Invitation – follow the daily life of a witch

Good morning, dear reader.

Today I give you the opportunity to follow me in my daily practice as a witch. To me witchcraft is sacred knowledge that must be handled with great care.

By that I mean with passion and with common sense. Witchcraft is also to dare to actually try it out. It takes time, so patience and thorough research will get you very far. And sometimes witchcraft needs to be silent, because learning and sharing is not the same as telling everything.

If I told you every single detail about my life as a witch, you would be bored and disappointed. Bored, because my path and your path are unique, and disappointed, because it would be my experience only.

My intention here is to give you my version of what being a witch can be. To me it is a way of life, from early morning to late evening. In my home there is witchcraft everywhere.

One of my small morning rituals is to walk or sit in my den to gather my thoughts and take a deep breath before any chores, creative or witchcraft related purposes.

Just for a couple of minutes, and even the worst of days have begun with a positive outlook. If you know how to do it, dare to do it, will your Craft and keep silent about your inner experience. Do go and tell that it makes you happy, calm and relaxed. But please allow yourself the pleasure of having unique experiences of that special moment that cannot be described, but only be experienced in person.

As you have read these lines, I´ve also worked with the Four Powers of the Magus. On my Pinterest profile The Northern Witch ( ) you will find a related pin in Board 1-8 The Book of Shadows, section 4 Harm Ye None.

Above you see my daily altar, where I meditate, use my Tarot cards, perfom my rituals/other decorative purposes etc.

I will be back with more in a couple of hours, life isn´t waiting, and there are chores to be done, so Blessed Be for now and thank you for being here.

The Northern Witch.