A new Witch´s Den is here

Dear readers and followers, I would have liked to have the supernatural powers of a multi-artist in the latest couple of weeks. Still, unfortunately, we had to prioritize our workload.

It has taken my husband a long time to reach the goal of creating the settings in an entirely new Witch´s Den so that I, the Northern Witch, would have the opportunity of arranging all my witchy supplies to create beauty, serenity, and a center of peace.

There simply was not enough time for all my many projects. And writing seemed awkward to me when feeling tired and worn out from hours of cleaning and redecorating such a room as a Witch´s Den.

So, I decided to wait for more blog posts until we had finished the worst parts of our home makeover.

But, now the waiting is over; a new Witch´s Den is here. Today, I present you with my beautiful new room; I hope you will enjoy the pictures of it at the end of the post.

Besides being busier than ever, I´m in the middle of a mood swing for the better. Depression yield for mania. I believe it is only a few days before everything settles back into my preferred, standard version.

Winter should have withdrawn by now, according to the human calendar. Still, Spring seems far away today with nasty little showers and a relentless icy cold wind.

Instead, we, the humans and our little animals, withdraw into warm and cozy home surroundings. I have been working on my Book of Shadows for the last couple of weeks as the only alternative to hard work and tough time waiting for my turn to do some work, as well as my diligent husband.

Things have changed at the social houses where I work voluntarily. I only go on Wednesdays, as our locations are split between two places on the same day. Not very practical, but other people need our primary site for as good a cause as ours.

In return, I began working at a creative workshop where the aim is to make people able to express themselves creatively so that they better can manage their life, including getting closer to a job.

Last Friday, we worked with self-hardening clay, and I presented them with two tea light candle holders and a small bowl. It will be fun and instructive to pick the items up next Friday to paint and decorate them.

It was also the first time in several years that I went by a public bus, went shopping on my own in a larger city than mine, and generally had a great time doing it.

A friend moved recently, and it was fantastic and heartwarming to see last week that she now lives more comfortably than before, that she is happy about it, and that it will be no problem to revisit her soon.

Another friend was told today that he has to change his lifestyle fast. Otherwise, he faces severe complications and the risk of dying way before his time. He drives trucks, lives on the highway throughout the week, and is a special friend to my husband and me.

Yes, change happens quickly and slowly here at my paradisic spot on Mother Earth. So my next endeavor is to create the first witchcraft ritual in my new Witch´s Den on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

My celebration of Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, will center around love,  beauty, and a salute to everything that Spring brings to mind of positive sensations.

Being busy right now also includes preparations for the Easter holiday in early April. My father arrives on Holy Thursday and leaves the following Sunday. I look forward to it, as due to the long distance between us, we have to meet whenever possible.

But from now on, there should be appropriate to write a blog post every Monday morning right after my morning walk-and-talk, my morning visit to a sick friend, and my fitness class.

I plan to work on my laptop from tomorrow only in my creative den, as it is getting warmer in the weather, whenever Jack Frost doesn´t roam at crazy hours like in the middle of Spring itself. Nature is fickle at the moment, but the Sun will prevail over the darkest of hours.

A new Witch´s Den is here, and I am happy and proud of my husband´s exquisite work. He is a genuine handyman; he knows what he is doing and is meticulous and hard-working.

Now, I must let go of anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and probably more. Finally, springtime is here; however, the weather gods don´t seem to agree at the moment.

Now is the time to put action behind intentions and plans. Now is the time to sow and plant ideas and thoughts as well as seeds and plants. And now is the time to take in new experiences with the good people in my life, whether they are here in my daily life or further away from me.

Eighty words left to describe my thankfulness for the life I have been bestowed. It is a rich life; however strict my budget is. I have only good people in my life, help others, and enjoy being with people.

It has been many years without it, as I have met so many different people that the rare ones are much more appreciated than any quantity of people.

But now, I have found the rarest kind: those who radiate true friendship.

May your week be blessed with sunshine, love, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May the world heal from human wounds as soon as possible so that it is possible to live and be happy about it again.

And may my current mood roller coaster relax and settle for the faster, more energetic, and happiest version of me, the Northern Witch.

As we all want it, please let it be, dear Universe, Goddesses, and Gods.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.