The element of Fire

Raging, roaring flames around a piece of wood in a bonfire or the enigma of life energy arising after a devastating fire in the forests. That is the element of Fire, dear reader.

And my keywords are as follows :

  • South, candle, to will
  • Passion and courage, willpower and strength
  • Determined transformation
  • Confidence, empowerment and banishing negativity
  • Illumination, destruction and desire
  • Cleansing, healing. sight and clairvoyance
  • Realistic dreams
  • Animal spirits : the phoenix, the dragon and the lion
  • Western Zodiac : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Divination : Tarot suit of Wands
  • Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Lower left on pentagram
  • Midday, noon, transformative activities
  • Wand, censer, sword, altar candle
Candles symbolize the element of Fire