The return of Jack Frost

It is bitterly cold, freezing, outside today. The return of Jack Frost was abrupt, as if out of nowhere, and harsh on my osteoarthritis. However, the whole day has been filled with different activities, from fitness class to cooking my first meal in a very long time.

Now, I believe it is time to do much more of the cooking stuff, which has been quite an issue for me throughout life. I want an experience that can boost my confidence in my cooking abilities.

Besides, I need to be able to cook a decent meal, as everybody should be able to. It will take time and a lot of patience from my husband, who usually does the cooking around here.

The return of Jack Frost also shows me that I need to work harder on my mental disorders in these dark Winter months. I simply don´t have time for the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) anymore in my life.

There is so much going on here that every split second must be spent on my beautiful family, my sweet friends, my beloved philosophical cats, and the little wise, old dog.

Last week, I was deeply saddened to learn that two of my dear friends, a sweet couple, have decided to break up. But nothing can be done here except let them know that my husband and I are right here and that they still are welcome.

Several of our friends have more than their fair share of trouble stemming from health issues, family problems, and late effects after a close encounter with Covid 19.

So, I try my best to cheer them up, help them, and talk them through it, honestly and direct, as I don´t believe in beating around the bush.

Therefore, I´m more than happy to engage myself in a fresh new week. Tomorrow and Wednesday, it will again be time to visit the social houses and learn about people in a thought-provoking and life-affirming manner.

I will follow a friend to the hospital on Thursday, where she will undergo a complex and extensive leg operation.

Friday and the weekend are yet to be filled with activities and social gatherings. Still, I plan to relax with a brand-new creative project and work with my digital Book of Shadows.

It is a little early to prepare for my upcoming Yule/Winter Solstice witchcraft ritual. Therefore, I will work on missing parts of my Book of Shadows. They are missing, as I have only practiced as a solitary cottage witch for six years.

And there is only enough time to work on one subject at a time. But there are plenty of different themes to work on, so I never need to fear getting bored in my lifetime.

The return of Jack Frost also reminds me that next Sunday, it will be the First Sunday of Advent, meaning it is due time to begin decorating our home for Christmas. This year, my eighty-four-year-old father will attend here with us, and I simply can´t wait to spend precious time with him again.

We will have five days together, and we already have many plans to prepare. First, we want my father to meet with our friends for a traditional Christmas party on December 26. Then, the day after, my dear friend, with whom I walk and attend fitness class every morning, will prepare him and us a delicious meal.

Last week was hectic, short, and so live-affirming and challenging that I still need to clear my mind from the many life lessons I learned.

Yesterday, I was on the cell phone with my father. Simultaneously, I ironed a massive pile of clothing, tablecloths, and old, sweet handkerchiefs from my late mother.

Some of the hankies I have used to create a beautiful, old-fashioned curtain for my bathroom window. I did it with a friend who knew how to handle a sewing machine and the art of teaching it to me as she worked through the project.

The curtain is today´s blog picture, by the way.

The next project is to put the finishing touches on a birthday gift to a friend for Friday, where there also will be a ladies´ luncheon to enjoy. Again, it is a homemade wind chime (the image follows next Monday).

As for now, I will wrap up with a few thoughts on life here at this sacred spot of Paradise on Mother Earth.

I live a fairy-tale life. Practically everything seems to work harmoniously together right here, right now, and I genuinely feel that I live the best years of my life so far. Despite world chaos, everyday challenges from bipolar disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and constant racing thoughts, I live a happy life on a strict budget.

We have learned our life lessons the hardest possible way. And, I willingly admit, we are strict on saving before spending, recycling, and giving each other enough space to maintain a strong marriage in year fourteen.

For that, I´m so grateful, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

It is definitely not a matter of course to live like that. It takes hard work, daily consideration about the details of saving energy and thereby having to spend less on the bills, and iron will to do what my husband and I do with our life.

So, thank you, dear husband, for giving the many opportunities for happiness, inner peace, good health, and kindness.

May your week be blessed with domestic bliss, lots of love and friendship, and positive life experiences, dear readers and followers.

May there soon be peace on Mother Earth, as it is highly due time for a better future than human beings so far have been able to pave the way for.

May my current manic episode be of long-lasting character. I really need the high energy levels right now; thank you, dear Universe, thank you, dear goddesses, and thank you, dear gods.

So mote it be. Blessed be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


Winter blues and Spring hopes

This past week has been remarkable due to the mild weather in Denmark, great experiences with friends for life, and my drastic mood improvements.

The climate changes are here already, and we might as well learn to cope to our best ability. I have seen swans on a field very late and a mighty flock of geese in the air as late as yesterday. But it all changed for the worse today, for Winter and Jack Frost are impatient now.

Now, we need to put heat on, wear extra clothes, and think more than twice about how we use our energy for water, heating, and electricity.

I´m usually mentally torn between Winter blues and Spring hope at this time of year. But this year is different, though.

I´m still dreading the long and icy cold Winter months. Yet, I´m more than capable of being happy, productive, and learning valuable life lessons about good people in my life.

My Spring hopes are high, wild, and enthusiastic right now. As I see it, the celebration of the Winter Solstice or Yule on December 21 is getting closer by the hour. So come on, King Winter, just show me what you got.

My arthritis is as bad as ever; my thought streams try to spin me around every awaken split second, and it hurts like hell to attend my fitness class.

This week, flu and other bad stuff can pack up and let me go. I have decided to go back to standard procedure and attend my fitness class three times, no matter the amount of physical pain after a session like the one I overcame this morning.

I count the days until we reach the first day of Spring in a few months. I can´t wait to bask in the Sun with my coffee, enjoying my husband´s beautiful and well-kept garden and the fun of watching the wise little old dog, sniffing in the air on the garden lounge.

So Winter blues and Spring hopes may very well be attuned to me right now, as I´m experiencing a balanced version of mild daily mood swings this Winter. My bipolar disorder is stable and easy to handle, my anxiety only hisses and shows its sharp claws, but it stays in the corner, obedient, at the moment at least.

Tonight, I´m working simultaneously on my newest 5D diamond image, an abstract image with all the colors I love to work with, and going through a big basket filled with beautiful old handkerchiefs.

The plan is to visit a sewing-handy friend on Thursday and make two curtains for my bathroom window with her.

These weeks, I´m finishing long-lost projects, both for others to enjoy and for me to keep being happy about my current living conditions.

I have excess mental energy when in a manic mood. Still, I have to use my physical energy sparingly, as my physical ailments haven´t let go of me yet.

Winter blues right now is, among many other things not worth mentioning, that awkward feeling of inadequacy that occurs when good friends and good people are not well, whether due to physical, mental, or spiritual issues.

Fortunately, we all try to remain reasonably sane, laugh a lot, and work rather than sob about stuff we can´t change, only re-adjust our attitudes.

Spring hopes are new ideas, future plans, and the desire to spread out your wings and try to fly without fear but most certainly with deepfelt respect.

Hopefully, it will be here as soon as possible, better, ASAP. So keep on dreaming, dear readers and followers, as dreams are vital to living your life to its fullest.

This past week was busy as usual, difficult mentally to leave behind, and way too fast for me. The days ran together, so it now feels strange to point out single moments when everything was chaotic and charming simultaneously.

But I remember this irresistible feeling of belonging to home, family, friends, and good people. Better late than never, I have found my way home.

I feel lucky living with the love of my life, good people close to me, and sweet philosophical cats and a dear wise old dog lying right next to me.

Every day now feels like a fairy tale; however, it is everyday-like. There is no actual difference between work time and offline time.

But ever since I began working at the social houses in my county, my anxiety level has gone one way down and down. I haven´t had a long and lousy anxiety attack for as long as I can remember this year. However, nothing about anxiety may ever lead to the conclusion that it´s finally gone, Hoorah. I have tried, and it keeps creeping back on me.

There is a long time between attacks this year, yet I´m more watchful than ever. I keep working daily to learn to cope and live comfortably with physical ailments and mental disorders.

Ninety words left to tell you how grateful I am for you reading me. Thank you, I like to read you, too. Writing on Mondays is the right thing to do for me now, as I write faster and better at the beginning of the week rather than at the end.

Perhaps I´m more motivated by the fact that I have been up since 05.45 this Monday morning when writing this. No matter what, it is bliss every time to write in peace and freely here. Hope you enjoy it.

May your week be blessed with the joy of life, inner peace, good health, and kindness, dear readers and followers.

May the world shut up, pardon my French, so it is possible to think, love, and simply live your life in peace and quiet.

And may my challenging ailments keep being obedient and leave me alone most of the time; thank you, dear Universe, dear goddesses, and dear gods.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

Shopping at the border and positive vibes

Today, I went to Germany with two of my dearest friends to shop around the border. It was fun, fast, and life-affirming.

We discuss everything and nothing simultaneously; we laugh a lot like the old hags we are, and we share our life experiences.

The past week was busy as usual, hard to overcome due to a recent and nasty stomach flu, and yet wonderful to be allowed to experience.

Shopping at the border definitely isn´t what it once used to be. The prices are skyrocketing fast now, and I´m increasingly aware of not buying anything unless I really need it.

Today, I saved a lot of money by abstaining from spending even though I could have done it with a pure conscience.

I simply didn´t find that much worth buying. Therefore there is now a nice sum of unexpected extra money for necessities.

Likewise, with my laptop that runs slower than usual, I have arranged for it to be thoroughly cleaned and face-lifted with a brand-new hard disc and some extra memory if possible.

Should I have saved the money to buy a new laptop, it would have taken me at least a year. Besides, the prices of electronic devices have kept rising lately, and I would really hate to have to spend more than a fourth of my savings on buying one.

About positive vibes, it is way easier to write.

Today, my mood lifted for the first time since that damn flu; pardon my French, that keeps tiring me, even long after the symptoms have disappeared.

My medication also seems to work correctly again. That is a true blessing to me, as it has annoyed me a lot throughout the last week.

A day-long road trip with dear friends, what could I want better to begin a fresh new week?

I sit comfortably in our living room while my husband is outside in his beloved garden, enjoying a beautiful bonfire. Unfortunately, it is way too cold and windy for my arthritis today, so I stay inside, strengthened by a cup of chai tea.

My plan for the week is to follow along as it evolves in front of me. First, I want to finish tidying the creative den on Wednesday, as this necessary project has been delayed by almost three weeks of the flu and its aftermath.

Tomorrow, I need to join my fitness class again, prepare for my counselor´s visit and the work at the social house. And after that, I will need to work hard on a creative project that must be finished before November 25, as this is a friend´s birthday and the wind chime is for her.

Currently, I have no plans for the remaining parts of the week. I only know this; it won´t be boring because my loved ones always work out good ideas of what to do together. Therefore, we´ll probably spend a lot of time having fun, laughing, and talking about life and the world situation.

Shopping at the border today meant I finally found the perfect birthday gift for my father. He will be eighty-five years old in January 2023. So he will receive both his Christmas present and his birthday gift when he arrives here on December 23 this year.

Positive vibes are essential to me today, because I have been so annoyingly moody the last couple of days. With no apparent reason whatsoever, it hindered me from fulfilling my plans last week.

No energy, no iron will, and no tidying any den became the direct result. But, at the same time, I needed to withdraw and rest a lot to regain my physical, mental, and spiritual strength in the aftermath of the flu.

Today, I will try to break that pattern by gathering my materials for the windchime, this week´s creative project.

Besides being busy from the early morning throughout the day, I´m happy and content with my life´s ups and downs. I look for everything positive, no matter the issue, and during the latest five years of my life, I have found the necessary mental tools to live with bipolar disorder, four anxiety disorders, ADHD, and probably even more than that.

And I have learned so far that beauty can be found in both versions of being bipolar. If you only dare to keep on fighting hard daily to become the best possible version of you. If you only try to learn from past mistakes positively to set a good example forward-looking. And if you only will admit to being an artist and a jack of all trades to work with creativity in everything you do.

Today´s blog pictures present my latest 5D diamond image and my wise old dog, Kvik, in his new donut basket.

After writing this post, I will need a break, however. From the world outside, from everything and nothing simultaneously.

When I experience clutter and minor irregularities in my mind, I try to grab them at the slightest symptom; restlessness and irritation.

When I need to release my feelings and frustrations over my current low stamina, I listen to music and write myself free again.

And when I feel free, I allow myself a more extended break to readjust to reality.

With twelve words left to write, I can only say; it helped.

Welcome and blessed be to new followers. Please feel free to comment, suggest, and be present here. I hope you will feel comfortable at home here. I intend to create a cozy atmosphere of joy, hope, and kindness.

May your week be blessed with life-long love, forever-lasting friendships, and positive vibes overall, dear readers and followers.

May the people of Mother Earth behave and treat her and us all with respect, dignity, and empathy.

And may my energy be renewed fast and as soon as possible, as I need to be much more structured in how I work creatively.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.