Goodbye and hello

Yesterday was hectic, long, and full of hard physical work. First, I went to the fitness gym, then waited for me back home to a full kitchen to clear and refill after my husband´s fine cleaning maneuvers in the early morning.

It took me more than five hours, then I was mentally drained and physically exhausted. Therefore, first a blog post today, Tuesday.

Today, I say goodbye to a handful of good people at one of the social houses where I work in my county. It took place with a professional touch, as my work is all about saying hello and goodbye to all kinds of people with the common denominator of being more vulnerable and weak than most people.

But now, right before the day becomes the evening, I´m only human, so I can feel the mixture of being happy and somewhat sad simultaneously.

Releasing the past, welcoming Spring, however. On February 24, 2023, I will begin my new working journey at a very different place. I am also to cooperate with the daily boss on a creative workshop in my county.

It is a place where people come to learn to come back into a job, where some of them are too ill to work but need the mental stimulus from meeting others in a positive spirit.

One of the citizens from the social houses where I said goodbye with coffee and cakes free of charge also comes at the new place. We had a wonderful long conversation about her flexible job scheme and her experiences with the creative workshop.

So long rather than goodbye also to a close friend who will move further away in only two weeks from now. I will help her pack some of her stuff on Friday, and my husband and I are invited for dinner the same evening. Although I know we will meet again, it still feels too new to release just yet.

Two other friends are also either in the process of moving away or thinking seriously about it. A former couple who unfortunately can´t no more live together, however much they once loved each other.

Life has a funny and sometimes rather uncanny way of being completely unpredictable. And right here and right now, enough is enough, and it is high time to get up again and move on to yet another unknown path.

With me, I will always have my experiences, my precious beyond anything else in this life memories, the decisive, intense, life-affirming moments.

However triggering, however difficult, and however right thing to do, nothing comes without a price.

And the physical, mental, and spiritual challenge comes full circle as I write here tonight for you, dear readers and followers.

And yet also so beautiful, so right, so full of magick.

Thank you, nobody mentioned, but everybody forever in my mind, heart, and soul. I´m happy and content with my work for the first time in my life.

The feeling of coming home when you feel on every nerve that you have done something right, something worthwhile, and something positive for somebody else.

That corresponds so physically, mentally, and spiritually with the feeling of living the best part of my life in the present moment whenever I am granted one.

In other words, this is a unique evening, this is an amazing human writing her heart out, and this is a happy married woman on St. Valentine´s Day.

Without the never-ending, outstanding, and patient loving support of my sweet husband, no split second of this would be possible.

He is busy creating a beautiful, comfortable, and cozy outside den for us to enjoy this upcoming Spring. The first little hints of a thaw in Mother Nature have turned up. The days are just a few hours longer, the mornings are lighter, and the birds chirp and fly around in our yard garden.

When I catch the right present moment, I will post images of that atmosphere.

My mood is stable, however somewhat lower than I prefer. But it is okay, Self; everything is under control, and the rest is not up to me.

A witchcraft ritual was supposed to happen today. However, during the weekend, I decided to cancel it since I was tired to the bone from strenuous fitness exercises last week.

Instead, we celebrated St. Valentine´s Day, where we have known each other for fourteen years and six months exactly, by cooking our dinner together in a newly cleaned kitchen with everything spot on.

The world around us is crazier than ever; therefore, the more critical it is to live life as it were today the very last.

Living in the present moment here, goodbye and hello has a positive outlook. For that, I´m deeply grateful.

Thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

Two hundred words left to express my innermost feelings in this moment of writing, my fingers tap dancing in the rhythm of the music in my ears, and I´m happy and content.

Winter to me is to study, so I read my notes, my grimoires about witchcraft and the beauty of creating magick, especially in connection with other people.

But, soon, preferably, the princess of Spring will blow her love all over Mother Earth so that the stirring below becomes the beautiful flowers, colors, and sensations of Spring anew.

This was a better day to write than yesterday would have been. Now, I´m renewed, myself again. Writing always makes my day, witchcraft nourishes my soul, and being creative in everything I do is an absolute must. Goodbye and Hello.

May your week be pleasant, full of love, good vibrations, and life-affirming, dear readers and followers.

May life on Mother Earth be peaceful, merry, and memorable.

And may my current mood shape-shift quickly so that I again can feel complete as a human being, as a writing witch, and as happy and content Crone.

As I write it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Busy Full Moon, lazy Monday afternoon

Returned back to Denmark from Germany with my dear friends on our monthly shopping trip across the border.

Totally and mainly mentally drained after a long day in a car and out shopping. Fantastically enough, there were only a few other people, so everything inside went smoothly.

Now, all my positive thoughts go to the people in Turkey and Syria whose lives were turned upside down last night and again around noon today. Earthquakes are terrifying, as it genuinely is Mother Earth who talks big.

Last week brought the sad news that one of our good friends needs to move to another town in only a few weeks from now. But I believe we will stay in contact and have already agreed to visit each other as often as possible.

Some people arrive, and others leave throughout life.

Last week, both my boss and I got the calendar wrong, as my meeting with the county is due tomorrow instead of last Tuesday. I`m prepared. I´m ready. I´m having a butterfly feeling in my stomach. As it should be.

My mood has changed to a slower position, the thoughtful mode, and the one with the regular breathing exercise to ward off anxiety attacks.

But I´m okay, Self.

These months, I am preparing for the termination of my counseling. After almost six years of practice out of dire necessity, I know in detail how to handle my mental disorders and my physical ailments.

I know from the bottom of my body, mind, and soul that everything will be okay after the Summer break when I plan to have a last meeting and say merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

My counselor may be becoming a friend, but it is not allowed as long as we have a professional relationship.

I will tell her that day that she can come around whenever she is near. It will be tough as hell to let her go, but I know it is the right thing to do.

So far have I come now that I dare again trust myself and my gut instinct in whatever I do. For that, I´m grateful forever.

Throughout this week, more than plenty of work must be done. But Saturday and Sunday are sacred to me. There, this writing witch will relax, be creative, and rest. A lot. I am also in-between moods due to mixed episodes of bipolar disorder.

Therefore, my pace is slower than when in mania. But nevertheless, I choose the battles worth fighting regarding my compliance with my mental disorders. And today is definitely not one to fight anything, as I´m letting go of a fine day, listening to old school music, and sometimes the faster pace also.

To short-circuit me mentally to return to life here at my paradisic spot on Mother Earth. Where I belong, where I enjoy life with loved ones, where I feel I´m experiencing a fairy tale in reality.

A short break is necessary, though, as I need to write with the proper inspiration. The racing thoughts need a quick release in the form of a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a piece or two of After Eight in the box I bought earlier today.

Now, everything is okay here; there is a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and my husband, the wise little old dog, and the three philosophical cats enjoy their daily power naps everywhere around the house.

I want to share my celebration of Imbolc or Candlemas last Friday with a beautiful image of my altar just before the ritual took place.

Now, I call on the Queen of Spring, with a green glass jar, coarse salt, and seven bay leaves. It sits on the windowsill toward the street and receives the sleepy Sun´s last rays during dusk.

My altar is yet to be taken apart and put away until my next ritual about love on February 14, Valentine´s Day. It will celebrate the love between my husband and me, our almost fifteen years together, and everything connected with love, friendship, and mutual respect.

I will plan it the upcoming weekend; it will be my creative input this week. I´m a busy writing witch currently, as I´m working my hard path through my digital Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Last year was busy, but 2023 so far has been incredible regarding intense physical, mental, and spiritual experiences, workload, and joyous moments.

Busy Full Moon, lazy Monday afternoon. Soon, it will be time for dinner for two, a walk with the dog, and a whole evening of cozy companionship. Speaking about the love of my life, my sweet husband, I need to create a beautiful image of his work in the yard recently,

That I will try to get in the weekend, as the weather forecast goes, as it seems to indicate a touch of Spring there.

Then it will again be time and place for fresh coffee in the garden, listening to birds chirping, life around us in our little city, and the stirring beneath the soil of Mother Earth.

I call for the Queen of Spring to come forth, blessing us with the reborn Sun´s warm rays, mild winds, and happy hours outside.

I pray for world peace, safety for the people of Turkey and Syria today, and the promise of a possible tomorrow.

Come pray in silence online with me.

Thirty-one words left to express my innermost gratitude for every challenge, every tear, and every laughter in my life.

Things happen just as they should; finally home after so many years

May your week be beautiful, life-enriching, and mentally uplifting, dear readers ad followers.

May the Universe, the goddesses, and the gods grant the people of Turkey and Syria happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

And may my current mood swing time be as short as possible so I can continue my busy life journey.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.