108-115 The Moon

Today I´ve had one of those days, dear reader, when everything is Retrograde. It has been extremely hot today, so much of the day has been spent inside, and typing has just been uphill.

Which annoys me a bit, because I strive to write something interesting to read.

But that´s life. There are ups and downs all the way, And it is not an easy job making a blog about daily witchcraft. The crafting part is planned for the weekend, where I will work with my preparations for the upcoming Sabbat, Lammas.

I love working with the Moon as well. It is a special relationship. In my younger days, I always looked for the Moon in the evening and the night, but there is also great beauty in a Moon ritual on an early bright morning.

  • 108 Phases Of The Moon
  • 109 The Lunar Calendar
  • 110 Esbats
  • 111 Moon Signs
  • 112 Moon Rituals
  • 113 Moon Invocations
  • 114 Moon Prayers And Blessings
  • 115 Moon Spells

Phases of the Moon : The phases of the Moon are the New Moon, the Waxing Crescent Moon, the Waxing Quarter Moon, the Waxing Gibbous Moon, the Full Moon, The Waning Gibbous Moon, The Waning Quarter Moon and the Waning Crescent Moon. I usually follow the New Moon, the Waxing Quarter Moon, the Full Moon and the Waning Quarter Moon.

The Lunar Calendar : Normally, I follow the lunar calendar with the Full Moons, but occasionally I work quite a lot with timing spells for the right Moon phase. In order to get some balance in my workings, I work with spells in smaller parts, so there is a clear way from the beginning of a new idea (New Moon) to manifestation (Waxing Moon phases) and fulfillment (Full Moon). And I always try to remember to release what is no longer useful to me during the work with a spell/ritual.

Esbats : Celebration of the 13 Full Moons in a year. I try to celebrate as many as possible, but I´m a human being, so sometimes I have periods, where I cannot work with magick except for healing purposes, when my arthritis or my bipolar decide to take a toll on my behalf.

Moon Signs : I´m interested in astrology, so this sign is as important as the other planetary signs and the ascendant. Mine is by the way, Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon and Leo Rising.

Moon Rituals : I prefer to track my Moon rituals away from my other rituals, because the intensity of Moon magick is suitable to a lot of reflection, whereas some of my other rituals often are very intuitive and made in the moment, so to speak.

Moon Invocations : in the same way have I organized Moon invocations, prayers, blessings and spells. I often ask a Crone Goddess to assist my magickal workings, such as Hecate, Kali and Yemaya, because I´m becoming a Crone myself these years.

Moon Prayers And Blessings : Said out loud, then meditating to quiet music in order to raise the right amount of energy to let go with the spell.

Moon Spells : Used for the right timing of spells during the phases of the Moon.

This concludes my second Book of Shadows ring binder. The third and last present part of my Book of Shadows concerns spellcasting, rituals, witchy tips, creative magick and the Grey. The last being my definition of working with hoodoo and spirits.

And it concludes today´s post. My fingers hurt, and I need to light a healing candle, plain white, because it was the one at hand. To send a silent prayer to the Universe about getting better at handling my physical and mental health. So Mote It Be.


58 Divination 3 Lenormand

Lenormand cards are different from Tarot cards in more than one way. First of all, there are only 36 cards, but in a Lenormand reading it is about pairing and combining with other cards in the deck, whereas the Tarot is more about the total meaning of a spread. Secondly, there is not a Major and Minor Arcana in Lenormand, and thirdly, the number of spreads is quite limited, where only fantasy sets the limits for Tarot spread design.

I´m in a big learning process with Lenormand cards because of the many possible combinations and I therefore only have a few keywords of my own to show you for each card.

  • 58 Lenormand

The Rider : something is about to happen, take action, be alert.

The Clover : the little joys of everyday, gratitude, seize the day.

The Ship : a want to try new things, contemplation, choice of path.

The House : family life, to feel safe, building foundations.

The Tree : persistence, settling roots, personal health.

The Clouds : shadow issues, frustration, patience needed.

The Snake : watch out, hidden agendas, illusions.

The Coffin : repressed feelings, the end of a cycle, birth, death and rebirth.

The Bouquet : acknowledgement, presents, pay respect to others.

The Scythe : swift changes, be cautious, release.

The Whip : instability in surroundings, mental challenges, disagreement.

The Birds : social interactions, important to restore energy, work with concentration.

The Child : new possibilities, take care of inner child, transform weaknesses into strengths.

The Fox : delicate situations, make clever solutions, reflect upon choices.

The Bear : trust in yourself, maintain a personal budget, seek advice.

The Star : clarity, possible growth, personal development.

The Stork : acceptance of change, re-evaluate approaches, take responsibility.

The Dog : cooperation, commitment, trust.

The Tower : self-confidence, the bigger picture, solitary activities.

The Garden : community, gatherings, new impressions.

The Mountain : problem solving, hard work pays off, self-care necessary.

The Crossroads : decisive action, different perspectives, lessons to learn.

The Mice : unrest, relaxation necessary, bad habits.

The Heart : inner peace, caring, understanding.

The Ring : ongoing work with relationships, realistic plans, feeling of security.

The Book : learning process, shadow work, hidden knowledge.

The Letter : communication, the outer world, creating networks.

The Gentleman : male correspondences, influence from others, self-reliance.

The Lady : female correspondences, influence from others, self-reliance.

The Lily : passion, balance between desire and satisfaction, appreciate what I already have.

The Sun : inner happiness, success is a process, hard work pays off.

The Moon : shadow work, intuitive senses, personal credit.

The Key : important issues, new focus, determination.

The Fish : valuables and values, contentment, money matters.

The Anchor : build on solid foundations, personal boundaries.

The Cross : responsibilities, release negative patterns, forgiveness.

I have chosen a simple 3 card spread to show you how I work with Lenormand as a beginner. It will provide me with some quick answers to how I´m doing with this blog, which was my question today. And it is read from left to right, with card 2 as the main focus card, and with card 1 and 3 (and card 3 and 1) as each others´mirrors for some quick details.

Card 1 was the Rider, card 2 the Key and card 3 the Anchor.

My interpretation of today´s cards is that the blog is doing fine, as I´ve reached my goals for getting started. It is also time for hard work building up the blog, and I should be open to new opportunities, as I´ll learn along the way.

It has been quite difficult to write today. Maybe it´s because of this Mercury Retrograde, where communication can get a bit disrupted.

It has also been bad weather, with both heat and heavy rain. A thundering headache does not help either.

I´ll return stronger tomorrow with a view into my witch´s den, my daily life as a cottage witch.