The day after Christmas

Four fantastic days and evenings with my eighty-four-year-old father, who will be eighty-five in just twenty-four days from now, passed like a whirlwind of speed, fortitude, and unforgettable memories passing by.

We had a beautiful, inspiring, and awesome Christmas this year. Especially yesterday´s Christmas party with my father and our closest friends was worth attending.

The day after Christmas is both a remarkable and a challenging day. It is all about receiving love and letting it go in front of your eyes, as my sweet former neighbors and friends came by today to bring my father back home by car. Remember, he arrived by train; I promise you he is a tough daddy.

Listening to old-school music in all genres while writing this because after letting him go, I really need to let my forever-tossing-and-turning-racing thoughts do their thing instead of focusing on writing my heart out.

Sometimes, with bipolar disorder, mixed episodes, it is an advantage to work with the thoughts rather than forcing myself to use all kinds of distractions to keep them silent.

And today is such a day. I always feel sorrowful when I see my father leave my home, my grounding spot on Mother Earth, where I feel the most rooted in my life.

It takes me about an hour to walk through the emotional register, from sadness and tears to common sense and the knowing that I always will speak with my father after his return to his home.

He calls me, and I call him back for about fifteen minutes. There, we pay our respects; there, we find the time for our next phone call; there, we forget about traumas and concentrate on simply loving each other on our own terms.

Then comes the silence in the room after my husband retires to enjoy his daily power naps. Yet another hour, suddenly writing my way through the sadness back to happiness and contentment.

And now, as I´m writing this, everything is back to normal; everything is as it should be.

Now, we need to recuperate and turn back to the everyday here. So, tomorrow, it is back to the fitness gym; it is back to tidying up the home, and it is back to working on my creative projects.

The day after Christmas is almost done. Now, as the New Year is right ahead of us, it is time to reflect on the passing of this strange year where a bloody, nasty, and wrong war is turning the rest of the world upside down and hitting the headlines.

I´m so grateful for my life, although it is remarkably more expensive than I can remember.

I may live on a stricter budget than ever before. I may choose to live in an alternative manner. I may live by old-school rules.

But, believe me, I live a happy and rich life with lots of laughter and tears, too.

The next couple of months will be about saving as much money as possible. Everything is expensive, from electricity bills to food. Therefore, we need to consolidate our savings so that we are well-prepared for a new era with the rapid changes in the world nowadays.

But we already have more than we need, and we have the time, space, and materials to simultaneously do something fun and necessary.

I have many creative projects to work on in-between Winter and Spring. I have a big, beautiful home to care for. And I have a family and good friends to spend my most precious time with.

So, we won´t feel so direct that we work hard to save as much money as possible in due time to keep on doing our best to make the most of every situation.

We are used to spending only money when necessary and seldom for fun and entertainment. And by making saving money a creative project, it quickly becomes a sport.

The day after Christmas, we eat the leftovers, relax, do as little as possible, and reflect on the past four days with joy and gratitude.

While my husband watches a binge-worthy TV series, I listen to different music. My racing thoughts try to distract me whenever I seem to get a sentence right.

The music helps me focus on the writing; it makes me happy and makes the thoughts disappear in countless directions, away from me.

It is a bit difficult to write under such circumstances. Still, with reasonable breaks in-between writing sessions, I work my way through the 1,000-word blog post I have as a weekly goal.

It has been a great holiday with many visits, a festive atmosphere, and memorable moments. Now, it is time to let go of it and return to our everyday here in the southern part of Denmark.

I did that today by helping my tired husband with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and dining area. I will do it tomorrow with the rest after my morning walk, visit, and fitness class.

One hundred words left today to greet you and wish you a Happy New Year, dear readers and followers; I check out 2022, proudly announcing a stable weight loss, high spirit, and a new-found strength in facing a life where it is lived; direct, open-minded, and kind.

I will come back in 2023 in just a few days from now.

Please stay safe wherever you are. We live in dangerous yet life-enriching eras these odd years. And it all about living each day as if it were our last on Mother Earth.

May your year be outstanding, with unforgettable moments.

May your week be gifted with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May world peace be the new positive to wake up to sooner rather than later.

And may my current mood be unchanged for as long as possible in the new year ahead of my loved ones and me.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Yule next week and Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule, dear readers and followers. A week early, perhaps; however, I feel the inner need to express my deepfelt gratitude, bow my head in a silent online prayer, and yet show my childlike happiness.

With both awe and a light drop of emotional pain, I now walk you through this past week of yesterday.

As usual, these odd years, and in particular 2022, it was hectic, busy, and inspirational to the degree that I have only met before on the rarest occasions.

I have also been torn between clashing emotions, as the breakup of two of my dear friends hurts like hell, simultaneously with the other extreme feeling of deep and lasting love between my husband and me.

Yet I also know but gut feeling and from the bottom of my heart, mind, and soul that sometimes life and love hurts. It won´t last forever, though. So, to turn a negative input into positive affirmations that I´m pretty alright here in the southern part of my country, Denmark, let me assure you that life here otherwise is as good as it gets.

I´m getting so much closer to letting go of my counselor next year. My moods are stabilized, my anxiety is silent but awake, and my ADHD helps me stay creative and alert when necessary.

And I now plan to ask my county to hire me for real and good. I simply love my voluntary work at the social houses, where I have been lucky enough to meet courageous, strong, and lovable people who, despite their physical and mental handicaps, can teach me empathy, friendship, and gratitude for my own life.

But I also got to live with inflation, war, and a more crazy world. And by January 2023, the tax authorities will no longer deduct my separate income from my husband´s early retirement money. I can work ten hours a week. Better than nothing at all; besides, I simply got to try to work more permanently with this.

I will plan my Yule/Winter Solstice witchcraft ritual in the weekend ahead. Its theme will be beauty and light as we celebrate that the Sun will regain more of its power over the darkness after this day. And my husband and I will decorate our home for Christmas, more than we have done in the latest couple of years.

My eighty-four-year-old father will join us this Christmas, and he arrives here on Friday, December 23, also a day of magick, the nameless day (Celtic).

Therefore, we do the little extra needed to make it both cozy and inspiring to come here from far away in the country and by train.

So, despite being sad about the breakup in our little clan of dear and true friends, I´m happy and content with all the rest.

I feel so privileged, and I work hard daily to express my gratitude in deeds and words. I have a sweet and caring husband, I have close friends nearby twenty-four-seven, and I have the possibility of being creative even though we live on a stricter budget than the last couple of years.

And gratitude, love, and kindness will be the main focus of my Yule ritual next week.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that Christmas kindness should be an everyday thing reserved for us all. To me, kindness is not an expensive gift. It is the everyday that holds the most days anyway.

Being kind to my loved ones, being kind to the people I meet at the social house, and being kind rather than fighting anyone.

But, trust me, I will stand up and fight for my loved ones, myself, and my beliefs.

If the need arises only, though, I also believe in world peace between people and Mother Earth. However, the likelihood of that is not up to me alone. But I pray for it every day, how it would be beautiful and relaxing.

Yule next week, Christmas 2022, and many plans and stuff to do; thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods, for my current mood. It is wild yet controlled enough to allow me to just live my life as it shows up.

I definitely need the extra energy, especially the mental part, as my husband hurt himself last week, so a finger needs caring love. I told him, of course, to slow down, but he is my soul mate.

Therefore, I know by heart that he is as energetic as I am. Next week, I will take some photos of his latest creative work. It should be appraised, for he knows what he is doing.

We even learn the same way; trial by error.

Now, it is high time to relax and let of a positive and fine Monday in Denmark in December 2022. I have been up since 05.45 a.m. CET this morning, and tomorrow is the exact time as it has been for a couple of months.

We have a friend with a very ill sister with whom we share the morning coffee and a long talk. It is both demanding and profoundly touching to know her, as she is a sweet yet very ill woman.

It is necessary to help her, and it feels just right in the bottom of my heart, mind, and soul.

Being kind in both words and actions is a challenging and sometimes rather lonely adventure. But now, I get to pay just a little back in gratitude.

May your week be full of happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May world peace and respect for climate change be on the agenda for our politicians upstairs. They really need to pull themselves together and do what it takes to heal Mother Earth.

And may my current mood stay stable and keep me working hard to do my best in everything I write and do.

So be it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Christmas rush and redecorating the house

Above all, please forgive me for not writing last Monday. I simply ran out of time due to having a lot to do at home, preparing for my eighty-four-year-old father´s Christmas visit here.

At the same time, my husband and I are extremely busy redecorating the house, so we can keep living here. Unfortunately, energy prices have risen dramatically, so we decided to put up plaster walls and an extra door, letting go of a spare room where the big former business window is full of cracks, making it icy cold and windy in our living room.

After all, we live in a former takeaway shop, where practically all the windows need to be changed to avoid drafts and save money on energy bills.

The last fourteen days have been hectic, filled with extra chores and hard work carrying the content of two bookcases upstairs. The spare room is now only for flowers and plants because it is too damp to keep other stuff there.

As a result, my shoulders pay the price and hurt like hell. It was a nightmare going to my fitness classes last week, as some of the exercises involve using the shoulders. But I´m pretty tenacious, and at least I managed to do most of them without whining and making faces despite intense pain.

The Christmas rush has begun its first stage here with us. Today, my husband made a beautiful Christmas decoration for our upcoming Christmas party for my father and our dear friends on December 26. And I got all the good stuff out in the open from boxes and bags.

Besides being hectically busy with all sorts of practical pursuits, we were sad to learn that two of our dear friends have decided to split and live separately for good. But we told them they were still welcome here, as we don´t take sides in anybody´s private matters.

Yet eighteen days are left to prepare for my father´s visit. He will arrive by train on December 23, and my friend, with whom I enjoy the morning walks and talks, has promised to take me to Esbjerg to meet him at the train station. An old neighbor and close friend will come here on December 27 to bring him back home.

So, until then, we enjoy being busy and having more than enough to do. Speaking of which, this week, I begin preparing my witchcraft ritual for Yule on December 21. A party of lights, celebrating that the Sun will regain more and more power over the darkness from that day on.

Tomorrow, I will attend the Christmas party for the people at the social houses where I work voluntarily every Tuesday and Wednesday. I have promised to help both before and after the party, and I have begun the complex art of learning to cook for up to ten-twelve people at a time on Wednesdays.

So, my Thursday is a full day off from anything but light chores and my 5D diamond image, which is about halfway done by now.

The weekend, however, the plan is to help some friends put up their new fence, as they helped us a lot this Summer when we had to deal effectively with a pesky neighbor by putting up a brand-new fence.

My mood swings have stabilized during the last couple of weeks, and, enjoying my controlled manic mood, if not all, then most of my physical and mental strength has returned. And, since I´m feeling better than ever, the time has come to begin preparing to say goodbye to my counselor, as there are many, many people in my country, Denmark, who need her help more than me.

That process will begin shortly into the new year, as the coming of Spring is the best time for me to tune myself into becoming truly my master.

I know the last day with her will be both painful and challenging for us. But simultaneously, it is the finest quality label on her professional work with me when we let each other go our separate ways. And the plan is to keep a phone number to call if or when the need for help arises again.

Which, by the way, is a very sensible thing to have in mind living with bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and probably even more on top of that.

Next week, I will include some pictures of my husband´s solid work in the house. He is a skilled artisan and handyman, and I´m so proud of him for being the best husband one could ever wish for, making my life worth living, and becoming the perfect example to follow.

He is the one true love of my life, my best friend ever, and worth every inch of the way from our first meeting almost fifteen years ago to this day.

The next demanding creative project here is to clean my witch´s den, where my father will be sleeping during our Christmas days together. Of course, I need to go through a lot of witchy stuff for him to feel comfortable, but he knows about and respects my faith and lifestyle, and I know by heart that he will sleep safe and sound there.

Fifty-five words left today to speak out my joy of life and my most sincere intentions of doing my best every time in anything, especially witchcraft, writing, and creative projects, and to let go of shoulder pain, a world in meaningless chaos, and any kind of negativity whatsoever. As I will, so mote it be.

May your week be joyful, filled with happy moments and lots of love and friendship, dear readers and followers. May happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness be attainable for all living creatures on Mother Earth.

And may my controlled manic mood keep making my life perfect for an extended time.

Let it be so; let us meet in silent online prayer for world peace.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.