Witchcraft, blessed be

I got my first vaccine shot on Thursday, and yesterday, I decided to postpone my weekly blog post for today. Frankly spoken, I was too tired to write anything at all. As with magick, I don´t write if I´m not feeling up to it.

But thank you, dear Universe, for witchcraft, blessed be.

This is what today´s blog post is about, witchcraft.

Due to personal concerns for the last few years, I have not yet explored as much as I would have preferred concerning witchcraft in practice.

I have four ring binders, an army of ritual books, enough accessories to establish a small business, and every possible opportunity to enjoy my witchcraft studies for nearly five years.

At Samhain, I plan to make a beautiful celebration of that, including a dinner, a long ritual, and many preparations.

There have been so many mundane issues to take care of during those five years. So, whenever I have felt that I had the needed energy to practice witchcraft, I have tried my best. But I want more of that.

Now, chance has made it to feel a new energy in my body, mind, and soul.

My first venture onto the path of witchcraft is to tidy and clean my witch´s den, my other magickal spaces, and my creative spaces as well. For magick is not only present physically in my life. I carry it with me wherever I may be.

Today, I will walk around in my home, taking notes and pictures. Tomorrow, I will do the hard work and make my magickal spaces feel inviting and comfortable. And document the change in paper and on photos.

To be able to tell the difference later on, because the past five years have been a crazy roller coaster tide between up and downs at a blinding pace.

Now, everything is calm again, the past issues have been solved, and I have never felt better about life.

Therefore, the time is also to more witchcraft in my daily life.

My plan is to cleanse and recharge everything related to my magickal practice by creating a cleaning ritual for tomorrow.

I will begin by lighting a candle and sage incense. Then I will empty my ritual altars around the house, place the content on my creative desk, and clean the altar spaces. And I´ll keep working with new places for my many witchcraft-related accessories.

As I work my way through everything magickal in my life, I´ll release any excess negative energy that has influenced my thoughts and actions over the past five years.

If the weather permits it, I will ask my husband to join me at a bonfire in the garden, where I´ll repeat the releasing part of my witchcraft cleansing ritual. If not, I will do it over a lit candle in my witch´s den.

Next week, I will create a beautiful partnership ritual, because my husband and I really need to recharge our mental batteries. Including a positive spell to enhance my writing adventures, the themes of the ritual are love and creativity.

Witchcraft, blessed be. It helped me remain sane when my beautiful old classic car was stolen and burnt to ashes in 2016. It stood by my side when I had to seek professional mental help in 2017. In 2018, a toxic relationship began, and people we trusted took us for granted.

2019 was different, for here I departed on my blogging journey. 2020, well, it was a challenging year in so many ways that I believe it is best released and left for Karma to handle.

But now, in 2021, I´m in my early fifties, feeling great, happy, and content with my life.

Therefore, I also believe that it is about time to look into the joys of witchcraft again and here on this blog, too.

I still haven´t found the grand master plan about the future content on this blog. Right now, it feels better to simply write my heart out and do it because I can´t resist the temptation to find out if other people like my writing.

There is witchcraft in my writing as well as anywhere else in my life. I tend to create mini altars everywhere in my home. The atmosphere is magical here behind the keyboard today because I have lit candles on my desk, as you can see on today´s blog picture of my creative desk.

Not just every other candle, but in two glasses that I have decorated with a special friend I have reconnected recently.

There are fresh flowers on my desk, there is great music in my ears, and I have absolutely everything I need close by me.

The little wise, old dog lies in his basket at my feet, my husband rests with an annoying headache, and there is all peace and quiet here.

Witchcraft, blessed be.

After this blog post, I have a book from one of the main destinations in my first novel to create valuable notes from.

In the necessary breaks, I will go through my witchcraft stuff and create an updated inventory. I need to know exactly where my things are at, otherwise I will spend way too much time searching for details rather than spend it practicing witchcraft and magick.

Concerning my creative writing process, I now have a whiteboard on which I scribble my novel writing plans for the remains of the year. It is a lot of hard work ahead, but I believe that I can do it.

I will create a lot of magickal rituals this summer. But it will be future rituals, for I don´t have time to make them in Fall and Winter when my writing process will demand me full time.

In return, I will need many, many breaks during this writing marathon. However, I will try to connect as many of them as possible to witchcraft-related matters.

May your weekend be blessed with positive energies, happiness and joy, and laughter and peace. So Mote It Be.

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