Counting my blessings in deep gratitude

Today, counting my blessings, I dedicate myself to being grateful and content with my life. Throughout this week, everything has come full circle.

Playing old-school music from before the world took a wrong turn 360 degrees around itself. A fresh cup of calming chai tea, the little wise, old dog, and still freedom of speech and room for a life lived in the present moment only.

Deep gratitude because my life has changed from a haunted mind to deep inner peace in only one year.

Physically, I’m in the first weeks of exercise at the local gym after close to four months and two weeks with morning walks and talks.

Mentally, I’m undergoing a strange yet irresistible transformation from being so much an introvert to an entirely new extrovert.

And spiritually, I’m educating myself in my new Tarot cards. They present me with a whole new outlook on methods to interpret a Tarot reading. And, as my husband is a keen gardener, they fit perfectly here in our sacred spot on Mother Earth.

I’m forever grateful for all that with more to come tomorrow if tomorrow comes.

Counting my blessings with deep gratitude, yesterday’s garden party with yatzy, lots of laughter, and hot, oh so hot. Today, with temperatures continuing to climb, we are at the app. 27degrees Celsius (app. 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit), and staying inside is the best choice to make.

When it gets so hot in the southern parts of Denmark, it is pretty muggy, and combining this with hot flashes due to my current menopause transition to becoming a Crone, is way too much for me.

So, I have retreated to indoor activities only, at least as long as the Sunday afternoon rest for my husband, the little wise, old dog, and our three philosophical cats last.

It will be time for my conversation with my eighty-four-year-old father for a couple of hours more. As of this writing, he is enjoying the excellent company of some good people. They help him in the everyday; they like him genuinely.

Counting my blessings with deep gratitude, this week has been educating, festive, and memorable. Special bonds have been made, and they grow and thrive every time we meet with this incredible group of good people.

They have overcome life’s hardships without complaining; they seek durable and practical solutions no matter the size of the challenge, and they genuinely care about us.

Like it at the same time has been the first full week of exercise sessions at the local gym for me, I’m more physically tired than usual. After all, it is twenty-two years since my last attempt to become and remain fit.

However, my mental strength has the upper hand, and I feel happy and content that I “conquered” the machines and, thereby, my body, mind, and soul.

I now look into a busy schedule for preferably a long time ahead.

Escaping and surviving toxic relationships takes time. Both hurt and heal when you decide not to accept having your boundaries challenged beyond justification. But, believing in my life’s experiences, it is necessary to remain firm and stand up for who you are.

It is, at times, a subtle distinction between being fierce, upholding your inner beliefs and values, and moving on to something so much better that the toxic relationship soon fades in importance; however, the main priority remains to show no mercy whatsoever toward the toxic person.

Besides, as a witch, I feel Karma is more suited than me to deal directly with toxic people.

Counting my blessings in deep gratitude, I feel relieved that I don’t lie, that I don’t break the trust of others, and that I don’t take anything or anybody for granted.

I will seek the shadows for the remains of this extremely muggy day. I will also try to enjoy a small bonfire in the garden later, close to nightfall. Balancing the no-man’s-land between the active high mood and the low passive version, today is a fine time to let go and relax as much as possible.

If I find the inner drive to work with my digital version of a Book of Shadows, I might work on a New Moon Ritual next Wednesday. However, it will probably not happen before tomorrow, and my new Tarot deck is more likely to be of interest.

This round three with the deck deals with getting to know in detail 78 different plants. One at a time, until every plant and card feels familiar.

Suppose the heat, however, continues to trigger my hot flashes, well. In that case, I turn to read my many emails from you, dear readers and followers. I admit it. Frankly, I’m behind with that, as my life has improved in so many ways that my only problem is not having enough time around the clock.

Instead, I read in bulks, one week at a time. And one day, I will have catched up on it all sooner or later.

Counting my blessings in deep gratitude, dear Craft, thank you for all the magick happening here and now in my and my husband’s lives.

To me, the best magick happens when you least expect it, and more often with other people. So a New Moon in Cancer ritual, my Sun sign in the Western Zodiac with Leo rising, seems appropriate to begin a new Moon cycle with the best intentions for an even better future.

My husband, my soulmate, and the love of my life, will attend the ritual, the theme being love and the beauty of life’s ups and downs.

May your week be beautiful, happy, and full of special moments to remember for life, dear readers and followers.

May this crazy world come to its senses as soon as possible, dear Universe.

And may my life continue to be worth every effort, every tough time, and every experience, dear Mother Earth.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Preparing for Midsummer celebrations

Busy bees buzzing in my husband’s beautiful garden, the warming Sun and a blue sky, and engaged we are here, too.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations takes time; there is so much to do. So today, I focus solely on this blog post and my witchcraft rituals for next Tuesday.

Wednesday will be celebrating my husband’s 49th birthday, which we also highlight with a garden party on Saturday.

Then there is Monday, Thursday, and Friday left to get the house cleaned, the garden polished, and our minds set for good times with good people.

Tomorrow, I begin my new project of getting more fit for life’s many challenges. I have started at a local gym, and yes, oh yes, I feel it in every bone and nerve in my body, mind, and soul. I will attend the gym three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tomorrow, we will clean the house as well. And tomorrow, I will finish creating two beautiful rituals celebrating Litha or the Summer Solstice morning on Tuesday,

Thursday, I will need to relax after my husband’s birthday breakfast gathering on Wednesday. I also have time off from my social work, so there is time and resources to celebrate him properly.

Friday will be very busy, as we will gather nine people with us on Saturday to celebrate both my husband’s birthday and a ladies’ luncheon. Therefore, there must be prepared food and drinks, we need to borrow an extra table and chairs, and it is necessary to go to sleep early on Friday evening, as we will get up equally early on Saturday morning to fix everything before our guests arrive at noon.

Regarding my two witchcraft rituals celebrating the Summer Solstice, one of them will be for my counselor, as she has expressed a wish to experience a little bit of what goes on when my husband and I create magick together in my Witch’s Den.

I think I will show her some prayers, an easy and cozy spell, and a small Tarot reading with her picking the cards.

When this blog post has been written and posted, it is time to call my eighty-five-year-old father and talk about this busy week where I have learned the hard way what it means to begin working at the local gym after more than twenty-two years without exercise in the everyday.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations includes my silent thank you to the Sun for its life-giving warm rays that have been, if not abundant, more than fair this Summer.

Over a little more than a year, I have changed. A lot for the better, thank you, dear Universe. It was challenging and, at times, nearly heartbreaking, to release and say goodbye forever to a toxic relationship.

It was, however, revigorating, life-enriching, and forever so sweet a change to get the unforeseen opportunity to get to know a few good people.

For once, we won in life’s lottery of chance meetings.

We also celebrate such meetings next week. This is because we like each other’s company and keep finding good reasons to meet, eat some delicious food, toast our friendship, and laugh together. A lot, actually.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations takes its toll on me, however, so I have turned to a day filled with rest and relaxation. Sitting here in my living room with the little wise, old dog, turning twelve years old on July 3rd, I’m sharply dressed in old but comfortable clothes; a bathrobe, slippers, and my hair undone purposedly.

This week has been mentally hectic, physically challenging, and spiritually demanding. But I have enjoyed it all the way, especially in my early mornings with close encounters with Mother Earth on my morning walk-and-talks with my dear friend, a true storyteller by heart.

At the social house, I was praised and appreciated for my empathy and work with peer handicapped people. Mixing mental and physical handicaps is a great initiative, which both parties can use to keep on the excellent work creating a mindful life despite severe challenges in the everyday.

My plans include a late Summer pig roast party, creating string art with an almost blind woman, and challenging myself to become a better listener.

It feels good to try to achieve a positive difference for other people. Seeing them change from despair to hope and joy is heartwarming. But I also know that there will be tough days as well, where the only thing I can do to help is listen.

Preparing for Midsummer celebrations, feeling happy and content, becoming the best possible version of me.

I’m proud to announce that my current news level is at the absolute minimum. I simply don’t have either time or mental room for negativity from the outside world. It is crazier than ever before in my life so far. And there is so little we can do to push it back into normal mode.

But here, we try to do whatever possible to remain sane and keep a positive outlook on life’s many twists and turns.

We have consciously chosen to live our lives as if today were the last day for us on Mother Earth. We don’t know tomorrow before we are lucky to wake up and experience it. And we should leave the past behind, as it can never be changed anyway.

Only in the present moment is it possible for us to live life and be happy.

Now, it is time to relax before an early dinner with my husband and the phone call to my father.

May your week be blessed with a happy Summer Solstice, lots of warming Sun energy in your lives, and deep inner peace, dear readers and followers.

May next week be as joyful as this one has been, preferably worldwide; thank you, dear Universe.

And may my mood swings be as mild as they have been throughout this week.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Working old school and living in the present moment

In the first part of this blog post, I write on a beautiful Summer Saturday. I’m worn down after a hectic morning working old school, helping a dear friend receive 12 cubic meters of firewood for heating.

We were seven people, and we worked hard for about two hours. Teamwork all the way, and we enjoy helping one another.

No matter how tired I am or how much my body aches after countless rounds with heavy wheelbarrows, I’m happy and content.

Because it happened with the good people in my life. And there is much more to come, as another friend and I will go on a day trip tomorrow.

We will visit a church and learn its long history, attend a Sunday mass, and eat lunch at a beautiful roadhouse.

Last but certainly not least, we will meet a local group in our little town, a group of people who, every year in Spring, host the day where the cows are allowed to come out after a long Winter.

I will write more about that in the second part of this blog post that will be written right after my trip.

For today, I save my thoughts about living in the present moment while working old school.

It just feels great knowing good people. We complement each other with a span of lived years from somewhere in the forties to the late sixties.

We know what we want and need in our lives and how to stand up for ourselves and say no, too. We like doing things together while, at the same time, respecting the basic unwritten rules of treating others the same way we want to be treated by others. And we genuinely like each other’s company.

The music in my ears today, well, let’s listen to some thundering drums, some crying bass guitars, and preferably old-school style.

At last, my life feels complete. The best possible living conditions, even on a stringent budget. A backing I have always wished for in my everyday. And freedom of speech to write about it in the hope of inspiring other people around the world.

Working old school with good people is challenging and takes its toll on the physical body. But it is also fun, life-enriching, and memorable. And from the day we met, everything has changed for the better.

For that, I’m grateful, and thank you, dear Universe, for the gift of opportunity and sheer luck.

Let me conclude this part of the post by welcoming new followers and readers. Thank you for being here, staying put, and reading me.

It is often because I do not have a Gravatar profile if I don’t follow you. Therefore, please send me a link to where you write; I would like to read you, too.

May your Saturday be merry and filled with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness. I will return tomorrow evening, the theme being my day trip.

Welcome back to this early Sunday evening. Returning home after a long and exciting day with the local church group feels good. First, we went to a modern church where we witnessed the Christening of the two beautiful little girls, Marie and Luna.

Second, we had a delicious lunch at a fine roadhouse with a long history. And last but definitely not least, we meet with a local cattle farmer in our hometown. There was coffee, biscuits, and cake, too. During our short stay, he told us about the guild of cattle lovers, which is open for membership for less than 8 US dollars a year.

They have their annual general meeting in a few days. I will apply for membership for my husband and myself tomorrow because it will be fun and good for us to get to know these people.

They are fiery souls like us. And I simply adore the Galloway cows, with their mixed colors and wild temper.

Now, I’m pretty tired after a long and exciting weekend. So, the remains of the evening, I dedicate equally to relaxation and working the second round with my new Tarot cards.

Next week, Wednesday, to be specific, I begin my next challenge of attending a gym to try to be a little more fit and to make my weight loss last this time.

And I will try to work at the social house for a few more hours, for I’m happy to experience what it really means to make a difference that matters to somebody else.

Other than that, I expect another busy week with many positive encounters with the good people in my life. One of my many creative plans includes sewing a curtain of beautifully laced handkerchiefs for my bathroom window.

There is a kitchen to clean thoroughly, laundry to attend to, and countless other things that must be taken care of. In addition, we have a garden birthday party to plan this month; my birthday comes next month, and the big Summer party in the garden also takes a lot of planning and preparations.

So, you see, there are always busy times here. I must also find the time to work with my upcoming Litha Sabbath celebrations next week.

But, for now, I need a more extended break, just listening to old-school music. I’m happy and content with my life; I’m living in the present moment as if today was my last on Mother Earth. And everything feels good, except for my aching body after the hard work yesterday. Therefore, it is time to relax.

May your week be full of joy, happiness, and memorable moments, dear readers and followers. May people of this world learn to behave better than they do now, especially our politicians, who think they can act like spoiled brats at the expense of everybody else. And may my life stay busy now that my mood has stabilized for the better again.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The Good People in my life

Their kind is rare. They have fought every inch of the way to stay true to their nature. And they make a world of difference to me.

This blog post I at this moment dedicate to them, including you, dear readers and followers.

The Good People in my life; make me want to become the best possible version of myself every morning throughout the day.

Today, I will address what life with Good People feels like.

For that, I´m grateful.

This week, we went to the central city of the county to withdraw cash and shop for necessities and a birthday gift for a dear friend. That trip included visiting a local second-hand shop, where I found a little sweet witch doll for my collection in the ceiling in my Witch´s Den.

And on Friday, we went to the local market, where you can buy practically everything, also the stuff that you absolutely don´t need.

My husband got his beloved flowers, and he got me a new purse.

And then there has been my daily early morning walks with my friend. In addition, we are invited to a birthday brunch party in August, celebrating two of our dear friends and their 65th birthdays.

Later this month, it is our turn to host the monthly ladies´ luncheon and, at the same time, celebrate my husband´s 49th birthday.

And, once a week, I work as a volunteer at a social house, where people with physical and mental handicaps meet and help each other cope with life and its challenges.

So, we are pretty busy at the moment, socially, mentally, and physically.

I have lost almost 2.5 kg/5 lb since I began my morning walks just before the world became very different.

The Good People in my life are the main contributing factors to that. My goal is 10-15 kg/22-33 lb within a year.

It helps me cope with osteoarthritis, and it is here to stay for the rest of my life. And mentally, I feel enriched on an almost indescribable level.

We can talk with these people about everything, including the tough stuff that hurts deeply.

We can share a work project without arguing or quitting. And we can enjoy each other´s company, whether it is for a morning talk-and-walk including a couple of cups of coffee right after, or a social gathering sharing a delicious meal and listening to old school storytellers.

Whenever I feel a bad vibe in my mental stamina, I tell my loved ones about it, especially the Good People. But now, after a little more than a year of knowing each other more and more closely, they know just by reading the look on my face when we meet.

I´m extremely careful about meeting new people. I have been hurt before, a lot. And the Good People in my life today know exactly what it means to be lied to, used, and taken for granted.

Because they have been there, done that.

But we share our life´s stories, often around a bonfire in the gardens, inside on bad weather days, and always when we want to. Nobody should feel obliged to visit or host visitors.

We like to help and be around each other in the everyday, particularly when it makes a significant difference in our lives, and only when both parties feel fit for it.

And we care deeply for one another, to the degree that I have never actually experienced it so genuine in practice before.

It is all about hanging on and staying there for as long as possible this time.

And so we do, my sweet husband and I, and sharing my life with you, dear readers and followers, is a true privilege in my current life.

I, therefore, send you the best possible wishes for a happy Whitsunday/Pentecost, wherever you may be in the present moment.

You are also Good People. And I try to read you as much as I can; I like what I see and read, thank you.

The Good People in my life; make me happy, keep me busy, and help me cope with four anxiety diagnoses, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and a couple of physical ailments.

It is not hard to write positively about such people when you have first met them and lived your lives together.

I feel lucky, I am content and pleased with my current living conditions, and I know it doesn´t come without a price.

That being the bad days where I can only watch TV or sleep on the couch.

But I don´t count them anymore.

I know also that the trees don´t grow into the sky for a reason.

I use the bad days to reflect on my life; I do my most personal shadow work here.

But with Good People in my life, the bad days seem to fade out more and more, replaced by laughter, happy and thoughtful moments, and exciting times.

It is rare, fun, and the feeling of being rich with everything that life´s about. There is a major gap between leaving a toxic relationship and being received the way we have been by Good people. And it is worth so much more than winning any lottery to me.

Right after posting this, I will be talking to my eighty-four-year-old father. It is Father´s Day today, so I have written him an email. Then there is something to enjoy when the conversation is over.

And tonight, it is right back to my new Tarot deck, which by now, I love dearly.

May your week be joyful, sunny, and beautiful, dear readers and followers. May the wounds of the world heal soon. And may my coming transformation into the lower mood this time be just a little easier to handle.

So, let´s meet online in a joint prayer for world peace, together with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness to all beings on Mother Earth.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

My homemade wind chime for my husband´s garden shed.