Fall is here; time to reflect and do some shadow work

Tiny drops of icy cold make my body shiver in the mornings, but I still need to walk about my town with a dear friend, whatever the weather conditions.

My mood is on the quiet path right now, much to my innermost dislike. However, I know from deep with my body, mind, and soul that my bipolar friend tends to challenge me with long manias and short depressions.

So, therefore, I’m more than okay, thank you. During a mixed episode, menopause, and changing seasons, it is, fortunately, a lot more fun here than one might think, had I not been so strong and determined to make the most of this life, this once-in-a-lifetime precious gift of being alive.

Fall is here; time to reflect and do some shadow work. Reading between the lines, you will already know that I’m a grey witch, writing and ranting my way through life on Mother Earth here.

Right now, I’m working on several projects at a time. As you can see in today’s picture, I’m processing an image consisting of a frame bought by mistake and some of my husband’s beautiful flowers from the garden.

Simultaneously, I’m planning the upcoming Sabbath of Mabon or the Autumn Equinox. And, of course, writing this for you, dear readers and followers.

My stream of consciousness for today is based solidly on my experiences throughout yet another busy, fun, and life-affirming week.

Especially those concerning meeting other people where they actually are rather than being busy putting them in discrimination boxes.

There’s no need to hide that I’m happy and content with my life right here and now. Today is my creative day, as I have been way too busy the other days to focus my mind on creating both practical and beautiful items that will make my loved ones smile and think positive thoughts.

Rather than memorizing how much happened this week, I prefer, please excuse me for being a bit sassy, for expressing my deepfelt gratitude for my many blessings this season.

Fall is beautiful, too.  

It is one thing to have to live with bipolar disorder and anxiety, but another to actually fight back every inch of the way.

I fight a constant inner battle between the beloved highs and the dreaded lows. I fight for what I believe in, my loved ones, and myself.

My only goal is never to give up, no matter the issues and circumstances. Instead, I remain as sane as possible in these unruly eras of humankind’s worst behavior by trying to look out for beauty, compassion between people, and inner peace.

I need to readjust myself to a new season, colder than expected, and so soon a shift from heatwaves in Summer to clouds and periodic rain.

I need to do a whole house cleansing ritual, as the garden fence story took us some time and effort to move away from ASAP. Negative and stale energy stemming from the sad remains of a toxic relationship must be banished so that peace and calm again set the agenda here.

And I need to reconnect to my inner Self as the Wheel of the Year turns once again toward the balance between day and night.

To do that, I want to create a combined Mabon Sabbath and house cleansing ritual. With all the good stuff in a clean Witch’s Den.

And to work magick is most of all the amount of your own work invested. So next week, I will spend my Thursday cleaning a beautiful yet practical room of mine.

It will be equal parts hard work and peaceful meditation simultaneously. Right before my upcoming witchcraft ritual later this month, I will take a spiritual, mentally cleansing ritual bath. And one part of the ritual is to say a short prayer in silence and use sage incense in every room of the house.

As you can read, it is an exception to the rule if I’m not busy with something almost always. A bipolar brain never “rests,” so relaxing and letting go is a big task for me.

However, I know my body needs more rest in a low mood period. So right after writing this blog post, it will be time for a prolonged power nap, which the little wise, old dog will appreciate big time.

These words and the meaning between the lines are my closest example of creating a stream of consciousness on a beautiful September Sunday, with still more frequent visits of icy cold breaths of wind coming through the half-open window in my Witch’s Den where my husband rests at the moment.

Fall is here; time to reflect and do some shadow work. And so I have; may it inspire a positive outlook on life no matter the challenges.

So much fun, so much hard work, and so much inner peace is my conclusion for this week. Thank you, dear Universe, for allowing me the freedom to live out my innermost dreams.

Thank you for my loved ones worldwide, for every challenge in my life, and for making being strong the only means forward.

As I count my blessings, I’m also painfully aware that the trees don’t grow into the sky for a reason. Nevertheless, I do take my time to recuperate and return to my preferred manic mood.

And, I promise you, it won’t take long this time. I can feel it in every fiber of my body, every abyss in my mind, and every sanctuary of my soul.

With twenty-one words left to write, I can only say this:

Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

May your week be blessed with abundant love, friendship, and good fortune, dear readers and followers. May the people of this world unite and work together for peace, happiness, and good health. And may my current journey with the low mood change for the better soon.

As we all will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


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