In the present moment

In the present moment, I apologize deeply, dear readers and followers. Life has caught up with me and my loved ones big time now.

Death passed by a few weeks ago, an act of mercy to a suffering human being, a deep sadness yet a beautiful experience for us, here on Mother Earth, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Tuesday, we bring her back home for a while. And, in July, we go to a water spot in a beautiful place in Denmark and let her go forever.

Ouch, life hurts at times. However deeply saddened I am, I am also tired of working hard with my friends to clear a whole house and life.

At the exact time, I have been extremely busy with my voluntary work at the social houses and the creative atelier in my county. On top of that, I have a job interview scheduled for May 31st, and I have butterflies in my stomach.

The boss is a creative female fiery soul with whom I already feel a promising connection. I will try to begin as a volunteer again at a former social office. Now, it is an evolving community of creative, lonely, and interesting people.

I know that I will regret it forever if I don´t try this one out. We are also in the middle of transferring people from a crowded space to the rooms of a local public youth club.

That is what has kept me from writing here.

Now, this blog becomes a diary. When I will be writing here again, yes, it will depend.

Because I am 53 years old. Because I sometimes need to be offline for some time. Because that way I reload my mental batteries.

You can enjoy Beltane celebrations in today´s picture, taken seconds before the ritual. Beautiful 45 minutes, with all the good stuff on the altar, Tarot cards that spoke of hard work ahead yet thumbs up, and positive news about a now former pesky neighbor.

They moved a week ago, and thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

The sound of silence is a moving experience in many ways, please excuse me being a bit sassy today.

As I write this, my racing thoughts speak about upcoming challenges and events that will probably change my life forever.

In the present moment, I am listening to old-school music from when I was too young to understand yet old enough to swim against the stream.

Old-school rules from the rough school of life, on the streets, underground, whenever, wherever.

I know that I do not resemble anything less than 53, but I am still proud of who I am, and who I have become in recent years.

Speaking brutally honestly, my inner mental roller coaster of being bipolar twists and turns due to our recent loss of a loved one.

I am truly happy that I had the opportunity to get to know a special woman, to whom I send all my love, my best wishes, and all my positive energy.

Please great my loved ones on the other side of the veil between the worlds, I know you were present at my Beltane ritual, thank you, I let you go.

Stay happy forever.

Everything is well and fine here at my place on Mother Earth in the present moment.

Today, my article won´t be as long as usual. My hands and arthritis, you know. It is a cold Spring season this year as if the Sun has to fight much harder than usual. But darkness will fail eventually. Before it rises again and so on.

Please pray together with me for world peace, human reconciliation, and happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

Please stay safe, dear readers and followers.

So mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Springtime is back with us

I know it. Where have I been lately? Why haven´t I written my 1,000 words weekly for a couple of weeks by now? And has life perhaps changed my direction, my focus, and my efforts?

Yes and no.

Well, I will try to explain at least some of it in this blog post.

This journey here at WordPress began as a journey into my world of witchcraft. It changed into a different online diary. And now, it is subtly shape-shifting again.

I only know this: I try my best to fulfill my responsibilities. As a human being, a writing witch, a wife, a daughter, and a mom to the little wise old dog and the three philosophical cats.

But sometimes life just happens right there, in front of you, with no escape plans whatsoever. And there is only one path ahead of you; to pick up the challenge, work hard every day to the best of your abilities, and stay focused on making the most of it remaining as sane as possible.

Everything is fine and okay at the social houses. Next month, I will have been working voluntarily for exactly a year. I now also work at a creative atelier in the largest city in my county. I ride the bus to and from work and have to walk about half a mile. But every Friday morning, I go with joy and happiness in the body, mind, and spirit.

At home, it is pure bliss between my beloved husband and me. We share a good life now, we have everything that we need and even more, and we experience a fun mixture of ups and downs in life together.

We became adults way before time, as we both had to fight every inch of the way from an early age. As have so many others, as have the people I meet at the social houses and the atelier. But we know how to survive and to survive in respect of Mother Earth and her wonderful possibilities.

If only you dare to grab the chance when it shows itself to you. If only you work hard every day for the rest of your life to always be the best version of yourself. And if only you promise to love yourself as well as your loved ones because you are okay Self.

My eighty-five-year-old father, however, is not well. He has trouble hearing, and he suffers from long-term consequences of prostate cancer that might be recurring.

I could scream to the Moon and back; I still wouldn´t be able to grasp the future. And for quite some time now, I have been able to box up the past and only live in the present moment.

I only know that change is the constant in my life that always seems to checkmate me whenever I least expect it to.

But I´m okay, I´m in my preferred manic mood, and I´m happy and content.

Things happen for a reason; I don´t fancy coincidences of any kind. As well as Karmic lessons may be hard as hell, however much needed to move on in my kind of way.

Directly, right here and right now, and brutally honest.

But today, on a rainy, chilly Saturday, April morning, it is also perfect timing to work with a pinch of shadow work. I hereby let go of whatever no longer serves me and my loved ones.

I will write here again, as soon as possible. Because it sets my soul free for a liberating hour of intense writing and listening to different kinds of music. Because it is my true online window to the world, as I here write my heart out and I cry if I want to, too. And because, dear readers and followers, I just needed some space, some simple living in the absolute present moment, and some intense yet awe-inspiring weeks only being me, the Northern Witch.

Yes, we finally dedicated our new witch´s den to beauty, mindfulness, and inner peace. With a charming Ostara ritual, and soon with a new addition to my Beltane celebrations.

My husband works on a miniature Maypole. With braided ribbons in appropriate colors, decorative flowers and other props, and with a personal consecration ritual to begin Beltane´s magick on May Eve, May 1st, 2023.

I can feel a week´s workload physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today, I work a little with my digital Book of Shadows on my brand-new laptop. However hurtful it was to spend more money than usual, yet so liberating and fun it is to write now.

I have spent two weeks getting to know it, and now it feels good to write again. Especially in my second mother language, American English, as my grandmother was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1909.

So much indeed that I must return to my everyday here in the southern parts of Denmark in only a few more paragraphs from now.

Springtime is back with us. The weather gods today, well, let us just say that they do mostly inspire me to do a little work with my Book of Shadows on a great new laptop, followed by a longer power nap with the little wise old dog.

The philosophical cats are here and there in the house. My husband rests, and here it is quiet and comfortable. They are working with the heating system in the street, so there are fewer cars and trucks these weeks.

Therefore, these were the words of today. I will try to catch up soon again, however much life seems to take some ups and downs lately. Enjoy your weekend.

May your Saturday be merry, full of sunshine, and blessed with domestic and inner peace, dear readers and followers.

May the people of this crazy, wonderful, and unknown world come to peace with one another as soon as possible.

And may my current mood, however, controlled, be joyful, inspiring, and fun to live with.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

A new Witch´s Den is here

Dear readers and followers, I would have liked to have the supernatural powers of a multi-artist in the latest couple of weeks. Still, unfortunately, we had to prioritize our workload.

It has taken my husband a long time to reach the goal of creating the settings in an entirely new Witch´s Den so that I, the Northern Witch, would have the opportunity of arranging all my witchy supplies to create beauty, serenity, and a center of peace.

There simply was not enough time for all my many projects. And writing seemed awkward to me when feeling tired and worn out from hours of cleaning and redecorating such a room as a Witch´s Den.

So, I decided to wait for more blog posts until we had finished the worst parts of our home makeover.

But, now the waiting is over; a new Witch´s Den is here. Today, I present you with my beautiful new room; I hope you will enjoy the pictures of it at the end of the post.

Besides being busier than ever, I´m in the middle of a mood swing for the better. Depression yield for mania. I believe it is only a few days before everything settles back into my preferred, standard version.

Winter should have withdrawn by now, according to the human calendar. Still, Spring seems far away today with nasty little showers and a relentless icy cold wind.

Instead, we, the humans and our little animals, withdraw into warm and cozy home surroundings. I have been working on my Book of Shadows for the last couple of weeks as the only alternative to hard work and tough time waiting for my turn to do some work, as well as my diligent husband.

Things have changed at the social houses where I work voluntarily. I only go on Wednesdays, as our locations are split between two places on the same day. Not very practical, but other people need our primary site for as good a cause as ours.

In return, I began working at a creative workshop where the aim is to make people able to express themselves creatively so that they better can manage their life, including getting closer to a job.

Last Friday, we worked with self-hardening clay, and I presented them with two tea light candle holders and a small bowl. It will be fun and instructive to pick the items up next Friday to paint and decorate them.

It was also the first time in several years that I went by a public bus, went shopping on my own in a larger city than mine, and generally had a great time doing it.

A friend moved recently, and it was fantastic and heartwarming to see last week that she now lives more comfortably than before, that she is happy about it, and that it will be no problem to revisit her soon.

Another friend was told today that he has to change his lifestyle fast. Otherwise, he faces severe complications and the risk of dying way before his time. He drives trucks, lives on the highway throughout the week, and is a special friend to my husband and me.

Yes, change happens quickly and slowly here at my paradisic spot on Mother Earth. So my next endeavor is to create the first witchcraft ritual in my new Witch´s Den on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

My celebration of Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, will center around love,  beauty, and a salute to everything that Spring brings to mind of positive sensations.

Being busy right now also includes preparations for the Easter holiday in early April. My father arrives on Holy Thursday and leaves the following Sunday. I look forward to it, as due to the long distance between us, we have to meet whenever possible.

But from now on, there should be appropriate to write a blog post every Monday morning right after my morning walk-and-talk, my morning visit to a sick friend, and my fitness class.

I plan to work on my laptop from tomorrow only in my creative den, as it is getting warmer in the weather, whenever Jack Frost doesn´t roam at crazy hours like in the middle of Spring itself. Nature is fickle at the moment, but the Sun will prevail over the darkest of hours.

A new Witch´s Den is here, and I am happy and proud of my husband´s exquisite work. He is a genuine handyman; he knows what he is doing and is meticulous and hard-working.

Now, I must let go of anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and probably more. Finally, springtime is here; however, the weather gods don´t seem to agree at the moment.

Now is the time to put action behind intentions and plans. Now is the time to sow and plant ideas and thoughts as well as seeds and plants. And now is the time to take in new experiences with the good people in my life, whether they are here in my daily life or further away from me.

Eighty words left to describe my thankfulness for the life I have been bestowed. It is a rich life; however strict my budget is. I have only good people in my life, help others, and enjoy being with people.

It has been many years without it, as I have met so many different people that the rare ones are much more appreciated than any quantity of people.

But now, I have found the rarest kind: those who radiate true friendship.

May your week be blessed with sunshine, love, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May the world heal from human wounds as soon as possible so that it is possible to live and be happy about it again.

And may my current mood roller coaster relax and settle for the faster, more energetic, and happiest version of me, the Northern Witch.

As we all want it, please let it be, dear Universe, Goddesses, and Gods.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Goodbye and hello

Yesterday was hectic, long, and full of hard physical work. First, I went to the fitness gym, then waited for me back home to a full kitchen to clear and refill after my husband´s fine cleaning maneuvers in the early morning.

It took me more than five hours, then I was mentally drained and physically exhausted. Therefore, first a blog post today, Tuesday.

Today, I say goodbye to a handful of good people at one of the social houses where I work in my county. It took place with a professional touch, as my work is all about saying hello and goodbye to all kinds of people with the common denominator of being more vulnerable and weak than most people.

But now, right before the day becomes the evening, I´m only human, so I can feel the mixture of being happy and somewhat sad simultaneously.

Releasing the past, welcoming Spring, however. On February 24, 2023, I will begin my new working journey at a very different place. I am also to cooperate with the daily boss on a creative workshop in my county.

It is a place where people come to learn to come back into a job, where some of them are too ill to work but need the mental stimulus from meeting others in a positive spirit.

One of the citizens from the social houses where I said goodbye with coffee and cakes free of charge also comes at the new place. We had a wonderful long conversation about her flexible job scheme and her experiences with the creative workshop.

So long rather than goodbye also to a close friend who will move further away in only two weeks from now. I will help her pack some of her stuff on Friday, and my husband and I are invited for dinner the same evening. Although I know we will meet again, it still feels too new to release just yet.

Two other friends are also either in the process of moving away or thinking seriously about it. A former couple who unfortunately can´t no more live together, however much they once loved each other.

Life has a funny and sometimes rather uncanny way of being completely unpredictable. And right here and right now, enough is enough, and it is high time to get up again and move on to yet another unknown path.

With me, I will always have my experiences, my precious beyond anything else in this life memories, the decisive, intense, life-affirming moments.

However triggering, however difficult, and however right thing to do, nothing comes without a price.

And the physical, mental, and spiritual challenge comes full circle as I write here tonight for you, dear readers and followers.

And yet also so beautiful, so right, so full of magick.

Thank you, nobody mentioned, but everybody forever in my mind, heart, and soul. I´m happy and content with my work for the first time in my life.

The feeling of coming home when you feel on every nerve that you have done something right, something worthwhile, and something positive for somebody else.

That corresponds so physically, mentally, and spiritually with the feeling of living the best part of my life in the present moment whenever I am granted one.

In other words, this is a unique evening, this is an amazing human writing her heart out, and this is a happy married woman on St. Valentine´s Day.

Without the never-ending, outstanding, and patient loving support of my sweet husband, no split second of this would be possible.

He is busy creating a beautiful, comfortable, and cozy outside den for us to enjoy this upcoming Spring. The first little hints of a thaw in Mother Nature have turned up. The days are just a few hours longer, the mornings are lighter, and the birds chirp and fly around in our yard garden.

When I catch the right present moment, I will post images of that atmosphere.

My mood is stable, however somewhat lower than I prefer. But it is okay, Self; everything is under control, and the rest is not up to me.

A witchcraft ritual was supposed to happen today. However, during the weekend, I decided to cancel it since I was tired to the bone from strenuous fitness exercises last week.

Instead, we celebrated St. Valentine´s Day, where we have known each other for fourteen years and six months exactly, by cooking our dinner together in a newly cleaned kitchen with everything spot on.

The world around us is crazier than ever; therefore, the more critical it is to live life as it were today the very last.

Living in the present moment here, goodbye and hello has a positive outlook. For that, I´m deeply grateful.

Thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

Two hundred words left to express my innermost feelings in this moment of writing, my fingers tap dancing in the rhythm of the music in my ears, and I´m happy and content.

Winter to me is to study, so I read my notes, my grimoires about witchcraft and the beauty of creating magick, especially in connection with other people.

But, soon, preferably, the princess of Spring will blow her love all over Mother Earth so that the stirring below becomes the beautiful flowers, colors, and sensations of Spring anew.

This was a better day to write than yesterday would have been. Now, I´m renewed, myself again. Writing always makes my day, witchcraft nourishes my soul, and being creative in everything I do is an absolute must. Goodbye and Hello.

May your week be pleasant, full of love, good vibrations, and life-affirming, dear readers and followers.

May life on Mother Earth be peaceful, merry, and memorable.

And may my current mood shape-shift quickly so that I again can feel complete as a human being, as a writing witch, and as happy and content Crone.

As I write it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Busy Full Moon, lazy Monday afternoon

Returned back to Denmark from Germany with my dear friends on our monthly shopping trip across the border.

Totally and mainly mentally drained after a long day in a car and out shopping. Fantastically enough, there were only a few other people, so everything inside went smoothly.

Now, all my positive thoughts go to the people in Turkey and Syria whose lives were turned upside down last night and again around noon today. Earthquakes are terrifying, as it genuinely is Mother Earth who talks big.

Last week brought the sad news that one of our good friends needs to move to another town in only a few weeks from now. But I believe we will stay in contact and have already agreed to visit each other as often as possible.

Some people arrive, and others leave throughout life.

Last week, both my boss and I got the calendar wrong, as my meeting with the county is due tomorrow instead of last Tuesday. I`m prepared. I´m ready. I´m having a butterfly feeling in my stomach. As it should be.

My mood has changed to a slower position, the thoughtful mode, and the one with the regular breathing exercise to ward off anxiety attacks.

But I´m okay, Self.

These months, I am preparing for the termination of my counseling. After almost six years of practice out of dire necessity, I know in detail how to handle my mental disorders and my physical ailments.

I know from the bottom of my body, mind, and soul that everything will be okay after the Summer break when I plan to have a last meeting and say merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

My counselor may be becoming a friend, but it is not allowed as long as we have a professional relationship.

I will tell her that day that she can come around whenever she is near. It will be tough as hell to let her go, but I know it is the right thing to do.

So far have I come now that I dare again trust myself and my gut instinct in whatever I do. For that, I´m grateful forever.

Throughout this week, more than plenty of work must be done. But Saturday and Sunday are sacred to me. There, this writing witch will relax, be creative, and rest. A lot. I am also in-between moods due to mixed episodes of bipolar disorder.

Therefore, my pace is slower than when in mania. But nevertheless, I choose the battles worth fighting regarding my compliance with my mental disorders. And today is definitely not one to fight anything, as I´m letting go of a fine day, listening to old school music, and sometimes the faster pace also.

To short-circuit me mentally to return to life here at my paradisic spot on Mother Earth. Where I belong, where I enjoy life with loved ones, where I feel I´m experiencing a fairy tale in reality.

A short break is necessary, though, as I need to write with the proper inspiration. The racing thoughts need a quick release in the form of a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a piece or two of After Eight in the box I bought earlier today.

Now, everything is okay here; there is a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, and my husband, the wise little old dog, and the three philosophical cats enjoy their daily power naps everywhere around the house.

I want to share my celebration of Imbolc or Candlemas last Friday with a beautiful image of my altar just before the ritual took place.

Now, I call on the Queen of Spring, with a green glass jar, coarse salt, and seven bay leaves. It sits on the windowsill toward the street and receives the sleepy Sun´s last rays during dusk.

My altar is yet to be taken apart and put away until my next ritual about love on February 14, Valentine´s Day. It will celebrate the love between my husband and me, our almost fifteen years together, and everything connected with love, friendship, and mutual respect.

I will plan it the upcoming weekend; it will be my creative input this week. I´m a busy writing witch currently, as I´m working my hard path through my digital Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Last year was busy, but 2023 so far has been incredible regarding intense physical, mental, and spiritual experiences, workload, and joyous moments.

Busy Full Moon, lazy Monday afternoon. Soon, it will be time for dinner for two, a walk with the dog, and a whole evening of cozy companionship. Speaking about the love of my life, my sweet husband, I need to create a beautiful image of his work in the yard recently,

That I will try to get in the weekend, as the weather forecast goes, as it seems to indicate a touch of Spring there.

Then it will again be time and place for fresh coffee in the garden, listening to birds chirping, life around us in our little city, and the stirring beneath the soil of Mother Earth.

I call for the Queen of Spring to come forth, blessing us with the reborn Sun´s warm rays, mild winds, and happy hours outside.

I pray for world peace, safety for the people of Turkey and Syria today, and the promise of a possible tomorrow.

Come pray in silence online with me.

Thirty-one words left to express my innermost gratitude for every challenge, every tear, and every laughter in my life.

Things happen just as they should; finally home after so many years

May your week be beautiful, life-enriching, and mentally uplifting, dear readers ad followers.

May the Universe, the goddesses, and the gods grant the people of Turkey and Syria happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

And may my current mood swing time be as short as possible so I can continue my busy life journey.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Forgiveness and positive vibes

Hello again, dear readers and followers. Last week, well, life happened so fast that it too soon became too late to write something meaningful in a chaotic and, at times, erratic world.

I have busy butterflies in my stomach. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., I will participate in a meeting concerning my future at the social houses in my county.

Other than me, my boss, my counselor, and a boss to top that – let´s just say it triggers many different emotions in me.

Mostly positive vibes; however, my mood slightly changes to the slower lane. To forgive others can be challenging, and to forgive yourself is a quest of courage, iron will, and self-recognition. So please forgive me, dear readers and followers, for not informing you of my missing post last Monday.

Last week, I was told that an important meeting should take place this week. On Tuesday, tomorrow, that is.

I want to know what will be the working schedule henceforth. If nothing goes my way, I will try to continue what I have been doing for almost a year in a few months. Only to come back and ask for another meeting until the vibes are positive. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean forgetting but letting go by the way.

Now, a day before the meeting, I´m enjoying the afternoon on my own as my husband, the philosophical cats, and the little wise, old dog power nap peacefully all around me.

In my ears, music with a fast rhythm, as to mentally short-circuit myself from getting caught in the abyss of racing thoughts, the occasional nasty hiss of anxiety from its corner, and the procrastination tics from my ADHD.

Shifting suddenly without warning to loud rock music, wearing my black bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, preparing myself to go make the afternoon coffee for my husband and me.

Only to go back to the first, my private strategy for following along without losing my firm grip on my mental disorders or my physical ailments.

Whenever the thoughts try to distract me, I change the music to find my perfect writing rhythm for today.

At best, I feel that there is music in my writing. I often dance along, and although I sit down on the couch, I like to write in tune with the music in my ears. My taste in genres is pretty broad; however, it depends more on my mood on any given day.

The time is now for a minor coffee break, inspirative conversation with my sweet husband, and dinner preparations. So please, excuse me, I will be back shortly …

… to pick up the line, I´m preparing my body, mind, and soul for spiritual workings. So today, it will be this evening with the planning of my upcoming Imbolc ritual on Thursday this week.

To me, it means celebrating the returning light from the Sun with lit candles as the only light source in my witch´s den. Calling out for the promised return of the Spring with a glass jar filled with coarse salt and seven bay leaves on the windowsill. And blessing my husband´s beloved garden for the first time this new year.

But for now, I need to let go of what no longer serves me as I write these words. Being busy is becoming the new me, it seems. I split my time between going out of the house to work at the social houses and taking good care of my number one priority in my life, namely my loved ones in my everyday.

Letting go today, right here and right now, feels reasonable and necessary. I can handle the slightest signs of my incoming and outgoing mood swings. And I know from deep within my heart and soul that my patterns are long manias and short depressions.

It is not at all anxiety-provoking to me, as I have learned to gain at least some control of it by practicing breathing exercises and using every strategy available at any given moment in life.

Yes, I have occasional attacks. But they are easier to handle after more than five years of hard daily work.

The procrastination issue is somewhat helped by my innate iron will, work discipline, and mental attitude.

I have a positive outlook on life, however harsh it may sometimes be. There is only one way ahead: to continue to get up happy early in the morning, enjoying every little step on the journey of life. Giving up can never be an option here unless everything has been tried more than just once first.

Forgiveness and positive vibes; the scene here is set with beautiful intentions, a soul-soothing atmosphere, and the perfect mixture of happy laughter and solemn contemplation.

However, turning on my mood meter is way more manageable this time. I have come as far as possible in my attunement with both Nature and my behavioral adjustments.

I now face an ongoing termination of my counseling time. After quite a few years, I need to stand on my own two feet again after quite a few years of help from the outside world.

But it feels okay to slowly end something that has been of indescribable and permanent value to me. I have a burning desire to finally take good care of myself and my loved ones, live a wonderful fairy-tale life here, and help others be a little less lonely.

For that, I´m grateful and content. For that, I thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods. For that, it is worth fighting every inch of the way. Blessed Be, so it is.

May your week be busy with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. May the outer chaos come to a rest, at least a temporary one. And may my inner abyss of thoughts and feelings be calmed by the good people around me.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

When magick comes alive

Dear readers and followers.

Today, I want to reach out to you and politely ask that we, in our thoughts, all meet online for a silent prayer for world peace. For working together to heal Mother Earth and, not least, ourselves.

And for magick in our lives in the present moment.

Today, my sweet husband finished his latest garden project; a small roofed terrace in the yard. It is solid, well-built, and inviting for many meetings with coffee and wine this year.

Today, I discovered that happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness genuinely matter at the end of the day.

And today, everything comes full circle in my life.

This feeling when magick comes alive, even on a pretty strict budget, it is undeniably comfortable.

I feel that I live a magickal life, as everything seems to be connected, and the connection is friendship in the most caring, fun, and authentic way.

We take great care of each other, take the time needed to discuss the ups and downs in the roller coaster of life, and appreciate brutal honesty, decent behavior, and having fun rather than being sad.

There are times, like today, right here and right now, when I feel I live a fairy tale life. I have everything I need, a world of opportunities to become happy about, and good and beautiful people around me twenty-four-seven.

I have been practicing as a solitary cottage witch for more than six years. But experiencing magick can also be all about the everyday.

There need not be special occasions to create magick. Ritual forms are only limited by the extent of fantasy. And tools come in many versions, too.

My budget is always strict. So recycling is a must here in my paradise on Mother Earth. Yet much can be done with very little.

I went to a larger city today with a friend and peer to get my laptop evaluated. It is getting worn, but I didn´t want to spend 5,000 DKK (app. 727 American dollars). I need to save a little extra money before buying another, let alone a relatively expensive, new laptop.

And this old one will have to wait until I can pay in cool cash until that day. But it works, and my needs with it are covered. Moreover, it only takes a little longer to use it, as a new one would not.

Regarding magick, I could probably create a unique witchcraft shop full of many different kinds of props, tools, and decorations.

So, everything is as it should be from my window to the world.

When magick comes alive, that is when I wake up early in the morning, that is when I meet good people throughout the day, and that is when I go to bed happy most days.

Today, a friend and I resumed our habit of early morning walks. It is Winter, we visit a very ill woman in the mornings, and the light has to fight hard with the darkness. But it felt terrific to walk and talk with her about life´s many twists and turns.

This morning, my fitness class was uplifting, challenging, and fast. But, coming home meant a short pitstop and, soon after that, a more extended trip to a large city with many places, people, and shops to manage, living with a couple of mental disorders.

And now, as of this writing, I simply must express my deepfelt gratitude that my life feels like a fairy tale. By writing thank you, life, thank you, ancestors, thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

This week, I really need to finish my 5D diamond image, as I have many other upcoming creative projects on my mind.

There are also practical chores and other necessary things to do. So, busy as ever, how do I find the time to re-evaluate this blog, including my choices about images and videos?

Sometime during this Spring, I will return to the subject with new and fresh ideas for the future content here. By closing many creative projects this Winter, I hope to find extra time to spend just a little more on caring for this blog.

Concerning my current mood, I´m continuing to be as stable as possible, working my way through the forever-racing thoughts, and healing myself by using shadow work often enough to change in due time for a forever-changed world.

Weekly, however, tiny yet icy-cold signs of anxiety and melancholic nostalgia snarl at me from their “corners.” I´m trying to stop it right away with light breathing exercises. And, so far, that strategy seems to do the job.

I feel safe, happy, and content, and I have the best of people around me, including you, dear readers and followers.

These weeks of waiting, they make me alert, attentive, and determined. I´m waiting for a job interview in my county. I plan to ask more than once if need be because I love my job at the social houses. I believe that there is a good chance that I will succeed.

And if not, well, then I will wait a couple of months before asking again.

When magick comes alive, everything feels like the world coming full circle. And I have learned recently that it is in the everyday that we might be lucky enough to experience it.

Now, it is time to call it a day and carry on with whatever challenges and fun moments life throws at me. Thirty-three words left to show you the beauty of this day. Happiness in real-time. Inner peace in abundance. Good health in taking my fitness classes one by one. Kindness in my loved ones.

May your week be enjoyable, heartwarming, and full of happy laughter, dear readers and followers. May we all let go of what no longer serves us. And may my mental stamina remain strong, reliable, and valuable.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Busy Writing Witch

What was supposed to be written yesterday had to be postponed until today. Sorry for the inconvenience, dear readers and followers.

But the weekend proved to be draining for me, as I have spent at least a couple of hours searching through ALL of my written work, both written by hand and laptop.

I used to have a perfect set of helpful notes for my new Tarot deck, The Herbcrafter´s Tarot. But somewhere through last year, they seem to have disappeared into thin air for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Nothing was found in my handwritten material, whether witchy or not. Nothing was found on my laptop. Nothing was found, but it left me with the feeling of being played by some inexplicable force. Looking through the booklet in the deck, I know by every atom in my body, mind, and soul that I did create something, as I can recognize what I read in the booklet.

And on top of that, I began my fitness class with a rather nasty anxiety attack as I was warming up to handle the machines. It kept haunting me throughout the day, so I couldn´t stay focused long enough to write anything meaningful.

But today, I´m well and okay again, thank you.

I´m a busy writing witch, working with my Digital Book of Shadows and my Pinterest account. There are countless hours of hard work before me. Still, I need to transfer everything to the digital version, as my arthritis attacks my hands, so that handwriting is no longer an option for me, except for rare occasions.

My novel adventure has yet to find time in my busy schedule. And to be frank, inspiration has not struck me for a long time, so I don´t mind postponing this project. However, I would rather wait than write something terrible.

But I created a small New Year and Happiness ritual yesterday, as I wrote about last week. The main experience was to piece together two spell jars that hopefully will bring us happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness in 2023.

My husband assisted me in sealing the spell jars with colored wax. But I was somewhat stressed, so I forgot to create beautiful images for you, dear readers and followers.

My next ritual will be the celebration of the festival of Imbolc on February 2, 2023. I will work with the cell phone from the planning phase to the actual ritual activities there.

Right now, I´m listening to fast, orchestral music so that my racing thoughts won´t disturb my writing. I feel happy and content, knowing that my work today at the social house was appreciated, both by the people there and my boss.

I´m furthermore proud of my efforts this morning, assisting my husband with many more daily chores than I used to be able to do.

My hard hours in the fitness gym have paid off big time. I have lost weight, reduced my fat percentage, and raised the weight on the machines.

My husband and I are working harmoniously to save money to do some of the stuff we love: taking care of the house and garden, crafting beautiful and functional projects, and living life as if today were the last.

Despite a crazy world, despite a troubled past, and despite everything, we have managed to come back to life after many, many years of living in the way-too-fast lane.

We are happy. We are safe. And we are privileged.

For all that, we are grateful. Thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses and gods.

Today, I don´t count the words. Today, I simply write my heart out. And today, I need to write less than usual to spare my hands.

So, may your week be beautiful, engaging, and life-enriching, dear readers and followers. May world peace be the new rich. And may my arthritis shut up and leave me alone.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

An actual Happy New Year

2023 began as busy as 2022. Therefore, I decided to write this blog post a day later than usual. I needed to see what happens if you write down what you have done during the day instead of making plans only.

After only two days, the result is striking, as I have accomplished much more than I thought possible.

I don´t like New Year´s resolutions. At all. I prefer to act rather than plan. So, my idea is to write what I actually do daily for a whole year. Then, it will be fun and thought-provoking to check my actions on New Year´s Eve 2023.

My husband and I shared an actual Happy New Year without trouble, without the usual scary moments for our beloved pets, and without hangovers on the first day of the new year.

Last week, we had a fabulous Christmas party with both family and friends. Yesterday, it was due time to take down and put away the decorations, the leftovers, and the new beautiful memories.

Today, what was left from yesterday´s cleanup became sorted, and now everything is back to normal everyday.

I´m getting so much closer to finishing my 5D diamond image, I have clean and tidy creative spaces, and I now need to take on new adventures this brand-new year.

The first task will be to work my way through many papers, especially those related to the household economy, my novel, and my physical version of a Book of Shadows.

Then, it becomes time to write a prioritized list of creative projects and important household makeover projects.

My husband and I try our best to save as much money as possible, not only because it is necessary these odd years due to a world in chaos but also because it has become a significant sport here to reduce the living costs so that there is a little more to spend on more fun stuff.

An actual Happy New Year to me is not to be so economically dependent on the outside world that every thought, every action, and everything is about money or the lack of it.

In due time, we succeeded in changing our lifestyle to a much more coherent one where there is enough space, both economically and mentally, to remain reasonably sane and, at the same time, to evolve into two independent people with an inclination to live in harmony with each other.

This means that today we have built a safe haven in the southern part of Denmark. Our budget may seem somewhat strict, yet it is more than strong enough to take us through even the worst of what the world has to offer in that direction in 2023.

Above all, we agree upon the most fundamental issues in our lives; we have decided not to argue about stuff that could and should be treated with honor and decency rather than harsh words and fights without a reasonable cause.

Today, I can write on my calendar that I did much more than I have done for a very long time. Not that I have been lazy; on the contrary, I have been in the process of recovering from an arduous life filled with misunderstandings, life-long consequences of wrong choices in my youth, and not knowing until late in life that I have unwelcome “friends” in my mental baggage; bipolar disorder, four anxiety disorders, and ADHD.

I´m now so recovered that it will soon be time to say goodbye to my weekly meetings with my talented counselor.

At the same time, I´m working hard to achieve a little part-time job in my county at the social houses where I have been working voluntarily for more than seven months.

I have a safety line, though. My counselor has told me she can set up six months of visits without consulting my social worker beforehand if the need should arise for me.

The thing about bipolar disorder and anxiety is that it is never predictable. I have to live one day, one hour, and one minute at a time, as I never know how my mood swings and anxiety will behave.

Therefore, I make plans with enough space for the days when the only thing to do is to stay on the couch watching binge-worthy TV series. Since I don´t mainly watch that much TV, such days are pretty rare nowadays, including my depressive periods.

An actual Happy New Year is already happening here in my paradise on Mother Earth. The only dark horse is what will happen in the crazy world that we all live in.

My only answer is to live each precious moment as if it were my last, every day, every split-second, without wasting time looking back at past unhappiness, past disrupted inner peace, past lingering health, and past opposites to kindness.

Today, everything feels perfect; nothing except for the outside world can disturb my path.

My inner witch is making herself both visible and audible. I want to plan a brand-new witchcraft ritual this week. It will continue next week with a more detailed view of its performance on Monday, January 9, 2023.

You are invited in, and I will guide you through it as it happens.

When my laptop has been cleaned and updated, my vision is to make some video for you, beginning with a full tour of my Witch´s Den.

Twenty-eight words left to greet you, express my gratitude for being able to write freely here, and let you know that I look forward to writing for you this year. Thank you.

May your week be full of new-found hope, generosity, and positive life-changing moments, dear readers and followers.

May this year be full of happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness; thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses and gods.

And may my life continue full of days like today, where everything comes full circle.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The day after Christmas

Four fantastic days and evenings with my eighty-four-year-old father, who will be eighty-five in just twenty-four days from now, passed like a whirlwind of speed, fortitude, and unforgettable memories passing by.

We had a beautiful, inspiring, and awesome Christmas this year. Especially yesterday´s Christmas party with my father and our closest friends was worth attending.

The day after Christmas is both a remarkable and a challenging day. It is all about receiving love and letting it go in front of your eyes, as my sweet former neighbors and friends came by today to bring my father back home by car. Remember, he arrived by train; I promise you he is a tough daddy.

Listening to old-school music in all genres while writing this because after letting him go, I really need to let my forever-tossing-and-turning-racing thoughts do their thing instead of focusing on writing my heart out.

Sometimes, with bipolar disorder, mixed episodes, it is an advantage to work with the thoughts rather than forcing myself to use all kinds of distractions to keep them silent.

And today is such a day. I always feel sorrowful when I see my father leave my home, my grounding spot on Mother Earth, where I feel the most rooted in my life.

It takes me about an hour to walk through the emotional register, from sadness and tears to common sense and the knowing that I always will speak with my father after his return to his home.

He calls me, and I call him back for about fifteen minutes. There, we pay our respects; there, we find the time for our next phone call; there, we forget about traumas and concentrate on simply loving each other on our own terms.

Then comes the silence in the room after my husband retires to enjoy his daily power naps. Yet another hour, suddenly writing my way through the sadness back to happiness and contentment.

And now, as I´m writing this, everything is back to normal; everything is as it should be.

Now, we need to recuperate and turn back to the everyday here. So, tomorrow, it is back to the fitness gym; it is back to tidying up the home, and it is back to working on my creative projects.

The day after Christmas is almost done. Now, as the New Year is right ahead of us, it is time to reflect on the passing of this strange year where a bloody, nasty, and wrong war is turning the rest of the world upside down and hitting the headlines.

I´m so grateful for my life, although it is remarkably more expensive than I can remember.

I may live on a stricter budget than ever before. I may choose to live in an alternative manner. I may live by old-school rules.

But, believe me, I live a happy and rich life with lots of laughter and tears, too.

The next couple of months will be about saving as much money as possible. Everything is expensive, from electricity bills to food. Therefore, we need to consolidate our savings so that we are well-prepared for a new era with the rapid changes in the world nowadays.

But we already have more than we need, and we have the time, space, and materials to simultaneously do something fun and necessary.

I have many creative projects to work on in-between Winter and Spring. I have a big, beautiful home to care for. And I have a family and good friends to spend my most precious time with.

So, we won´t feel so direct that we work hard to save as much money as possible in due time to keep on doing our best to make the most of every situation.

We are used to spending only money when necessary and seldom for fun and entertainment. And by making saving money a creative project, it quickly becomes a sport.

The day after Christmas, we eat the leftovers, relax, do as little as possible, and reflect on the past four days with joy and gratitude.

While my husband watches a binge-worthy TV series, I listen to different music. My racing thoughts try to distract me whenever I seem to get a sentence right.

The music helps me focus on the writing; it makes me happy and makes the thoughts disappear in countless directions, away from me.

It is a bit difficult to write under such circumstances. Still, with reasonable breaks in-between writing sessions, I work my way through the 1,000-word blog post I have as a weekly goal.

It has been a great holiday with many visits, a festive atmosphere, and memorable moments. Now, it is time to let go of it and return to our everyday here in the southern part of Denmark.

I did that today by helping my tired husband with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and dining area. I will do it tomorrow with the rest after my morning walk, visit, and fitness class.

One hundred words left today to greet you and wish you a Happy New Year, dear readers and followers; I check out 2022, proudly announcing a stable weight loss, high spirit, and a new-found strength in facing a life where it is lived; direct, open-minded, and kind.

I will come back in 2023 in just a few days from now.

Please stay safe wherever you are. We live in dangerous yet life-enriching eras these odd years. And it all about living each day as if it were our last on Mother Earth.

May your year be outstanding, with unforgettable moments.

May your week be gifted with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May world peace be the new positive to wake up to sooner rather than later.

And may my current mood be unchanged for as long as possible in the new year ahead of my loved ones and me.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Yule next week and Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule, dear readers and followers. A week early, perhaps; however, I feel the inner need to express my deepfelt gratitude, bow my head in a silent online prayer, and yet show my childlike happiness.

With both awe and a light drop of emotional pain, I now walk you through this past week of yesterday.

As usual, these odd years, and in particular 2022, it was hectic, busy, and inspirational to the degree that I have only met before on the rarest occasions.

I have also been torn between clashing emotions, as the breakup of two of my dear friends hurts like hell, simultaneously with the other extreme feeling of deep and lasting love between my husband and me.

Yet I also know but gut feeling and from the bottom of my heart, mind, and soul that sometimes life and love hurts. It won´t last forever, though. So, to turn a negative input into positive affirmations that I´m pretty alright here in the southern part of my country, Denmark, let me assure you that life here otherwise is as good as it gets.

I´m getting so much closer to letting go of my counselor next year. My moods are stabilized, my anxiety is silent but awake, and my ADHD helps me stay creative and alert when necessary.

And I now plan to ask my county to hire me for real and good. I simply love my voluntary work at the social houses, where I have been lucky enough to meet courageous, strong, and lovable people who, despite their physical and mental handicaps, can teach me empathy, friendship, and gratitude for my own life.

But I also got to live with inflation, war, and a more crazy world. And by January 2023, the tax authorities will no longer deduct my separate income from my husband´s early retirement money. I can work ten hours a week. Better than nothing at all; besides, I simply got to try to work more permanently with this.

I will plan my Yule/Winter Solstice witchcraft ritual in the weekend ahead. Its theme will be beauty and light as we celebrate that the Sun will regain more of its power over the darkness after this day. And my husband and I will decorate our home for Christmas, more than we have done in the latest couple of years.

My eighty-four-year-old father will join us this Christmas, and he arrives here on Friday, December 23, also a day of magick, the nameless day (Celtic).

Therefore, we do the little extra needed to make it both cozy and inspiring to come here from far away in the country and by train.

So, despite being sad about the breakup in our little clan of dear and true friends, I´m happy and content with all the rest.

I feel so privileged, and I work hard daily to express my gratitude in deeds and words. I have a sweet and caring husband, I have close friends nearby twenty-four-seven, and I have the possibility of being creative even though we live on a stricter budget than the last couple of years.

And gratitude, love, and kindness will be the main focus of my Yule ritual next week.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that Christmas kindness should be an everyday thing reserved for us all. To me, kindness is not an expensive gift. It is the everyday that holds the most days anyway.

Being kind to my loved ones, being kind to the people I meet at the social house, and being kind rather than fighting anyone.

But, trust me, I will stand up and fight for my loved ones, myself, and my beliefs.

If the need arises only, though, I also believe in world peace between people and Mother Earth. However, the likelihood of that is not up to me alone. But I pray for it every day, how it would be beautiful and relaxing.

Yule next week, Christmas 2022, and many plans and stuff to do; thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods, for my current mood. It is wild yet controlled enough to allow me to just live my life as it shows up.

I definitely need the extra energy, especially the mental part, as my husband hurt himself last week, so a finger needs caring love. I told him, of course, to slow down, but he is my soul mate.

Therefore, I know by heart that he is as energetic as I am. Next week, I will take some photos of his latest creative work. It should be appraised, for he knows what he is doing.

We even learn the same way; trial by error.

Now, it is high time to relax and let of a positive and fine Monday in Denmark in December 2022. I have been up since 05.45 a.m. CET this morning, and tomorrow is the exact time as it has been for a couple of months.

We have a friend with a very ill sister with whom we share the morning coffee and a long talk. It is both demanding and profoundly touching to know her, as she is a sweet yet very ill woman.

It is necessary to help her, and it feels just right in the bottom of my heart, mind, and soul.

Being kind in both words and actions is a challenging and sometimes rather lonely adventure. But now, I get to pay just a little back in gratitude.

May your week be full of happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May world peace and respect for climate change be on the agenda for our politicians upstairs. They really need to pull themselves together and do what it takes to heal Mother Earth.

And may my current mood stay stable and keep me working hard to do my best in everything I write and do.

So be it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Christmas rush and redecorating the house

Above all, please forgive me for not writing last Monday. I simply ran out of time due to having a lot to do at home, preparing for my eighty-four-year-old father´s Christmas visit here.

At the same time, my husband and I are extremely busy redecorating the house, so we can keep living here. Unfortunately, energy prices have risen dramatically, so we decided to put up plaster walls and an extra door, letting go of a spare room where the big former business window is full of cracks, making it icy cold and windy in our living room.

After all, we live in a former takeaway shop, where practically all the windows need to be changed to avoid drafts and save money on energy bills.

The last fourteen days have been hectic, filled with extra chores and hard work carrying the content of two bookcases upstairs. The spare room is now only for flowers and plants because it is too damp to keep other stuff there.

As a result, my shoulders pay the price and hurt like hell. It was a nightmare going to my fitness classes last week, as some of the exercises involve using the shoulders. But I´m pretty tenacious, and at least I managed to do most of them without whining and making faces despite intense pain.

The Christmas rush has begun its first stage here with us. Today, my husband made a beautiful Christmas decoration for our upcoming Christmas party for my father and our dear friends on December 26. And I got all the good stuff out in the open from boxes and bags.

Besides being hectically busy with all sorts of practical pursuits, we were sad to learn that two of our dear friends have decided to split and live separately for good. But we told them they were still welcome here, as we don´t take sides in anybody´s private matters.

Yet eighteen days are left to prepare for my father´s visit. He will arrive by train on December 23, and my friend, with whom I enjoy the morning walks and talks, has promised to take me to Esbjerg to meet him at the train station. An old neighbor and close friend will come here on December 27 to bring him back home.

So, until then, we enjoy being busy and having more than enough to do. Speaking of which, this week, I begin preparing my witchcraft ritual for Yule on December 21. A party of lights, celebrating that the Sun will regain more and more power over the darkness from that day on.

Tomorrow, I will attend the Christmas party for the people at the social houses where I work voluntarily every Tuesday and Wednesday. I have promised to help both before and after the party, and I have begun the complex art of learning to cook for up to ten-twelve people at a time on Wednesdays.

So, my Thursday is a full day off from anything but light chores and my 5D diamond image, which is about halfway done by now.

The weekend, however, the plan is to help some friends put up their new fence, as they helped us a lot this Summer when we had to deal effectively with a pesky neighbor by putting up a brand-new fence.

My mood swings have stabilized during the last couple of weeks, and, enjoying my controlled manic mood, if not all, then most of my physical and mental strength has returned. And, since I´m feeling better than ever, the time has come to begin preparing to say goodbye to my counselor, as there are many, many people in my country, Denmark, who need her help more than me.

That process will begin shortly into the new year, as the coming of Spring is the best time for me to tune myself into becoming truly my master.

I know the last day with her will be both painful and challenging for us. But simultaneously, it is the finest quality label on her professional work with me when we let each other go our separate ways. And the plan is to keep a phone number to call if or when the need for help arises again.

Which, by the way, is a very sensible thing to have in mind living with bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and probably even more on top of that.

Next week, I will include some pictures of my husband´s solid work in the house. He is a skilled artisan and handyman, and I´m so proud of him for being the best husband one could ever wish for, making my life worth living, and becoming the perfect example to follow.

He is the one true love of my life, my best friend ever, and worth every inch of the way from our first meeting almost fifteen years ago to this day.

The next demanding creative project here is to clean my witch´s den, where my father will be sleeping during our Christmas days together. Of course, I need to go through a lot of witchy stuff for him to feel comfortable, but he knows about and respects my faith and lifestyle, and I know by heart that he will sleep safe and sound there.

Fifty-five words left today to speak out my joy of life and my most sincere intentions of doing my best every time in anything, especially witchcraft, writing, and creative projects, and to let go of shoulder pain, a world in meaningless chaos, and any kind of negativity whatsoever. As I will, so mote it be.

May your week be joyful, filled with happy moments and lots of love and friendship, dear readers and followers. May happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness be attainable for all living creatures on Mother Earth.

And may my controlled manic mood keep making my life perfect for an extended time.

Let it be so; let us meet in silent online prayer for world peace.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

The return of Jack Frost

It is bitterly cold, freezing, outside today. The return of Jack Frost was abrupt, as if out of nowhere, and harsh on my osteoarthritis. However, the whole day has been filled with different activities, from fitness class to cooking my first meal in a very long time.

Now, I believe it is time to do much more of the cooking stuff, which has been quite an issue for me throughout life. I want an experience that can boost my confidence in my cooking abilities.

Besides, I need to be able to cook a decent meal, as everybody should be able to. It will take time and a lot of patience from my husband, who usually does the cooking around here.

The return of Jack Frost also shows me that I need to work harder on my mental disorders in these dark Winter months. I simply don´t have time for the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) anymore in my life.

There is so much going on here that every split second must be spent on my beautiful family, my sweet friends, my beloved philosophical cats, and the little wise, old dog.

Last week, I was deeply saddened to learn that two of my dear friends, a sweet couple, have decided to break up. But nothing can be done here except let them know that my husband and I are right here and that they still are welcome.

Several of our friends have more than their fair share of trouble stemming from health issues, family problems, and late effects after a close encounter with Covid 19.

So, I try my best to cheer them up, help them, and talk them through it, honestly and direct, as I don´t believe in beating around the bush.

Therefore, I´m more than happy to engage myself in a fresh new week. Tomorrow and Wednesday, it will again be time to visit the social houses and learn about people in a thought-provoking and life-affirming manner.

I will follow a friend to the hospital on Thursday, where she will undergo a complex and extensive leg operation.

Friday and the weekend are yet to be filled with activities and social gatherings. Still, I plan to relax with a brand-new creative project and work with my digital Book of Shadows.

It is a little early to prepare for my upcoming Yule/Winter Solstice witchcraft ritual. Therefore, I will work on missing parts of my Book of Shadows. They are missing, as I have only practiced as a solitary cottage witch for six years.

And there is only enough time to work on one subject at a time. But there are plenty of different themes to work on, so I never need to fear getting bored in my lifetime.

The return of Jack Frost also reminds me that next Sunday, it will be the First Sunday of Advent, meaning it is due time to begin decorating our home for Christmas. This year, my eighty-four-year-old father will attend here with us, and I simply can´t wait to spend precious time with him again.

We will have five days together, and we already have many plans to prepare. First, we want my father to meet with our friends for a traditional Christmas party on December 26. Then, the day after, my dear friend, with whom I walk and attend fitness class every morning, will prepare him and us a delicious meal.

Last week was hectic, short, and so live-affirming and challenging that I still need to clear my mind from the many life lessons I learned.

Yesterday, I was on the cell phone with my father. Simultaneously, I ironed a massive pile of clothing, tablecloths, and old, sweet handkerchiefs from my late mother.

Some of the hankies I have used to create a beautiful, old-fashioned curtain for my bathroom window. I did it with a friend who knew how to handle a sewing machine and the art of teaching it to me as she worked through the project.

The curtain is today´s blog picture, by the way.

The next project is to put the finishing touches on a birthday gift to a friend for Friday, where there also will be a ladies´ luncheon to enjoy. Again, it is a homemade wind chime (the image follows next Monday).

As for now, I will wrap up with a few thoughts on life here at this sacred spot of Paradise on Mother Earth.

I live a fairy-tale life. Practically everything seems to work harmoniously together right here, right now, and I genuinely feel that I live the best years of my life so far. Despite world chaos, everyday challenges from bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and constant racing thoughts, I live a happy life on a strict budget.

We have learned our life lessons the hardest possible way. And, I willingly admit, we are strict on saving before spending, recycling, and giving each other enough space to maintain a strong marriage in year fourteen.

For that, I´m so grateful, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

It is definitely not a matter of course to live like that. It takes hard work, daily consideration about the details of saving energy and thereby having to spend less on the bills, and iron will to do what my husband and I do with our life.

So, thank you, dear husband, for giving the many opportunities for happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

May your week be blessed with domestic bliss, lots of love and friendship, and positive life experiences, dear readers and followers.

May there soon be peace on Mother Earth, as it is highly due time for a better future than human beings so far have been able to pave the way for.

May my current manic episode be of long-lasting character. I really need the high energy levels right now; thank you, dear Universe, thank you, dear goddesses, and thank you, dear gods.

So mote it be. Blessed be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Winter blues and Spring hopes

This past week has been remarkable due to the mild weather in Denmark, great experiences with friends for life, and my drastic mood improvements.

The climate changes are here already, and we might as well learn to cope to our best ability. I have seen swans on a field very late and a mighty flock of geese in the air as late as yesterday. But it all changed for the worse today, for Winter and Jack Frost are impatient now.

Now, we need to put heat on, wear extra clothes, and think more than twice about how we use our energy for water, heating, and electricity.

I´m usually mentally torn between Winter blues and Spring hope at this time of year. But this year is different, though.

I´m still dreading the long and icy cold Winter months. Yet, I´m more than capable of being happy, productive, and learning valuable life lessons about good people in my life.

My Spring hopes are high, wild, and enthusiastic right now. As I see it, the celebration of the Winter Solstice or Yule on December 21 is getting closer by the hour. So come on, King Winter, just show me what you got.

My arthritis is as bad as ever; my thought streams try to spin me around every awaken split second, and it hurts like hell to attend my fitness class.

This week, flu and other bad stuff can pack up and let me go. I have decided to go back to standard procedure and attend my fitness class three times, no matter the amount of physical pain after a session like the one I overcame this morning.

I count the days until we reach the first day of Spring in a few months. I can´t wait to bask in the Sun with my coffee, enjoying my husband´s beautiful and well-kept garden and the fun of watching the wise little old dog, sniffing in the air on the garden lounge.

So Winter blues and Spring hopes may very well be attuned to me right now, as I´m experiencing a balanced version of mild daily mood swings this Winter. My bipolar disorder is stable and easy to handle, my anxiety only hisses and shows its sharp claws, but it stays in the corner, obedient, at the moment at least.

Tonight, I´m working simultaneously on my newest 5D diamond image, an abstract image with all the colors I love to work with, and going through a big basket filled with beautiful old handkerchiefs.

The plan is to visit a sewing-handy friend on Thursday and make two curtains for my bathroom window with her.

These weeks, I´m finishing long-lost projects, both for others to enjoy and for me to keep being happy about my current living conditions.

I have excess mental energy when in a manic mood. Still, I have to use my physical energy sparingly, as my physical ailments haven´t let go of me yet.

Winter blues right now is, among many other things not worth mentioning, that awkward feeling of inadequacy that occurs when good friends and good people are not well, whether due to physical, mental, or spiritual issues.

Fortunately, we all try to remain reasonably sane, laugh a lot, and work rather than sob about stuff we can´t change, only re-adjust our attitudes.

Spring hopes are new ideas, future plans, and the desire to spread out your wings and try to fly without fear but most certainly with deepfelt respect.

Hopefully, it will be here as soon as possible, better, ASAP. So keep on dreaming, dear readers and followers, as dreams are vital to living your life to its fullest.

This past week was busy as usual, difficult mentally to leave behind, and way too fast for me. The days ran together, so it now feels strange to point out single moments when everything was chaotic and charming simultaneously.

But I remember this irresistible feeling of belonging to home, family, friends, and good people. Better late than never, I have found my way home.

I feel lucky living with the love of my life, good people close to me, and sweet philosophical cats and a dear wise old dog lying right next to me.

Every day now feels like a fairy tale; however, it is everyday-like. There is no actual difference between work time and offline time.

But ever since I began working at the social houses in my county, my anxiety level has gone one way down and down. I haven´t had a long and lousy anxiety attack for as long as I can remember this year. However, nothing about anxiety may ever lead to the conclusion that it´s finally gone, Hoorah. I have tried, and it keeps creeping back on me.

There is a long time between attacks this year, yet I´m more watchful than ever. I keep working daily to learn to cope and live comfortably with physical ailments and mental disorders.

Ninety words left to tell you how grateful I am for you reading me. Thank you, I like to read you, too. Writing on Mondays is the right thing to do for me now, as I write faster and better at the beginning of the week rather than at the end.

Perhaps I´m more motivated by the fact that I have been up since 05.45 this Monday morning when writing this. No matter what, it is bliss every time to write in peace and freely here. Hope you enjoy it.

May your week be blessed with the joy of life, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May the world shut up, pardon my French, so it is possible to think, love, and simply live your life in peace and quiet.

And may my challenging ailments keep being obedient and leave me alone most of the time; thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.