Happy Mabon/Autumn Equinox and merry meet again

Yesterday was definitely not me. At all.

Like Monday, I was mentally exhausted and physically tired. Therefore, I removed the day from the calendar; I decided to wait for my weekly update until today.

My eighty-three-year-old father visited us last weekend. It was so good to see him again and be able to talk face-to-face for once. Of course, we speak on the cell phone three times a week, but the personal conversation just is that much better.

The first picture today shows my father and me in our garden around a bonfire. I burned a five-year-old police report about my beautiful classic car. May it rest in peace; now is the time to let go of any kind of leftover negativity that has haunted me for so long.

My old neighbor has promised to bring my father whenever she needs to visit her daughters in Copenhagen and Odense. It is only an extra half hour to get to us, so she is very kind, one of the good people in this crazy world.

The second picture is from my witch´s den, where my husband and I celebrated the Autumn Equinox Thursday this week.

My Tarot cards showed me that yes, there is hard work ahead, but it is positive. So to me, it is necessary to work hard daily with my mental illnesses. Because if I don´t, well, then my condition will worsen for no reason but my laziness.

The giant sunflower head was from a plant almost twelve feet high. My husband is suitable to be proud of his hard work in the garden.

The magick happened when I discovered that a Full Moon spell was used on a former occasion a couple of years ago when the Moon and Sun signs were similar but in reverse order.

I blessed some plant bulbs for next year with a prayer to the Universe; we wrote down our future wishes and let the wind grab the ashes, and we had a perfect time together.

But the best and most important event this week was my conversation with a close friend. We may live different lives, we may be apart for years, and we may stop in the middle of a good discussion because life just happens.

She is the person who knows me best, and apart from my husband and a few dear friends, I choose my circle of friends with great care.

It was so relieving to speak with her again today. Usually, we talk for at least one hour, but most often, more than that.

She is the closest I have come to having a sister. And no matter how much time that has passed since our latest conversation, we simply tune in to each other.

Next year, my husband and I will have been married for twelve and a half years, a copper wedding in Denmark. We want to renew our wows to each other, and I pray to the Universe that my dear friend and her beautiful family will be here to witness that.

Anyway, I´m back behind the keyboard, I´m happy and content with my life, and I believe that magick can happen anywhere. If you only dare to look for it the simplest of places and occasions.

This weekend, I´m busy working on my novel, along with countless creative projects. But I know it will not be so many hours. First, I need to recover from a long week and relax in my body, mind, and soul.

I will sit in my witch´s den tomorrow. I want to clean up after our ritual, meditate in silence about my many blessings, and fully take in the magickal atmosphere in the room.

All things considered, I seriously need to spend much more time both there and in my many other creative spaces in my little big home.

We should also begin redecorating the second floor sometime next week because it needs attention big time.

So, there are plenty of projects to take on, and the only problem is choosing where to start. My answer to that is to make a longer list with the tasks cut up into smaller bites.

That will be my work today after writing this blog post and a more extended break.

I´m forever grateful for all my followers; thank you once more for being here, staying, and being you. It is an honor to write to you.

I have been good this week, too. I have cut down the amount of time used to watch the news. I do see and hear what is necessary to see and hear. But I try to shield myself as much as possible.

Therefore, I use diversion with creative projects. It heals, it soothes, it calms. And it works miracles for me.

Burning a police report over a bonfire feels good. It was a time of release, it cleared my mind, and it ended a painful period in my life, just before I became a witch.

I´m already planning my celebration of Samhain 2021. It will be with everything I got to show my love for witchcraft, including pictures of my ancestors and lost loved ones and, therefore, my car. It will be the most extended ritual of the year, the most beautiful, and the most thought-provoking.

I will rewrite my pledge as a witch, and for once, I will go public and publish it here.

Last, but not least, I need to express my gratitude to the goddesses and gods of the Universe. Thank you, for my life, for everything I have, and especially for my loved ones.

May your weekend be blessed with happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers. And may the world relax so that it again is possible to live a simple yet complicated life here at my incredible paradise on Mother Earth. This circle is now closed; may it be remembered.

So mote it be. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Sixteen hours before a visit

My husband and I have been busy all day preparing for my father´s visit this weekend. We will celebrate Christmas together Saturday because we don´t know if he will visit in December.

Sixteen hours before a visit, I´m physically tired but mentally happy and more than ready to enjoy the time with my father.

We don´t get to see each other that often because we live 101 miles/163 km apart. However, we speak on the cell phone three times a week, and we share almost everything.

This blog post was written on a cloudy Thursday, but it will go online tomorrow as usual. It is because I want to maximize my time with my father. So, although I will want to write during his visit, I will save the writing sessions for the time with television shows that he likes to watch.

And in those sessions, I will write my heart out and try to create something worth reading aloud for my father while he is here with us.

My father´s Christmas present is a good set of chess. He has expressed a wish to learn to play chess, and we can always play through the cell phone when he is accustomed to the moves and the rules, which I will try my best to teach him this weekend.

Sixteen hours before a visit, I´m also recovering from two tough days this week. The day before yesterday was hideous due to my bipolar disorder. I always get these mood swings a couple of days after shifting from one mood to another.

I have the mixed condition, where it is possible to be both happy and sad simultaneously, even on the very same day.

It is highly annoying because it hinders me from doing something creative to divert my racing thoughts. Then I become so restless that the whole house is affected by it. And it keeps on ruining my concentration until I get so tired of myself that I get up and get everything done with the speed and furious force like a tornado.

Yesterday was somewhat better, but not until today did I manage to regain control over myself again. I have asked my counselor for guidance in such situations. However, it is too tiresome and frustrating not to do something serious about it.

Fifteen and a half hours to a long-awaited visit, and everything in my life seems to be as good as perfect right now.

We have unique opportunities for creating a beautiful and giving life here at our little big spot on Mother Earth.

My husband has spent the whole week making the heavy preparations. In contrast, I had to repair myself over a couple of days before I could contribute as well.

During the weekend, I plan to get the time to prepare for my next great Sabbath, Mabon or the Autumn Equinox, which in Denmark is on September 22.

It will be a rich ritual due to the Full Moon next week. Perhaps I will recharge my crystals in the moonlight, pick a delicate incense, and grab all the good stuff along with altar cloths, corresponding candle and ribbon colors, and a beautiful altar setup. First, I want to send a spell of gratitude to the Universe.

I feel that I have accomplished something significant by being able to live the way I do. I have never before in my life experienced such good things as I do right here, right now.

Second, I want to express my gratitude for all my blessings, and thirdly, I want to send off positive karma to my loved ones around the world.

I think it is here where I tell you, dear readers and followers, that I include you in my idea of what a true family can be.

The best one is not necessarily the one that followed our birth into this world.

But most of all, I´m looking forward to celebrating Samhain on October 31.

I plan to renew my pledge to witchcraft with a solid personal statement about my beliefs and why I became a witch five years ago.

This weekend, however, will also be when I say the final goodbye to my beautiful classic car that was stolen and burnt to ashes just before I took my first insecure steps as a baby witch in 2016.

I will do so by burning the police report. Five years have almost passed, and now the case is as cold as stone. Which I´m happy about because I have no wish whatsoever ever to meet those who did such a meaningless act.

And then I will let go of what no longer serves me over a bonfire together with my husband and my father.

Fifteen hours before a visit, I´m contemplating using the remains of the day to try to build a miniature Chinese house. This week´s blog picture shows the second house, a flower shop I finished building last Sunday.

But first comes a long hot bath and comfortable clothes. Self-care is also essential when living with bipolar disorder and anxiety. Therefore, I take time to spoil myself like I like to spoil my loved ones.

Next Friday will be about my Mabon ritual, and there are pictures from my witch´s den, of course. I will include a closer look into my preparations for a Sabbath as well.

I´m rather curious what my Tarot cards will tell me the next time I touch them because my latest spread showed hard work ahead. So I would very much like to find out more about what it may mean in my everyday.

May your weekend be blessed with lots of love and care, exciting conversations, and happy moments to remember forever, dear readers and followers.

May the peoples of this turbulent world come together rather than apart, and may the Universe grant us all happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness. As we will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

The magick of real life

Suppose you sometimes stop reflecting on where life’s adventures have been hiding lately. In that case, you need to rethink your priorities and look close up around you.

This week, I learned by direct experience that the real magick happens when you least expect it.

Slowly but surely, my husband and I have found the rarest kind of friends. You know, the good ones to whom a word is a word, brutal honesty is preferable to lies and deceit, and a favor for a favor is a must.

The magick of real life hit me direct in the heart, mind, and soul as we wished each other a blessed weekend around noon today. Seldom have I personally met more lovable people. Team spirit all the way, also through the afternoon with yet another dear friend.

I feel privileged because I have everything I need close by, and my worldwide family expands step by step. Welcome to new followers, and thank you for being here.

I live a fairytale life now. I simply cannot find anything in my past that can surpass the way things are changing for the better right here, right now.

My husband was offered the chance to maintain an old and former beautiful garden. It needs solid work, caring hands, and a lot of patience. But it has the potential to become more than beautiful.

I help as much as my physical and mental ailments will allow me to. My wooden leg hurts like hell, my knees and feet torment me, and my bipolar disorder and its friend anxiety keep pushing my limits.

But after a great week with good people, it feels a little less tiresome. So there is some leftover energy. And my thoughts are filled with tons of ideas to put into reality one by one.

The magick of real life feels like coming home.

Therefore, tomorrow morning, I will light the candles and the sage incense and do the following steps:

  • Preparations: Pick your favorite witchcraft props and try to combine practicality with beauty.
  • Step one: speak the following words as invitation to the goddesses and the gods of the Universe:” Goddesses and Gods of the Universe, welcome to our circle of love, faith, and harmony. Please watch over this rite and grant us the gifts of truth, inner peace, and happiness.”
  • Step two: grab a deck of Tarot cards. Pick a personal significator and shuffle thoroughly. Then draw thirteen random cards; remember to save the last card for clarification issues. Interpret what your senses tell you to notice.
  • Step three: make a spell bag on the fly with whatever you got of herbs, crystals, oils, petitions, and personal objects, and think of something you would like to attract to your magickal life. Then speak a personal prayer over it, put it somewhere special, and imagine the five elements enclose it and protect it.
  • Step four: do any extra stuff you like to do in a witchcraft ritual and end the rite with e.g. this circle closure: “Goddesses and gods of the Universe, thank you for watching over us and our rite. Please hear our prayers and allow us to let go of what no longer serves us. This circle is now closed. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

It is a thanksgiving ritual made on the fly, as I’m writing this for you, dear readers and followers.

Yesterday, I finally made good progress with my novel project. And even though that I’m physically tired, this evening will be giving too.

I can feel it in my body, mind, and soul that my inspirational muse has granted me peace in my head to concentrate enough to write something worth reading more than twice.

The magick of real life happens while you stop hunting for happiness and love. The day I met my husband, I met love. And today, I fully met happiness.

Things have definitely changed for so much better.

I’m now entirely in my manic phase, where I speak more, do more, and live more. But don’t worry, there is the correct medication, therapy, and hard work to control it.

My anxiety is also on the retreat after a couple of annoying attempts during the evenings and nights.

And I have decided to get up and make coffee the next time I wake up in the craziest of hours of the night. So I might as well try to write when I can’t sleep more than five to six hours every night.

I must confess, however, that I take an afternoon nap from time to time when I’m in this phase. But lately, I have spent my afternoons with a friend building miniature houses. The pictures of today show a flower shop and a traditional Chinese house.

Especially the latter is intriguing because the size is tiny indeed. So it will take me a long time to finish it, and some of it will be slow work and periods without trying to assemble anything at all.

The magick of real life is right around you if only you dare to look close enough and remain happy and grateful for what you already have.

I have found happiness, inner peace, a good health, and kindness now.

For that, I thank you, dear Universe.

Tomorrow will also be the day where I pull myself together and begin tidying up. Next Friday, my 83-year-old father comes for a three-day visit. We miss him dearly, but now another unique friend brings him here whenever she needs to visit her daughters.

Then he doesn’t need to use the train anymore, and it is more than fair because he deserves to be brought by car instead.

May your weekend be blessed with inspiring thoughts, creative sparks, and happy moments, dear readers and followers.

And may the world’s peoples find that the authentic way to happiness has nothing to do with money, status, and expensive symbols of own superiority. As we will it, so mote it be.

My old school week

This week, almost everything seems to function the way I want it to be.

My mood has changed for the better, and this time I hope that it will last long enough for me to regain most of my inner strength. Today, however, I feel somewhat tired, and therefore, I granted myself an extra afternoon nap. On top of the morning nap, well, it sometimes takes two rounds of naps for me to make the most of the day.

But the week has been outstanding, full of joy and laughter with my husband and some unique friends. We all belong to the old school where a word is a word, where we laugh and cry through life´s challenges together, and where we have each other´s back no matter what.

My old school week began with creative pursuits, and it ends with a weekend filled with writing and yet more creative projects.

This blog post, however, I dedicate to my husband and my friends. They are so dear to me that I, for once, have some difficulty finding the right words to show my gratitude for having them in my life.

Together, we are seven people, each so different from the others that it takes like-minded people to understand us fully. Four women and three men.

We have in common an old-school outlook on life in general, life experience stemming from years of hard personal work for better or worse, and the belief that speaking the truth is the essential tool to get through life without too many scars.

We also share the love of recycling and using our abilities to create with creativity for the love of creating something with our minds and hands.

Recently, my husband and I had to make a harsh decision and say no forever to a toxic relationship with people we no longer want to take part in our life.

But it resulted in something so much better, and it paved the way for a network worth both the time and the work for it.

We help each other through the everyday, we share our respective talents, and we genuinely like what we see and hear when we are together.

Concerning my writing adventure, it is a bit on hold this week. I prefer to work in mind alone right now, so that I have material enough for at least twenty to twenty-five pages. Therefore, I plan to write a lot this weekend.

And it might as well be during the night since my sleep pattern is crazy after a more extended period of depressive racing thoughts.

But I do get my sleep now, just not as much during the night.

It doesn´t matter that much, though, because I´m early retired and have the opportunity to sleep well through my mornings if that is what it takes to get enough sleep.

In the best mood for me, bipolar disorder is an advantage. Here, I find my creative muse; I feel that I accomplish something, and  I want to stay forever in my preferred mood. I know it is not possible, but I always long for this whenever I´m on the depressive side.

My anxiety disorders stay calm and only hiss at me from their corners.

Nevertheless, I´m cautious not to overload my mind with too many projects at a time, and I ask my loved ones to remind me that I need more breaks than usual right now.

It feels like sitting in a rowboat without oars, and the worst part is when the boat rocks between moods.

But I keep up my hard work to learn as much as possible about my mental disorders to control them most effectively.

And after a couple of years with it, you learn to cope if you do your part and try your best every day.

My old school week began Monday with a morning coffee meeting at a new place to us. My husband helped our new friend with her garden and got some delicate plants in return.

Tuesday, it was time for another friend and me to continue the work piecing together miniature houses. Wednesday was full of therapy and a long phone call with my eighty-three-year-old father. Thursday, the energy ran low, but my friend and I enjoyed a walk in her garden instead.

Today, Friday, I pulled the whole day out of the calendar and retreated to get some needed sleep.

Until it was time again for my weekly blog post. And why not write about the people around me who make my days so much better now just by showing me love, respect, and honesty.

I don´t need to have many people in my life, but I need the right kind of people around me. The kind of people who you can trust, who are good-hearted, and who are genuinely interested in doing something enjoyable together.

And I have found such people. They are scarce in a world full of crazy people doing stupid things. They are hard to find because they don´t trust others that easily. And they are unbearable to lose because they occupy a big piece of my heart.

So, I take as much care of them as they take care of me.

Next week, I will create a beautiful witchcraft ritual for my husband and me. And after that, we will share a bonfire in the garden. It is high time to let go of what no longer serves us so that there is room for new adventures with our dear friends. We must also prepare for my father´s visit two weeks from today.

But there will be plenty of time to be creative and to write my novels.

My old school week became the return of the best possible version of me. But now I´m tired; therefore, I will wish you a blessed weekend, dear readers and followers.

And may the world find peace with itself sooner rather than later.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Picture of 서 은성 from Pixabay