Moving on

Moving on can be hard to do. Especially if deep and contrasting feelings are involved. But it can be the only and the best way to concentrate one´s focus on living a happy and enriching life.

Moving on often hurts like hell, while everything is unsettled. But people do grow apart from each other, and it is never an easy task to make the final decision and move on.

Moving on is more comfortable to give advice on than actually to dare face the consequences of and cut the binding cords between people. I have dear friends who right now have to make such a choice.

The worst part is that I care for both of them, and I on the one hand wish that they will be able to solve their problems without so much pain. On the other hand, it is getting far too late to return to what once was.

I have tried it several times in my life. Today, I´m happily married to a wonderful, caring, and sweet husband. But we also have had our share of doubts and considerations about the future together.

The love between us is healthy. Strong enough to break a negative spiral with substance abuse, a rotten household economy, and various mental disorders.

Now, my dear friends face the harsh reality of the possibility of a need to move on and let go. Three children deserve happy parents. And my heart is heavy these days.

But a sincere and brutally honest conversation helped. It was liberating to put words on how I feel about my friends and their decisive moments in life.

And I can only offer to be present and help with what I have to give. It is not so much while I´m in my depressive mode, but I also have to take care of me in the midst of all this.

The Corona-crisis has many victims in its wake, and the lockdowns do not make living easier this year. We all have to adapt tp new and scary circumstances, and there is no deadline for a virus.

I would not be a true friend, did I not speak the ultimate truth, when I have a serious conversation with my friends for life. We share an extraordinary bond that I would hate to lose.

So, of course, I´m worried that they won´t make it as a couple for much longer. I know how tough a breakup can be. And it is even harder when there are kids to make happy at the same time.

If I didn´t care, I would simply withdraw permanently. My friends know me well, so they know that I only remove myself from the equation now and then to take care of the better me who needs peace.

I got the feeling this morning that the conversation helped us both. And I now know that the decision will be made soon. So, I can only wait now and hope for the best outcome.

In the meanwhile, it´s about time that I created a beautiful, mentally enhancing, and healing ritual. With all the good stuff out from cabinets and a growing number of wooden boxes and accessories.

That will be the task for today´s afternoon. This morning, I write my way through a slippery path, I´m warming up to my work with the old goddesses.

It began with a few of the dark goddesses. The Crones, the hags, the least popular in the schoolyard. Now, it is a research project, where I until now have examined 77 different goddesses.

Across borders and cultures. I look worldwide when I look for answers to my innate curiosity. Oh, would I like to meet my Ancestors and people from many eras ago?

I´m pretty sure they all as one would look at me and say to the peoples of today´s society and me that we need to get a firm grip and move on. We can´t continue our ways.

We need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Oh, such eyes I meet with mine. It is my guide to move on if I´m in a situation where that is a fact to consider.

The peoples of this world also need to move on and that sooner than later. We have even a pandemic to fight with. It is now that change is inevitable. And we better make the most of it. Tomorrow it can be way too late.

I have an extremely ambivalent feeling of this pandemic era that we are all living in right now. I like to see and hear about people helping each other and being nothing but kind.

But I dread the news about yet another fight, yet another disaster, and yet another argument. It doesn´t feel good at all. And there is way too much going on right now for me to embrace.

It is through my writing here on this blog that I have a small window to the world to hold onto. It helps me more than I have the words for. My family and friends are my foundation. Because they care.

Like we all have to begin to do. To really care and to meet people at the place they are, in their pace, and with mutual respect. The fighting has to come to an end. There is only one thing worth fighting for.

And that is peace. Everything is so much more comfortable with both physical and inner peace. But to gain peace, it is essential to stop fighting. When I struggle for peace, I fight with a positive outlook on life.

It is about showing respect, both to Self and others. And we lack it desperately in modern society. Common courtesy should be a school demand for everybody to learn.

It is about taking both sides of an issue into consideration and make a decision from the point of view that echoes in the heart. And it is about moving on if necessary or inevitably.

Yes, the world can be a scary experience. Sometimes, I wish that time would halt, if only for a few seconds. But I know it´s impossible, and that time has a life of its own.

I´m awaiting my weekly counselor call. Tomorrow, I will tell the team about my bipolar. We can perhaps even celebrate an extra day without anxiety if I´m as lucky today as I have been for more than a week now.

But today, I will celebrate life. By creating a beautiful ritual, by writing, and by simply be the better me. I know that me from the mirror, and I know when to abide that expression in the eyes.

You still rock, you old girl. And Self, remember that moving on may be the best possible way to tackle anxiety and bipolar disorder. It may be difficult at times, but I wouldn´t wish for a different life.

I know the hard way how to move on and never to look back. I have no regrets whatsoever anymore. I have let go of my past so that it today only shows up on special occasions, as it should be doing.

I can´t change anything anyway, so why not move on in my pace and enjoy the present daily moments I get instead. And nobody can promise me a new tomorrow.

Therefore, I have chosen to live in the present moment, to live in an alternative atmosphere, and to truly embrace happiness. This is me, the happy, although slightly depressive, writer, witch, and human being.

To move on is to keep on trucking no matter what life throws at me. I´m still learning the lessons of my life, and right now, moving on seems to be the most appropriate decision to make.

So, I´ll leave you. for now, dear readers and followers. May this day be free of troubles, peaceful, and blissfully quiet for once. To listen to a conversation is just as important as showing respect.

And the world seriously needs to shut up, pardon my French, and to stop fighting itself all the time. Dear Universe, may the world come to its senses and behave for once.

Picture of jodeng from Pixabay 

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