Becoming a Crone…

Maiden, Mother, Crone. 3 stages in a woman´s life. Corresponding for the male readers it is the Boy, the Man and the Elder (

I´m now 10 days from my 50th birthday. So I´ve passed the gates for a maiden and a mother (3 cats and a dog). And now I´m about to enter the stage of the Crone. The elder, wise woman, who know a couple of things that most people have lost their connection to in this hectic modern world of today.

Becoming a Crone is not an easy path at all. Nothing else in my life has been easy, however, so I´m well prepared for this. This time I´m going to enjoy every step of the way.

Because I feel free, grateful and happy. All my fears have been reduced to tangible things to handle in due time and not a moment before that.

I still have many fears, but my work with witchcraft has been a channel of release from the past. Now I dare to face even my most terrifying inner fear, because when I face it, it becomes a little bit easier to handle the consequences of it.

Living in the moment is the only answer.

And one key to being able to actually live in the present moment is to realize that not all gold that shines is worth the work.

To be happy and content with what you already have. To only wish for what you truly need, not every whim and desire. And to be grateful just to be alive.

Another is to take good care of your health and your dreams. Always with a positive outlook, which will boost every confidence.

Becoming a Crone is fun, though. I still feel young, I´ve learned to live with my mental wounds and my physical back disorder, gained by an exiting, ever flexible life, and hard work around the golden calf.

So, oh yes, I´ve been there. I once thought I was not good enough. I did all the right things, I was told to do. But did it get me further than where I am today, did it make me happier, did I hit the golden jackpot ?

No. It frustrated me, it haunted me, it laughed at me.

Today, I think different, money is a means of survival in a modern world, but not my one and only desire. And people around me need to be free spirited, since I´m a free-thinker, a heretic, a pagan, a witch. And I´m proud of it.

I despise any kind of constraints, limits and expectations that come from bigotry, hatred and fake news.

So sometimes my pen is sharpened, although in person I´m quite easy-going.

Becoming a Crone is also followed by a wealth of knowledge that I look forward in sharing with you. Tomorrow I will therefore show you my interpretation of a Book of Shadows, which to me is essential in order to keep track of journals, inspirational material and spells and rituals etc.


Working with the elements

Today, the weather is arguing with itself about whether it should be like summer or like a touch of autumn. As the Wheel of the Year turns, we also turn ourselves.

I´m a bit tired, but still happy and full of inner peace. I feel rich, because I´m pretty okay, both in the mundane world and here with you, dear reader. It is a major success to me, because I´m still recovering from the roller coaster of life. Everybody gets hurt, everybody gets inner scars. With a positive outlook it can be turned into something beautiful and useful.

Life experience does not have to be counted in physical years alone. What matters is what the experience means to you in your daily life. And how you act on it.

My physical, mental and spiritual health is very important to me. As a Crone, feeling grounded is alfa and omega. Because if that part is okay, then the rest of me is too.

And I prefer at any time kindness as my way of greeting the world and Mother Earth.

Today and the next couple of days, you will get to know my interpretation of the elements and spirit. I believe in four elements and in spirit or Akasha, as I prefer to call it.

Feeling grounded resonates of Earth. But today I´m going to focus on the element of Air.

I began this post by mentioning the typical Danish summer weather. Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes unpredictable. It´s a bit windy today as well, and I´m pondering about making a spell including a little bit of weather magic.

On my Pinterest profile ( ) , go to the board The Northern Witch´s Den, section 59, Weather Magick. There you´ll find some related pins from like-minded people.

Perhaps catching the wind in a rope, which has very old roots…

But since I´m a witch living in a mundane world, there are certain to do´s so I´ll be back with some reflections on the element of Air, which to me is mighty power, fiery rage, sweet cooling breeze and dry hazy summer days. And corresponding to the East (Northern Hemisphere), where the Sun rises in the morning.