Then, on the first day with bad weather, I will go through my notes and try to write enough chapters for the project to become a reality rather than a dream.

The Sun was good, warm, and strong in the face, and the birds sang, soothing my soul. So it was a good day today. And the evening is quiet, and I can still feel the Sun’s rays on my face.

It is time to read this blog post for my husband before publishing it. After that, I will spend about an hour of work with my digital Book of Shadows.

May your week be blessed with peace and safety, dear readers and followers. May world peace be obtainable through talking rather than warfaring. And may my mood shift to the best possible version of me.

As we all will it, together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.