Witch comeback

I call back my powers as a witch, writer, and human being. It is time for the witch in me to come back and take control. At this time of the year, I typically write my best. And it is High Noon for us humans to reconcile and work together for lasting world peace.

Next week, Friday, to be specific, I will present a brand new ritual celebrating the Autumn Equinox or Mabon, including a thorough house and personal cleansing.

Next month, in October, I will begin writing my novels again. And, of course, I will present a beautiful, creative, and detailed Samhain Sabbath with everything I have to show and use.

And next year, in January, I will ask my bosses at the social houses where I currently work voluntarily to create a paid job for me. I simply love being there but also need to bring home some extra money to contribute to paying the bills. An early retired citizen in Denmark may work a little bit, and this job is perfect for me.

Yes, a genuine witch comeback is getting closer by the hour. This week, I spent countless hours preparing my upcoming witchcraft ritual. I also finished my flower image, as seen in today’s picture at the end of this blog post. And I just cleaned my Witch’s Den, so spending time there in a couple of days is inviting.

Throughout the week, I have been busy either creating something, helping friends, or making future plans, including going to a concert in January 2023, trying out horse-riding again sometime in the Spring, and finishing my first novel during next year.

But I have also practiced a lot of self-care, such as extended power naps in the afternoons, except for the time at the social houses, listening to great old-school music, and writing my heart out every evening to relax and wind down after some pretty long days.

A witch comeback feels so good. It has been quite a while since my latest ritual at the Summer Solstice, way back in June.

Somehow, my recuperation period and healing process after releasing a highly toxic relationship in 2021 has been lengthier and more challenging than expected.

It is funny, though, that during a depressive time in my bipolar life, I seem to gain more mental stamina than ever before. In addition, my physical strength is improving slowly but surely, as I now have been attending fitness classes at my local gym for three months.

Never mind a few personal issues that had to be taken care of, I’m now looking at the light at the other end of the tunnel. Today, I felt my first vague sensations of an upcoming mood change for the better, for me, that is.

I thrive when in manic periods, whereas I dread the depressive state. With the correct prescription medicine, therapy, and my own daily hard work, I have successfully learned how to cope with bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and probably more to top that.

My osteoarthritis is also back, however, which is thrilling right now. It hurts like hell all over my body, not helping with the unstable weather conditions.

But, despite many sorts of ailments and flaws, I somehow manage to remain both sane and happy at the same time. Because I feel that I really live a privileged life.

I share my life with the husband of my innermost dreams, old-school friends for whom I will walk through hell and back, and a little wise, old dog and his three philosophical cat sisters and brother.

I live in a fun big house with enough physical and emotional space to be the person I was born to become; there are endless opportunities to work with creativity and magick, and even on a strict budget, it is possible to enjoy life to its fullest.

I live every day as if it were my last on Mother Earth. I make a virtue of expressing my feelings and gratitude to my loved ones daily. And I thank the goddesses and gods of the Universe every morning I receive to greet them.

A witch comeback is a big thing here, and I also spend a lot of time and dedicated work to create rituals worth attending.

The cleansing part of the ritual is highly needed, as we recently had to manifest a clear no to more trouble with our tiresome neighbor. And ever since we had a new fence, everything has been quiet on that front; thank you so much, dear Universe.

The celebration of this year’s harvest is not so literal as it is mentally life-enriching. We have expanded our friendships with rare people into a daily delight. We really like each other’s company, we like to help each other make the everyday function well, and we keep coming back for more.

And the beauty of the ritual will be stunning, as I plan to use everything I have ready for the remaining rituals of this year.

Today, I believe I made it to the beginning of the other part of the journey, back to the manic episode. From now on, there will only be a few weeks before I can shake off the depressive state, preferably throughout the remainder of this unruly year.

Forty-seven words left to express my deepfelt gratitude toward life and its many facets that I’m lucky enough to experience; well, for my part, I’m more than content. I wouldn’t like to miss out on a single moment, whether that be a typical life challenge or gift.

May your week be filled with happy laughter, wonderful positive experiences, and great moments with your friends, dear readers and followers. May Mother Earth’s people join forces to keep a lasting peace rather than fighting lost causes. And may my change of moods come as soon as possible.

For all that, I’m grateful, dear Universe.

As we will it, so mote it be.

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.


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