Happy anniversary, year three to begin

Two years ago, today, I began my journey as a blogger.

No confidence, all new to my online window to the world, I began with the grand master plan. It scared the living daylights out of me, but I just couldn´t resist. Then I knew that being a blogger was the right path for someone like me.

And who am I to defy any insecurity, believe that there are people out there who will want to read what I write and publish new posts week after week?

I´m Henriette Pedersen, and I´m proud to name myself a writing witch.

The Northern Witch is what I call myself here. I like to write with a pseudonym because I prefer a high level of online privacy.

On the other hand, my writing here is very personal now.

Eventually, I will show up with a long-term plan for this blog. Still, these crazy years make planning difficult when you live with bipolar disorder and anxiety as life companions, whether you like it or not.

And I feel confident now, also to share something extremely personal. My life as a writing witch is what I know something about.

Counting the followers, I´m definitely not the only one enjoying this magickal journey.

Dear readers and followers: thank you so much for staying when you find me out there. I´m proud to write for you and for myself. Together, we make a pretty good team, I think.

Today, I write to music with a fast rhythm. I´m happy and content with my current living conditions. And I celebrate two years that have changed so much for me, although we live in extreme times.

Strong measures have been necessary, but somehow change makes sense now.

I have changed a lot over the past two years. For the better and for good, I have conquered my mental disorders as much as it is possible for me.

Today, I have a rich arsenal of realistic strategies to use whenever my mood changes. This year, I have even managed to postpone the transition to the more depressive state. However, my hope is that it will continue until well into Fall.

Concerning anxiety, I will never be a close friend. But my belief is that by working hard to find ways to avoid and beat stress, it is possible to live better with it. So my remedy is to fight back every inch of the way and take a day out of the calendar if necessary.

Today, however, everything is fine, thank you.

On Friday, the theme is witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft.

It is just about time to find our way back to the magickal moments that are so sweet to experience but yet so tough to write interestingly about.

I will do my best, as I do every time.

May you have a pleasant evening, dear readers and followers. So mote it be.

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The atmosphere from a market

That´s what I´ll try to bring you today, dear readers and followers. Nothing more, nothing less. So lean back in your seat, take a deep breath, and just believe you are there.

Can you hear the soft accordion played by someone who knows how to do it? Can you smell the street food? Can you feel the deals being made until both parties are happy?

The atmosphere from a market, where I spent this morning. With my sweet husband and two old girls like myself.

It made me feel happier than ever. The Sun´s warmth, the humming sensation in the body, mind, and soul after a truly great day.

Therefore, I now dedicate this day and evening to personal freedom, happiness, inner peace, good health, and the act of kindness.

I decided to take the remains of the day off. I have a little creative project to do after writing today´s blog post, however.

Summer is a time of releasing what no longer serves me. Spring showed that even a retired old bat like me, from time to time, apparently needs to set some firm boundaries. And to back words up with direct and consequent action.

But I prefer not to be indifferent because my indifference is permanent and irreversible. I have only three principles toward people in my life. 1. Don´t lie to me; I will detect it. 2. Don´t misuse my trust. Ever. And 3. Don´t take me for granted. I´m way too old for that.

So, when I become indifferent to someone, you know why. When there´s nothing left to talk about, when there is nothing left to give, and when life goes on, it is time to change focus and be happy about life in general.

To be here at all is the greatest gift.

Speaking of life in general, I feel fine; everything is okay here. Anxiety has been on a more extended visit, though. But I´m stubborn, and I know that sooner or later, I will conquer it and fight back every inch of the way.

My bipolar disorder works in mysterious ways at times. At the moment, there is plenty of action going on. I´m eager to show that I´m good at being creative with whatever I have. It is a lifestyle here by now.

But I´m also in the fast lane, and I know that it is precisely here that I need to be careful. I need to take regular, longer breaks and simply lie down and relax my muscles and bones.

At the same time, I´m in menopause, you know, the hot flushes, the instant crying followed by a burst of serious laughter.

Due to a piece of music, a touching situation, or just by itself.

Being in my early fifties feels excellent. It feels as if I´m living the best years of my life right here, right now. I´m calmer, more reflective, and know the difference between what I like and what I will not accept in my life.

The aftermath after a difficult decision this Spring has taken its toll on my husband and me. But now we are well back in the saddle and on a new and much more honest path.

Every time we light a bonfire in the garden, I release all the negativity to cleanse my mind from a toxic relationship.

It will take some time to heal from this. But we are strong-willed here, we have each other´s back here, and we want the same things in life.

A quiet life without unnecessary stress. A simple yet complicated life filled with creative solutions to everything between heaven and earth. And a lifestyle that is reflected in the bathroom mirror every morning for the rest of our lives.

If we like what we see there, then everything is okay. If something feels wrong, we act upon it to hinder it from becoming an issue later on.

Physically tired from a long day, I still feel the atmosphere from a market this morning. It was fun, it was way too expensive for me, and it was mentally relaxing.

We came early, so there were fewer people, to begin with. We let each other search their own path, yet we follow each other around all the time.

It is as if time itself stood still for a few hours. And it is so life-affirming that my mood has jumped to very high from on alert.

As with the low mood, I´m always careful to recharge my batteries and creative energy drive. Therefore, I laid down for a couple of hours this afternoon. I could not sleep, but I became relaxed enough to divert my mind from the feeling of chronic arthritis pain.

Today´s picture is from our yard, which shows the hard work of my husband.

The flower in the middle, the yellow one with the dark “eyes” in the middle, he found at the market.

Next week I dedicate myself to creative writing and little projects that bring joy and fun. And to a day with witchcraft only.

It has been a while since I have had enough excess energy to create more witchcraft rituals in my life as a writing witch.

So, prepare for next Friday, where the theme will only be witchcraft, from the headline to the end.

Still awaiting the arrival of my new laser printer (no sooner than July 23), I´m reading material from the top place in my first novel. And creating the last-minute notes that I know will be worth the work.

Everything else is about making the most of what I already have access to. To enjoy life to its fullest, be happy just to be alive and well, and show gratitude, especially when it is least expected.

May your weekend and upcoming week be merry, filled with positive experiences, and blessed with inner peace, dear readers and followers. May the world find better solutions for future generations, and may the Sun shine upon us all. So it is.

Waiting for the Summer Solstice

Heatwave in Denmark 2021; I sit inside my house because the heat is way too much for me today. Not physically, my health is quite fine, thank you. Mentally, however, I´m releasing a toxic relationship that became more than too much.

And I´m waiting for the opportunity to great the mighty Sun on the Sabbath of Litha/the Summer Solstice. So, this weekend, I dedicate myself to creating a small but beautiful ritual for Monday, June 21, 2021.

Year two with the Coronavirus and all the bullshit in its wake, pardon my French.

Last year was crazy in its own right. But 2021 keeps surprising me. I believe that things happen for a reason and that there are life lessons to learn whenever change turns up. So, for better or worse, I try to live in the present moment and leave the past behind as a sweet yet thorny memory.

This Spring brought a break-up from a toxic relationship that, however hurtful, was doomed some time ago. Unfortunately, it took its toll on both my husband and me. But we are okay and happy now, thank you, dear Universe.

In return, we got our personal freedom back. Our self-respect is recovered, and it became essential to renew an old relationship where both parties have learned from their mistakes.

This Friday, however, is for my husband and me only. Perhaps a small bonfire in the garden later this evening. We need to recharge the batteries after a long, hot week.

Waiting for the Summer Solstice is, at the same time, slightly mixed emotions because once again the Wheel of the Year turns, and we turn with it, no matter if we want to or not. So, from Monday on, the Sun will gradually lose its power, and Winter will again begin to lurk around each corner.

The summer is short yet so intense and seemingly eternal.

Yesterday, I went through my wardrobe; now there´s nothing left except what I like to wear. The rest goes to people in need somewhere in the world. So today, I tidied my creative den, and if I have some leftover energy, I will go through my witch´s den this weekend before the ritual on Monday.

But my primary creative energy will be spent on my writing adventures. My printer is delayed until July 23, so there is plenty of time to read extra materials and create valuable and relevant notes for my novels.

My next creative project is to prime a couple of canvasses with the color black. I´m used to painting on a white canvas, but I can also create something beautiful on a black canvas.

This week also brought a minor mental meltdown, probably due to the stress that we have endured during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Fortunately, my counselor made me think of more positive things so that I could re-direct my energy to something life-affirming instead.

May your weekend be stress-free and beautiful, dear readers and followers.

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This week brought surprises, those rare occasions where everything makes sense, and many of the memorable conversations that gives inner peace.

I am happy and content with my life as it is right here, right now.

This week´s blog post is a tribute to those good people with whom you simply know deep from within the heart that things will work out fine.

The first prize goes to my sweet husband. He is always there; he is a real-life man you can trust, and he is my dearest friend.

The second, but not the least, go to our neighbors. We share a hedge and basically everything else in life. We have been apart several times, but this time I can feel that we have learned life´s harsh and direct lessons.

The third is for the good people who help and become dear friends.

Reunions take their toll on me because I stand by my word, whether for good or worse. I´m able to forgive, but I never forget. And it has to be worth the while changing my mind.

I know now what I want in my life. I´m also skilled in understanding the difference between my needs and wants.

Brutal honesty, earned respect, and clear boundaries are the basics of true friendship in my world.

Warming up my fingers for my writing project, I look back on a week of happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

We have been out shopping, we have been sitting close to the local creek, and we have been paving the way for a small celebration tomorrow.

It is a good feeling tonight.

Reunions may be thorny, demanding, and scary. But sometimes it is worth a try. As one door closes, another opens.

May your weekend be blessed with positive karma, life-affirming experiences, and sunshine, dear readers and followers.

So it is.

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The arrival of summer 2021.

Yesterday, I was tired and mentally full after yet another trip with the old girls, the Crones in my life. We went to the local market, went shopping, and went home for a cup of coffee. And we talked, laughed, and then talked some more.

There was only energy left to relax and think of nothing but inner peace. So, my weekly blog post comes on a beautiful summer Saturday in Denmark, when everything seems to connect and make sense.

Summer is here. The temperature is fair now, thank you, dear weather gods and goddesses. It is again possible to enjoy bonfires in the back garden. It is time for strawberries and new potatoes. And it is now that I need to prepare for the Sabbath of Litha.

Spring was tricky, much more than Spring of 2020, but in a somewhat mixed way. The weather has been terrible with so much rain. Now, the Sun smiles at us and greets us every morning. My routines have changed a bit, too.

The arrival of summer 2021 comes at the best possible moment. I´m getting better by the hour these weeks. The next major project is to get our first shot of the vaccine. I need to schedule it by Monday next week, and hopefully, we can both get it on the same day.

Another issue is the delay with my new laser printer. I need to wait for a couple of weeks more before I can finally print my notes for my novels. It buys me time to read and write some extra material necessary to complete the picture of a great story.

Today, I celebrate my husband on Father´s Day. I gave him garden tools, flowering bushes which the butterflies love, and perfume. He deserves it all, for he is my best friend, my ally, and the sweet love of my life.

The little wise, old dog lies close to him now, as they are enjoying the freedom and the inner peace to relax and get a well-deserved nap. Two of the philosophical cats sleep in their outside den, and the third, Dizzy, sleeps peacefully on the second floor.

I´m listening to old school music, music from another era, another place. Before everything went crazy with Covid-19, tricky Spring seasons, and stupid people doing stupid things. Things were a lot different back then.

And there was just something that you did and just as much that you under no circumstances did. That was called courtesy, and it is a rare thing these days. But that is for the world outside my living space to deal with.

I know the basics, though. But when I´m at home, when I´m in my sacred spaces, and when I´m relaxed, I love sitting in my bathrobe, writing, being creative, or working with witchcraft. I have a pain day today, so everything has to be done slower than usual.

After this blog post, it is time for a more extended break. My body tells me it is so. My mind also wants to relax and recharge, and my soul needs to fly freely without focusing at all. From time to time, I refresh by lowering my pace for a day or two.

Being bipolar with anxiety co-starring means working hard every day for the rest of my life with my Self and many shadows. But it is at the same time often the most inspiring work to do because I get to know myself in-depth.

Sometimes, especially after happy and energetic events, I feel tired and somewhat blue the next day or two. Then I need to recharge my mental and physical batteries by being so close to the slow version of me as I possibly can be.

Today is such a day. Rather than writing something terrible, I decided to wait with my weekly blog post for a Saturday, where traditions speak of a good time to let go of what no longer serves you. So, today, I, at this moment, let go of the events of Spring 2021.

The arrival of summer 2021 was a blessing in so many ways that even I don´t have the vocabulary to try to explain just one. And yesterday out with these old girls, it was a treat of the rare kind. All the conversations and especially the laughs takes it toll on me; they could be my mothers.

Physically, I feel tired; I know that I´m definitely not eighteen years old anymore. But it´s pretty alright; however, being in my fifties feels excellent. I´m calmer, allow things to happen for a reason, and know what I need and want.

Today, I need inner peace, freedom to be me in my bathrobe all day if I please. Except for the afternoon walk with the little wise, old dog, I´ll be more than casual dressed; I´ll be myself in my home with my sweet husband and our little family of animals.

My creative goal today is to finish a good piece of my newest addition to my many hobbies; diamond painting. My painting consists of 2 bald eagles, one sitting, the other flying, and it is incredibly calming to me.

Later, my husband and I will share a delicious homecooked meal, enjoy the evening with TV and the diamond painting, and a conversation about these days, where everything feels just right. Despite a more than fair amount of ailments and diagnoses, we manage, and we do it our merry little way.

So mote it be. However, it is one of the good days, and therefore, I will enjoy a nap on the couch with the little wise, old dog close to me. That´s how we prefer it.

May your weekend be blessed with the summer sun, the soft breeze of sweet summer air, and the good feeling of sharing a bonfire in the back garden. If not possible at your place, dear readers and followers, then please accept my offering of good and positive karma for the world.

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