Samhain 2021

Today, as promised, I will write you through my recent Samhain ritual, dear readers and followers.

Early this morning, I woke up happy as a child again. It is my favorite day of the whole year when speaking in terms of witchcraft.

And speaking in such terms; indeed, I do, Blessed Be and welcome to a happy and content writing witch´s point of view. A partly sunny Sunday, with the appropriate clothing, a bonfire in the garden, everything went as planned and even better than that.

I began evoking the Elements, Spirit, corresponding goddesses and gods, and my blood, heart, and traditional ancestors.

I worked with my husband and through a carefully planned ritual that, at the same time, was a significant release of everything that no longer serves us.

With the Tarot and the High Priestess as my significator, I got Temperance, The Star, Three of Cups, The World, Three of Wands, Two of Wands, and the Devil (last card in deck today). The Witches Runes presented me to the Sun, The Moon, and Crossroads. And even the Runes had a solid and impressive statement from Teiwaz, Jera, Gebo, Ehwaz, Raido, Algiz, and Nauthiz.

To me, Samhain is partly about celebration, partly about ancestor remembrance. So I created two mini altars dedicated solely to our ancestors, I had sweets and freshwater as offerings, and I evoked their spirits. However, as I never summon something that I can´t dispel, well protected by protection spell bottles, dried rosemary, and rose quartz.

I used a lot of crystals, a lot of oils, and sage incense. I thought of today, Sunday, October, Samhain, the Chakras, my astrological sign, Cancer, my status as a Crone, and how to align the Chakras.

Writing about witchcraft and partly telling about a ritual does not have to include everything. Therefore, I reserve my private thought and emotions to my body, mind, and soul.

When I get to the after-ritual practices of enjoying the opposite of building up a ritual, to put everything back in the right place, I will also take a closer look at possible interpretations and relevance to my everyday life. That will be private, too.

But nevertheless, I hope that this little essay will make you feel at home here, dear readers and followers.

Today´s photos show you my altars and the bonfire in the garden after the ritual.

May your Sunday be merry, filled with happiness and laughter, and blessed.

So mote it be.


My personal New Year

Throughout the week, I have been busy preparing for the best ritual of the year 2021. Samhain. Halloween to some, the Celtic New Year to me.

This year two of the Corona-saga is turning at a seriously wrong turn right here, right now. The numbers in Denmark go one way only, up.

Therefore, I decided that this year´s celebration of Samhain became the best possible experience for my husband and me. And we begin tomorrow because I need to meditate, read a beautiful poem about the night before Samhain, and set my altars up.

I will, of course, write here on Sunday, October 31, 2021, and create beautiful photos for you to enjoy, dear readers and followers.

I wanted to write during the ritual as well. Still, I will write after the ritual since I have changed into the quiet side of being bipolar with mixed episodes.

I need to concentrate solely on my ritual as it progresses, as I have prepared a full ceremony with all the good stuff out from cabinets, drawers, and other hiding places.

Today, I must work on the altar setup drawing that became necessary when I began the preparations last weekend.

We have had our more than fair share of challenges this year, so we need to celebrate big-time that we have come so far as we are today.

My personal New Year, that´s what Samhain means to me. An equal mix of remembering our ancestors and celebrating that a fresh New Year finally is here.

I have waited long for this Sabbath. We both want and need to celebrate something. And why not make it the best possible ritual? After all, I´m also celebrating an anniversary. Five years ago, I became a witch.

Now, I´m more than ready to work a lot more with witchcraft than I have done so far.

My plans for the new year include an intensive study of the Chakras, Buddhistic meditation techniques, and Taoism, two full rituals per month, and the creation of relevant spells for our everyday.

Yes, I use witchcraft to divert my thoughts from the outside world. And yes, I write brutally honest about it. Because it is okay, Self, that way, I regain control over growing anxiety about the state of the world.

I save my worries to what I can control in my daily life. And leave the rest outside my entrance door.

Today, I went with my husband and two of the inspiring Crones in my life. To the bank, to a shop, and to the local market.

There, I met my new hairdresser, who I liked instantly. Sweet, effective, and a fair price. She works as a mobile hairdresser, which is good to know if I can´t come to her one day.

After my haircut, it was time for lunch in the beautiful Fall forest close to my little hometown. Then, the last shop for today, and back to my castle, my safe place, my wonderful spot on Mother Earth.

My personal New Year is as good as prepared down to the slightest detail. I need to go to our local shop tomorrow, but we plan to stay at home for most of next week.

I also had a PCR test because I believe it is essential to do so when the numbers are rising faster than all the so-called wise people who govern our society like to talk about.

Yes, I´m critical; I believe everything re-opened way too fast. Now the price is rising numbers. It is common sense that some people, in general terms, will act stupid, dangerous, and without a care about anybody else.

It is frustrating to wait for the third injection when nothing seems to be done from above in society.

Therefore, to avoid triggering my mental disorders, I divert myself as often as possible. For example, with creative projects, with writing, and with witchcraft.

More and more, I prefer the old ways, the old school practices, and the alternate way of living.

My personal New Year happens in two days only, and I´m happy as a child about it. Five years as a witch has taught me this and that, but my greatest joy about magick is that it seems to happen when you least expect it.

A sharp pain occurred this Spring when a toxic relationship had to be abruptly ended. Now, we recover from it by creating a beautiful Samhain ritual together on Sunday. After the ceremony, our plan is to eat something delicious and rest for the remains of the day with our philosophical cats and or little, wise, old dog.

During that rest, I´ll write about the ritual in detail so that you, dear readers and followers, may feel at home on a writing witch´s blog.

Today´s photos are of my new miniature rocking chair and my husband´s bonfire in the garden a few hours ago. On a beautiful afternoon in October, just a few days before Samhain.

My personal New Year, the fifth anniversary as a witch, demands a new pledge to witchcraft, everything positive, and my spiritual development.

I wrote it the other day; it is short, however sincere. All my notes are ready; now, I only need to finish drawing the altar setup and meditate tomorrow afternoon.

Soon, the veil is at its thinnest. I have included spirit work in my Samhain ritual. It is part celebration and part ancestor remembrance time on Sunday.

And from top to toe, I will be wearing my witch clothing; a black dress, a red hooded cloak, and suitable jewelry.

My personal New Year, my favorite festival in the Wheel of the Year, and my best day and night is Samhain.

May your Samhain/Halloween weekend be merry, positive, and life-affirming, dear readers and followers.

May our rulers find common sense, may the Universe grant us all happiness, inner peace, a good health, and kindness.

And may there be light in the darkness.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Blessed be.

Just one of those days …

… where everything seems to be uphill from the beginning.

Nevertheless, I plan to create a miniature rocking chair, work on my upcoming Samhain witchcraft ritual, and write a couple of pages for my novel today.

Bad news, coming from every corner, it seems, can kiss my behind, pardon my French. I’m simply in too good a mood to spend time worrying, wondering, and guessing. Therefore, I actively choose to tune out from the outside world.

Just one of those days …

… where nothing seems to be worth touching throughout the morning.

But, no, definitely no!

I can’t, I won’t, and I shall not surrender myself to any kind of negativity today.

It may rain cats and dogs, it may prove to be a crazy day, and it may try to trigger my mental disorders big time.

I plan to have a great day, no matter what happens today.

I’m in a depressive mood these weeks, so I will have to short-circuit myself mentally to return to my preferred happy mood.

But this time, I take it easy and do things at my pace only.

Just one of those days …

… where life throws challenges at me without warning

I’m used to that after a difficult life so far. It’s when things are out of my control that I must adapt my reactions. So that I turn challenges into reasonable chunks of chores to attend one by one. Then, I can choose how to react without risking being way too emotional about it.

Today, I direct my creative energy into something beautiful by creating a rocking chair as part of my Samhain ritual. It reminds me of my ancestors; therefore, it will sit on my main altar, carrying photos of my loved ones behind the veil.

My plans also include preparing the ritual setup and writing my new pledge as a witch. And if my creative muse only would land on my shoulder again, I will be so pleased, dear Universe.

But, first, my husband and I need to take a PCR test because a dear friend has got the damned Coronavirus.

So, I sit here late in the morning, waiting for another friend to take us to the local test station. Waiting for that is just so uphill right now. But it calms me down to write here, and I will, of course, follow up with a result when I get it, dear readers and followers.

In the meantime, today’s pictures will be of my latest creation; a redecoration of my new spectacle cases and of my town after yesterday’s downpour.

Monday, I told my GP that I could not risk taking what he prescribed me regarding my new medication. The side effects may affect the heart, and I have a little trouble with my heart rhythm.

He was understanding; at least we had a good conversation on the phone.

My replacement strategy is to spend time being creative every day between 6 and 9 pm. Rather be a little restless than risk my physical health.

My mental health will be okay, too. I’m well medicated, and I have a high degree of compliance.

Just one of those days …

… where time seems to stand absolutely still, yet my thoughts are churning through my head.

Back at the keyboard after a long break, I’m still waiting. This time for an answer to whether or not I might have the Coronavirus. It will be late tomorrow morning, as we must expect up to twenty-four hours of waiting time.

It is annoying; it is everything but fun, and it is mentally tiresome to wait for something I wish weren’t necessary.

Tomorrow, therefore, there will be a short update here. So, dear Universe, please let the test be negative.

Just one of those days …

… where the outside world can take care of itself. Thank you, whoever infected my friend. Not.

I need to do something serious with today’s creative project, the rocking chair. So right after this blog post, I will begin gathering the necessary material to create it.

And for tonight, I will work on my upcoming Samhain ritual. In comes my novel, as from a different planet, into perspective.

I have enough thrill for today, thank you. I hope to channel it into a novel worth reading. Tonight will be a good time, indeed, to begin again-again touching that keyboard with my fingers.

I believe I have had a small writer’s block for some weeks now. But I fight back every inch of the way on the thin line between feeling insecure and being almost too absorbed.

Besides, I have a few extraordinary projects about some extra notes to create. If not for anything else that may spark my energy and make it possible to stay seated for enough time.

Just one of those days …

… where my thoughts and emotions are mixed between ups and downs all day long. I may have to cancel my counselor´s visit next Tuesday, but I´m lucky still because it is possible to ask for a phone call instead.

I have no symptoms whatsoever, yet I´m shaking from time to time. I´m fully vaccinated, but I certainly don´t need to try how it is to be infected with the Coronavirus.

I try not to think so much about it; I try to divert my mind with little creative projects, and I turn to extended naps when necessary.

It is Fall alright, weather gods, show me your best. Now it is so dark in my witch´s den that I need to light more than a candle, and so I will.

Just one of those days …

… may your weekend be filled with love, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment, dear readers and followers.

May the world stop being so invasive into my private sphere. And may my mental disorders remain endurable, however active.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

Five years ago

Many things have changed in the past five years.

Five years ago, I lost my beautiful classic car. In the very early morning of October 17, 2016, it was stolen and burnt to ashes.

Today, I mark the day after five years of hoping not to receive yet another call from the police. I have absolutely no wish whatsoever to risk meeting those who did this. Why waste time meeting someone whose life is meaningless to me?

Meaningless because what they did that morning was meaningless.

Five years ago, the result was a lot of trouble with paperwork, seven months of still worsening mania, and almost also a lost marriage had it not been for our deep and lasting love for one another.

Today, we are happy, soon celebrating our copper wedding, which in the Danish tradition happens when you have been married for twelve and a half years. I´m married to my best friend, the love of my life, and the best man I could have chosen.

Full of meaning because what we do together makes sense and feels like the right thing to do.

Five years ago, we changed our lifestyle permanently. By moving to a new place, by working hard to obtain our goals of becoming economically independent, and by trying to find light in the world of darkness, we managed to come as far as we are now.

Today, it is a good day. We released all the sorrow, the pain, and the disbelief over a beautiful bonfire in the garden together with good people.

May those who ruined my car always remember their meaningless behavior. I forgive them, but I´ll never forget what they did that morning five years ago.

So mote it be.

In contrast to meaninglessness, I´ll begin working with my ritual for the upcoming Samhain Sabbath in two weeks.

It will take me considerable time to plan it. But, this year, it needs to be something special, something old mixed with something new, and something suitable for a celebration of my first five years as a witch.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. These words will begin and end my ritual.

And, of course, there will be plenty of my own stuff as well. Two or three creative spells followed up with prayers and positive intentions for the Universe to consider.

A tarot spread, a garden blessing, and all the good stuff out of cabinets, drawers, and other hiding places around our home.

Five years ago, I took my first insecure step as a witch. I was scared to pieces; I did not know where to begin, and I could not decide my path for life.

Today, I love witchcraft and the idea of working with solid energies, crystals, Tarot cards, and practically everything else as well. I´m a grey witch, meaning that I will defend myself and my loved ones if need be.

Five years ago, I became a witch, a path that I have tried to find all my life. It happened on October 31, 2016, right after the incident with my car. I searched for a path of meaning rather than cleaning up after someone else´s mess.

Today, I´m happy and content that witchcraft is a significant part of our life. My husband participates in most of my rituals. Together, we share the magick of the atmosphere in my witch´s den during them.

Five years ago, I spent a lot of time studying the old Craft, working my solitary way through tons of new materials as well as the old stuff when available.

Today, I practice more than I study. My own practice has become a study in itself with no more than five ring binders, dozens of notebooks, and hundreds of handwritten notes.

For the remains of the day, it is all about diverting my thoughts, being creative with what I already have, and relaxing as much as possible.

The case with my old car is now cold. As it should be after five years of waiting to feel entirely free. I have been punished enough mentally due to the incident with my car.

I´m also slowly but surely adjusting to my shift in mood. The quiet side is here, ready to take charge. But I won´t let it, and I´ll work hard to get better soon.

I just need to take things at my own slower pace until I find my light in the darkness of bipolar disorder.

Five years ago, I had my worst manic period ever. Today, it´s controlled by medication and life-long therapy.

My GP prescribed me something that I simply can´t use. It is sedative, takes care of mania only, and has severe side effects that won´t benefit me.

I need to talk with him tomorrow, and I´m tired in my mind already. I´m disappointed that he is willing to give me something that will kill my creativity. Still, he won´t prescribe any pain killers due to their side effects.

It simply doesn´t fit together in my point of view. But I won´t let it ruin my weekend.

Now, it is time to be merry and grateful for my life.

Five years ago, my life was miserable in chaos. Today, I´m proud that I have come so far that I can release my feelings about my beautiful car, now a lasting memory in my soul.

I found an old photo when my car was still beautiful. I think it is appropriate to show it today, five years after it was destroyed by meaninglessness.

May today mark my mental progress, may my old car drive my loved ones on the other side of the veil, and may something so devastating never happen to anyone anymore.

Five years ago, a new path proved its worth. In two weeks, I will have been practicing as a witch for five years. It began as a desperate attempt to find meaning in chaos. Now it is a full-time dedication.

As we will it, so it is.

My beautiful classic car (the date should read 2016, but our camera was not precise)

New glasses, new medication, and new routines

Good afternoon, dear readers and followers.

This morning, icy cold and windy with little fiery showers, I got my new glasses. One pair for general daily use, another pair for my creative pursuits.

This afternoon, I went to my GP to talk about my bipolar disorder. I ended up with a new medication that hopefully will help me get through my many mood swings and the no-mans-land between moods.

New routines are necessary to be cautious when using the new medication because of its side effects. And I need to adjust myself to my new glasses the first couple of weeks.

But all in all, I feel great and relieved. I have waited for new glasses for an extended time because saving before spending in a limited economy is crucial. Moreover, my bipolar disorder has been unpleasant this week and also longer. And new routines, therefore, come as a significant relief.

Besides all that jazz, everything is perfect and OK here at my little big spot of Paradise on Mother Earth. The celebration of Samhain is getting closer by the hour, and I can´t wait to present you with the best possible guided tour around my upcoming ritual.

It is my preferred ritual in the Wheel of The Year. It is my kind of New Year. And it is the celebration of my five years as a witch so far.

Therefore, this year, I will write about it as soon as it is over, followed by beautiful photos of the ritual in progress, on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

Another article will be here on Sunday, October 17, 2021. This day, five years ago, my beautiful classic car was stolen and burnt to ashes for no reason at all but to save somebody else´s sorry little butt, pardon my French.

But today, my mood is upbeat and on the happy side on the scale between oh yes so liberating to fly and oh no so devastating to stall, spin, and drop to the ground.

Being born with bipolar disorder is both a gift and a curse at the same time.

The gift lies in the creative veins in my body, mind, and soul. If controlled strictly with the correct medication and life-long therapy, mania can be a fun, productive, and spirit-lifting friend. Unfortunately, however, depression can be a rotten, bitchy, and merciless enemy.

The curse is that it will turn and turn and turn no matter how hard you try to control it. You are born with it, and you die with it.

Personally, it is a brand new “friendship” to love, maintain, and learn new lessons from. I got the diagnosis at the age of forty-eight.

The incident with my car in 2016 sent me spiraling into a mania that lasted at least seven months before I pulled my last strength and asked for professional help. I spent a week in the hospital, and after that, I worked with the district psychiatry for three years.

Their last help was to give me the possibility to benefit from weekly counselor visits in my home. For that, I´m grateful. Because it saved my life from being miserable. It saved my marriage. And it made me capable of joining true friendships again.

I know I´m lucky, for sadly, there are too many places where such help isn´t available. Therefore, my thoughts today go to those without it; may they find happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

Today, my reward for going out into the outside world, away from my beloved home, is to clean my creative desk after this blog post and go to my creative den and gather materials for a new creative project.

Next comes my call to my eighty-three-year-old father, shifting between being creative and watching TV, and the first dose of my new medication just before bedtime.

Tomorrow, I will work with my novels only. A whole day dedicated to writing, trying to convince my creative muse to stay on my shoulder rather than flying away all the time.

Sunday is already planned to be a small memorial of my classic car, an Opel Kadett, E type, 1985, 27,029 miles, stoled and burned in the early morning of October 17, 2016.

No matter what the weather gods may decide to do, there will be a bonfire in the garden where I will release my pain and troubles.

During this fall and winter, my husband will fix the number plate to paint it with original colors and the rainbow as well. It will be hung on the wall in our hall together with my best photo of it and the original keys.

I may forgive, but I never forget.

Now, it is time to enjoy my husband´s coffee, a delicious meal, and life in general. This week and probably a couple more, I´m recovering again-again from too many things happening for too long a time.

My counselor and my husband suggested that I go on a voluntary “vacation” from social gatherings and too many chores at the same time.

So, this week has been quiet but merry nonetheless.

I have had time to relax enough to go out today. I have been able to sleep properly, which this week meant a lot. And I have managed to be creative with one project at a time rather than having thousands of ideas becoming nothing at all.

And, I promise you, I will come back stronger than ever before. I have so many things that I would like to do; I have every opportunity to do just that, and now is the time to do something serious about it.

I achieved twenty-one words to write before hitting my goal of a thousand words written in an hour and 10 minutes.

May your weekend be merry, filled with joy and lasting memories, and blessed with love, laughter, and deep inner peace, dear readers and followers. And may no one be ever more stigmatized due to a mental disorder. So mote it be.

My latest creative project

Ladies luncheons in October

Yesterday, I was the proud hostess of a ladies´ luncheon. The weather gods played along, the food was delicious, and the company proved its worth.

Without a second of doubt, I will gladly host such a life-affirming event again. My friends are somewhat older than I, and my husband is four years younger than me. But their attitude toward life, their way of making even harsh times more manageable, and their genuine care outweigh that and any other differences there are between them and me.

Today, I´m happy yet tired mentally. My bipolar disorder plays mind games with me. The anxiety stands lined up, ready to attack with a hissing emotion. And my general restlessness is annoying to the degree of anger with myself.

Later this afternoon, we will have dinner with friends. It will be fun, filled with equal parts of laughter and serious conversation, and a couple of hours to remember.

But I need to use my extra medication to obtain enough physical and mental control over my body, mind, and soul.

My thoughts fly sky-high today, but writing and tidying our home helps me concentrate on letting the thoughts go to the Universe to find meaning.

So, I´m okay, Self.

Ladies´ luncheons in October means business. I had a few glasses of wine, but not too much, as I´m always careful when drinking anything other than water, coffee, and soft drinks.

My husband created a traditional menu with love and great skill; thank you, my darling sweetheart.

Yesterday, we talked and laughed. A lot. We really like each other´s company, perhaps because we are both different and so much alike when the talking takes on matters of defining importance to us.

Today, I´m not so talkative, a bit shy of social gatherings, and in-between highs and lows on the very same day.

But I know I will be okay after only a couple of minutes in the company of my husband and my friends.

This week has been even more productive than the previous one. Our home is practically and thoroughly tidied and cleaned, only needing to take care of a few other places, planned for tomorrow morning.

In three weeks and two days from today, I will evoke the elements, the gods, and our ancestors and announce my favorite witchcraft ritual, Samhain or Halloween.

It is my New Year.

Soon, I must begin planning in detail what I wish to obtain with this year´s celebration of my five years as a full-time witch.

And all the witchy stuff comes out of cabinets, drawers, and boxes. All in a serious effort to create beauty and meaning in a world in eternal war with itself.

I shield myself from the news streams these weeks because it affects me negatively if I watch too much of it. Therefore, I only take a brief look at the most important headlines and leave the rest to oblivion.

My creative dens are tidied, cleaned, and ready for take-off into the dark seasons. However, two projects waiting for me to come home from an early dinner are my reward today.

On my birthday in July, I got a butterfly in plaster. It needs to be painted like a rainbow, and I want to begin that project later tonight. The other is to remove stains from clothes and delicately embroidered dollies.

After that, I plan to create a picture of a beautiful animal with fabrics from my vast inventory of creative items.

Yesterday, we, four ladies and my husband, agreed to meet for another lunch on October 28, 2021, and on November 25, 2021, which happens to be the birthday of our hostess.

I´m already expecting a good time, lasting memories, and many laughs.

It is so soothing for my mental condition. It nurtures my soul, makes me feel genuinely related to someone, and releases inner tension caused by chronic stress from a challenging life.

Today, I smile even though I feel challenged by my bipolar disorder in particular. Life happens right here, right now. It doesn´t wait for anything at all.

There are simply too many joys in my life right now to be smitten with the temptation to procrastinate, letting myself slide, and focus on the negative aspects of the disorder.

To be on the safe side, I wrote to my counselors yesterday. Yes, two. My current counselor retires from January 2022. But she thought that I should have the opportunity to meet with my new counselor before that.

And it proved to be a great idea, both the writing and the meeting.

Today, I may be a bit off track, but nevertheless, I keep fighting my ailments with a smile because I´m happy with what I already got.

It is a fairy tale life, one in a million chance that skyrocketed my world, and a beautiful experience to be alive on our fantastic Mother Earth.

I don´t watch TV a lot. But when I do, I like nature shows and series most.

It upsets me deeply to watch my fellow human beings being so self-destructive and so egoistical about the right to be here or not.

We never have been, never will we be the masters of the Universe, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves of the opposite point of view.

Ladies´ luncheons in October, oh, a great day to remember for the rest of my life. It was harmony among old school friends, delicious food and drink, and a feel-good atmosphere throughout the four hours it lasted.

Yesterday, there was magick in the air. Today, it is chilly, however beautiful clear the sky is.

A dinner just finished, everybody happy, full, and content. Magick happened again, and I came through it by being brutally honest about my condition today. Now, it´s time to relax and to be creative again.

May your weekend be blessed with deep inner peace, physical and mental relaxation, and positive karma, dear readers and followers.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Picture of Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay 

Fall 2021 – A season to remember

This week, the changes came faster than expected. As a result, the line is ultra-thin, from fighting my Self to being energetic, full of optimism, and a practical workaholic.

But that is nevertheless what happened. So, I went upstairs and began redecorating the second floor, including clearing and cleaning the attic. And by all means, it was a much-needed operation that took off.

Now, I´m halfway through three rooms and a bathroom. My clothes are all sorted and two large bags donated to charity. And left for Sunday are the knickknacks and the decoration issue.

At the same time, I´m busy being creative in whatever fashion coming along my way. I work with my novel and my other creative projects the same way I work on daily chores.

I use a positive approach to try to be as creative as possible so that even dull tasks become fun and life-affirming.

And by now, I can feel the vibes stemming from a renewed friendship and new good people in our lives right here, right now.

It is so soothing, so refreshing, and so needed. For that, I´m more than grateful.

Fall 2021 – a season to remember because things begin to loosen up and be merrier than in Spring and partly during Summer.

My husband and I have agreed that my new sign on my creative desk is to be used every time I want to sit uninterrupted and write. The sign says “Do not disturb” on one side; on the other, it welcomes “Please disturb.”

So now it sits on the table in our living room, and when I´m done writing this blog post, I will turn the sign and read it to my husband for a good critique.

Last night, I had a lousy night with a restless struggle between trying to sleep and awakening from an interrupted sleep over and over. Finally, at seven-fifteen in the morning, I gave up and decided to get up and get some things done instead.

First, go to the pharmacy to get the flu vaccine. Second, coffee and cake at a friend´s place, then more coffee and typical Danish “hygge” at another friend´s house, and then home to begin redecorating the second floor for the remains of the afternoon.

Third, call my father and write this blog post. And finally, fourth, prepare mentally for tomorrow´s road trip to the son of one of our friends.

The latter, I reserve for the later hours of the evening. It is a sort of meditation because it is at this time of day that I reflect on life with some old-fashioned shadow work.

Yesterday, I went to a bigger town about 8.7 miles from my home. I need new glasses, and it is always expensive because I`m nearsighted, practically blind as a mole without glasses. And although I got two pair of glasses, they ended up in app. 890 dollars.

To spend that kind of money on one shopping incident, it has to be necessary from my point of view. And it was required, as it has been five years since I got my current pair.

We try to save money on every possible occasion, recycle a lot, and take Mother Nature into consideration when using resources.

We have paid our dues and can rely on a small but stable economy, including no debt.

It took us about eight years to come so far, so I´m proud and grateful that we succeeded in becoming genuinely free from an economic perspective.

Fall 2021 – a season to remember because our band of old school friends takes care of business in the best post possible way. We help each other and stand close together if need be.

But what characterizes such friendships are straightforwardness, direct and brutal honesty, and common sense decently.

It is a direct contrast to our intense breakup with toxic people in Spring. And I feel from deep inside my body, mind, and soul that it is the true path for my husband and me.

Everything is better now.

My bipolar disorder is stable and tolerable, although the energy runs somewhat high these weeks. However, the anxiety keeps a fair distance, and my physical ailments are manageable.

Another witchcraft ritual is under development, a Full Moon ceremony with beautiful altar setups, lots of positive affirmations and blessings, and a feel-good atmosphere.

I need to practice a little more before my preferred ritual from The Wheel of the Year, Samhain, on October 31, 2021.

At the same time, the world is crazier than ever before. So, yes, we do live in troubled times, and I speak my truth.

Suppose we do not pull ourselves together and stop pretending that we alone rule the world. In that case, I feel deeply worried.

But to remain sane, I need to divert myself from the outside world as much as possible. So I prefer staying home to going out shopping or doing other things that demand that you are physically there.

Fall 2021 – a season to remember because there are both painful and sweet memories to live with and cherish.

From now on, until Spring next year, my novel needs my full attention, so my plan is to keep trying to get up earlier in the morning and write before my daily visit with friends. Then write some more in the afternoons, ending up with a small writing session in the evening.

It will be a busy Fall and Winter this year. And it is so important to us, as we are recovering from life at its roughest twists and turns. For that, we are grateful.

Well, I´m tired after a long day´s work. I need to fully relax before a couple of hours of driving and social gathering tomorrow. So these were the words for today,

May your weekend be blessed with love, deep inner peace, and happiness, dear readers and followers. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again. So mote it be.