Busy Spring weeks

As promised last Sunday, this week’s picture is the newest creation from my sweet husband’s hands; a brand new raised bed in the garden for me.

The plan is to place medicinal plants in it to use both in the kitchen and in my witchcraft endeavors. But, unfortunately, it is too late this year to get them, so I’ll have to wait about a year from now.

Instead, he has planted beautiful flowers for me to enjoy in the new garden bed.

This week went even faster than the previous ones this year so far. My friend and I walked every day from six a.m. to almost seven a.m., and for a couple of days in a row, I managed to walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

I have to lose weight, as my prescription medicine creates a different appetite. I have to do something serious before it endangers my general health. So, walking has become my kind of daily exercise.

My friend and I plan to do a walkabout around our town in Summer. To do that, I need to be considerably more fit than I am at the present moment. We began with fifteen minutes of daily walking; now, we are getting closer to one hour after a few months.

Busy Spring weeks also equal working together with our close friends. This week, a garden project about re-arranging sheds for garden tools and firewood was almost finished. We need to meet a couple of times more to wrap it up, and then our friend has promised us that she will host a little party to show her gratitude for the help.

She is severely affected by osteoarthritis, especially in her feet and hands, so she can’t do the work by herself anymore.

Next weekend will be no different concerning work load, as two other friends are moving to a new house, and, of course, we have agreed to come and help them.

But the leading and most exciting event next week will be my meeting with my counselor’s boss, who wants to meet me to find out if he finds me suitable for the position of peer-to-peer worker in psychiatry teams in southern Denmark.

I need to update and print my CV, as I’m early retired for almost twelve years now. However, I’m happy and excited that my life story and my life experience may be helpful to others with the same mental challenges as me.

So, until Thursday around noon, I will be slightly nervous and try to think of anything but this meeting. But, the day before, I will need to prepare myself for the event. What better way to do that than by enjoying a ladies’ luncheon and discussing the issue there amongst close and dear friends with whom I feel safe and happy.

Busy Spring weeks mean lesser time in front of the new TV that my husband brought home today after two earlier attempts with little success with the previous new TV.

And I need to work a lot more on my novel project anyway. This week, I have managed the description of two of my fictive characters’ looks and ways of behavior.

But there is a long way yet before I can even begin to think of presenting a full manuscript about a year from now.

There is only one way to get there: to sit down and actually do what it takes to write a novel. And the weather forecast for next week is in my favor when it comes to writing. First, however, I know that visiting my husband’s beautiful garden is an absolute must, at least once a day.

In the midst of busy Spring weeks, I will also try to make time to create yet another beautiful and relevant witchcraft ritual. My main concern at this moment in my life is that time seems to slip right out of my hands every time I try to work in-depth with what I love to do.

Writing, witchcraft, and sharing great moments with close friends.

I think that I’ll probably need to add the last one to the content of this blog, as our new friends have become so important to us that practically everything has turned in our favor during the latest strange years.

Finally, we have succeeded in meeting true friends. Mutual respect, common decency, and genuine bonds for life; are so wonderful to meet and experience, yet so rare and difficult to find in people.

This time, it is different. Perhaps it is because each of us shares traits from a past life where we have had to fight our way through life, both in the fast lane and by the concept of trial by error.

We are always there for each other, no matter how light or how heavy the issue is. And it feels like had we know each other all the long way throughout life.

Tomorrow, at precisely 05.30 a.m., my new week begins with a morning walk. Then, followed by morning coffee, a conversation of the most positive kind, and doing the daily chores, I plan to work a couple of hours with my novel project, a new witchcraft ritual, and a creative project about homemade wind chimes.

I had a minor mental meltdown for two days this week. However, I overcame it with an iron will, a positive outlook on living each day as were it my very last, and loving these busy spring weeks.

May your week be blessed with loving friendships, positive Karma, and happiness, dear readers and followers.

May the world find peace with itself, meaningless war crimes come to an immediate halt, and people make love rather than fight.

And may my current best moods stay strong and remain with me until well into Fall 2022, when my Winter depression typically kicks in.

Let us all meet in silent online prayer for world peace.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Yet another busy, fun, and memorable week with good people. The rarest kind you can imagine, those who stand by you no matter what.

Yes, such people are a rare experience, even more so in times of crisis.

Today, some of us met to share a delicious meal, a couple of glasses of wine, and upcoming plans about a relocation.

We look forward to this event as our friends’ new house is much better and more economical. We also have an ongoing garden project with another friend that will be concluded next weekend.

And later comes a couple of parties to enjoy with the best of moods.

Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts, especially in the kind of times we live in, as in right here and right now.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived my life as were every day the last. That principle is worth its weight in gold now that we really live in troubled times.

I don’t want to waste even a second of the rest of my life on something not worth the effort, including an acquaintance that once was a true friend.

My firm conviction is that if somebody changes behavior and becomes more egoistical than friendly, then it is their obligation to shape up and come to their senses, definitely not mine.

But I’m still polite, I’m still willing to share a cup of coffee every once in a while, and I’m still behaving my best when meeting with somebody, I once took for a true friend.

I banish negativity, however, as I’m way too happy and content to waste precious time at the most perfect moment of my life.

My husband has created a raised bed for me in the yard. Over the next two years, the idea is to buy six medicinal plants every Spring. I plan to use some of them actively in my witchcraft rituals, but only those safe to use.

There is no picture today. After our lunch, I needed to take a more extended rest, so I have not been in the garden to document the latest developments. But I will include a couple of pictures next Sunday to see for yourself, dear readers and followers, just how much my husband is capable of in a garden.

My upcoming witchcraft ritual has been postponed because I ran out of time. There were simply too many other things to attend to this week. Fortunately, to me, witchcraft does not come with strict rules but with love, trust, and responsibility.

As you know, I don’t work any kind of magick if I, for some reason, don’t feel fit for it. But with a whole and fresh new week right in front of me, next week might be so much better.

I have been terrific this week, too, as I have cut back on the amount of news to watch and listen to. However, I do follow some of it because I believe that we all have to.

And it is really, really hard these months. So why, oh why, turn to war, and for what, if I may ask.

It is meaningless, mean, and deeply troubling what happens in these so odd years for humanity.

I shield myself as much as possible, for I can’t bear to watch atrocities and war crimes for much more than a few minutes at a time.

And I will address my counselor with it so that she can help me develop positive thoughts and yet be able to put words to what I feel about the current world situation.

Speaking of positive things, my most recent creative project is to make a wind chime with rainbow-colored butterflies around it. It makes me childishly happy to create rainbows in much of my creative work. And yes, there will be pictures of that, too, as soon as possible.

But today, I believe that my words are strong enough to stand alone.

Life is precious; enjoy the ride while it lasts. My life may, at times, be seemingly chaotic, but nevertheless, I have found my melody in lif, I am happy and content, and for that, I’m grateful.

So, thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses and gods for every challenge, every delay, and every life experience so far.

Even the weather gods over the southern part of Denmark behave themselves. Spring is here, and the beech tree is becoming greener by the hour.

A couple of days ago, I pulled myself together and worked about forty-five minutes with my novel project that has been sadly neglected for long enough now.

Tomorrow is again a writing day, as I need to create a daily writing schedule. In the beginning, well, one hour may not seem as much time, but with effort and diligence, it is possible to write about 1,000 words.

This is my choice of length of a blog post written by me. Just enough to create interest and preferably suspense from time to time. Today, however, it will be one hour and app. ten minutes, as my arthritis annoys my hands tonight.

With only ninety words left tonight, let me count my blessings and allow myself to enjoy this precious life as long as it lasts.

For my life, I’m more than grateful.

From deep inside my body, mind, and soul, I know that this crazy year is a working year.

No time for meaninglessness, no need to look back into a constant past or forward to an more than unsure future. And definitely, no other place to be than in the present moment.

Precious life; enjoy the ride while it lasts.

May your week be sunny, life-affirming, and beautiful, dear readers and followers. May every war stop, every weapon be destroyed, every precious life be preserved. And may my current-controlled manic mood stay for as long as possible.

As we all will it together, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The week before Easter 2022

Yet another busy, funny, and fast week´s many experiences later…

This week, everything has worked out for the better, except for yesterday, when I really felt what it means to live with a bipolar disorder, mixed episodes.

My mood switched dramatically from a manic to a depressive state overnight. Yesterday, I slept through most of the day but did manage to write a few notes for my digital Book of Shadows.

Monday, we successfully overcame the trouble with the new identification documentation for online banking. It worked this annoying new system that we Danes have to get used to accessing our bank accounts and authority websites. And I finally worked myself through the Spring cleaning of my witch´s den.

Tuesday, everything seemed to happen like pearls on a string, and Wednesday, in particular, was a wonderful day and evening. Two friends and I went to a talk with one of our greatest female actresses in my lifetime, Lisbeth Dahl.

She says that we must remember to ask questions while being bold and curious. And to live life in the present moment and see what happens rather than making future plans that only seldom come into reality.

Thursday went even faster than the previous three days, and a cup of coffee at a friend´s house was surprisingly pleasant. This time, she didn´t try to behave dominating toward me, and I felt free and happy while I was there.

Friday became the beginning of a project between old school friends, whom I couldn´t face yesterday as planned.

My mood changed due to the atrocities in Ukraine this week. I now have to shield myself even more carefully than usual. I simply can´t bear to watch and listen to more than necessary.

In return, I´m working on creating a box with necessities for people in Ukraine. The Danish postal service has offered private people the option to send a pack of 25 kg with them free of charge to the Ukrainian postal service, distributing it to people in need.

My friend from the morning walks will create it with me, and then I can better feel that I have tried to do something.

The worst part of this meaningless war is the feeling of inadequateness, inability to help more, and powerlessness.

It is not that this war is more brutal than any other war. It is not that this war is just as meaningless. It is the way people treat people with hatred and grim violence.

This time, it makes me cry and ask the Universe the reason why.

Until now, there has been no answer.

But the obvious one is that this is the result of crazy men doing crazy things only to satisfy their own crazy minds.

In deep and silent prayer for world peace, dear readers and followers, let us all meet.

However, this morning was different from the rest of the weeks, as it led to a good and warm conversation with a close friend. About something that mattered greatly to her, which I could assure her would also pass one day.

But it doesn´t feel that way while you are in-between for better or worse in life.

My counselor told me this week that her boss wants to meet with me about the possibility of me becoming a peer-to-peer counselor in the local district psychiatry.

So, please send me all the positive vibes you can on April 26th.

I believe that I can give something back to someone close to where I am in my current state of mind. And I think that I can gain something, too, by listening to what other people with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety do in the inevitable ups and downs of life.

As with everything I do, be it doing the daily chores, writing, or being creative, it is a labor of love.

But I have asked for a small economic reward. I will have to prepare for either a talk or a social gathering, e.g., in a café or in a psychiatric ward. Likewise, they will have to drive for me, as I can´t drive a car myself anymore. And, of course, a bite to eat is always welcome with me.

I try to keep my feet to the ground, and I will not sign anything before discussing this carefully with my husband and close friends. But yes, I´m thrilled to the bone and excited that people believe in my abilities with words and ideas for a positive life with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety.

I don´t mention ADHD so much because it has changed. I would instead call it a silent ADD, as I´m not nearly as hypers as in my younger years.

My anxiety is present but unusually quiet, which makes me wonder when it will strike me hard again. I´m prepared, though, but it is never a pleasant experience suffering from panic attacks.

Therefore, I prefer my present mood, the mania, as I find my creative drive and everything positive in life here.

The depression, however, is never far away, as I have been extremely good at attracting the extreme version of bipolar disorder, the one with the mixed episodes attached.

And for whatever reason, it hit me fairly hard yesterday. So I tore the day out of the calendar and arranged myself and the little, wise, old dog on the couch with the best blanket in the house, pillows, and enough time to recharge my mental batteries.

The week before Easter 2022 is just as busy as this year seems to become. Next week, I will prepare and celebrate my new witchcraft ritual, my alternative to the traditional Christian Easter. I will, so it is.

May your week be life-affirming, heartwarming, and filled with joyful bliss, dear readers and followers. May world peace be forever to keep. And may my mixed episodes shut up and leave me alone.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The view to the yard from our kitchen window.

Mixed moods, Spring cleaning, and recovery.

Mixed moods throughout the week are annoying, tiresome, and feel uphill. However, Spring cleaning brings a refreshed perspective on whatever challenges life throws at me. And several days of recovery seem to be the expected result of direct contact with the daily troubles stemming from the outside world.

Nevertheless, it has been yet another great week here in the southern parts of Denmark.

This week brought the news that my new counselor will be a permanent one, as the other has to tend to a work schedule with fewer hours for direct citizen contact. Therefore, she will only be available whenever my new counselor has vacation weeks, is ill, or is otherwise hindered.

It is good news, though, as I have already become deeply connected with the new counselor after only two meetings so far, who is one of those fiery souls with whom everything feels easy and natural.

My moods have changed a lot this week. I don´t know why it happens, except for my latest experience with the Danish authorities and our new identification documentation for online banking and the use of governmental websites.

It was hot as hell in the building however icy cold outside. The office lady was definitely not neither polite nor pleasant to deal with. Still, the darn thing had to be done, so I put on my positive mask and refrained from telling her to behave like a grown-up instead of looking so personally offended as were she doing me a personal favor.

After this rather unpleasant experience, I have spent more than two full days recovering from everyday trouble.

I haven´t done much, as things like this always make me feel tired and slack down to every bone and muscle in my body. My mind and soul simply can´t comprehend the apparent necessity of forcing us to use a system even more unsafe and impractical than their latest fancy idea.

But, I have worked a little bit with my digital version of a Book of Shadows. Without the slightest touch of shame, I postponed my Spring cleaning for tomorrow in a totally different week without the pressing need to seek help from the authorities.

However, this week, I finished the cleaning process in all other dens than my witchy one. So that will be for tomorrow to make just as perfect.

And then, I believe it is about due time to plan a beautiful, relevant, and memorable witchcraft ritual for one of the upcoming Easter days. It will, of course, include a significant release ritual, as I find that the outside world has worked its toll on us lately.

I had to cancel a morning walk on Tuesday due to massive hip pain. It comes and goes, but that day, I hurt. A lot. So much that I only could work with my 5D diamond painting of the twelve signs of the Western Zodiac.

And, on Thursday, I overslept so that the morning walk had to be shorter.

But, apart from this, the week has been every bit as educational, entertaining, and cozy as this year has progressed so far.

We have never been this busy socially before. We are not used to being treated with respect and care by anybody but ourselves. And we for sure never have encountered better friends than those we know so well now.

My friend from the morning walks explains that it feels like she has known us forever.

This morning, we were asked to join her and her husband for a cup of coffee, and we shared a good hour with lots of laughter and happy moments.

After that, it was time for a nice walk with the little wise, old dog, but as we walked through the local park, the weather gods decided on a mixture between sunshine and icy cold winds with more and more raindrops hidden around the corners of the street.

So, now my husband, the little wise, old dog, and the three philosophical cats are all tucked in for a good afternoon sleep. At the same time, I sit in my living room writing for you, dear readers and followers.

I will go to my creative den to take a picture of my finished 5D diamond painting in a few moments.

Looking at the center top, you will find Aries and follow clockwise Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Even though we decided to stop heating from Friday this week, the central heating is on. It is simply too foot cold without it. But soon, it will be effectuated, and we will need to wear more clothes. We don´t want to pay more than the absolute minimum for Mr. Putin´s gas.

I have been genuinely competent and have only watched the most essential news. I can´t bear to be so touched and affected more than I feel that I have to. This war is no different from other wars concerning cruelty, evilness, and bad news.

But it should never have begun, and it is forced upon us all by lunatics who really ought to know so much better.

I have long lived my life as was every day my last. This completely meaningless war only confirms this outlook on life in general.

And nothing´s gonna change my beliefs in freedom and happiness for all beings on Mother Earth. But unfortunately, my trust in the human race has not bettered much lately.

We humans should be better at creating useful and beautiful things rather than fighting for whatever somebody else got all the time.

It is about high time to stop believing we own the world alone.

May your week be creative and merry, dear readers and followers. May all wars end, and all weapons forever be destroyed. And may my moods stabilize next week so that the necessary daily chores won´t be so overwhelming and recovery-demanding.

As we all will it, so shall it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.